Super Trainees look exactly the same as normal trainees (Recruit, Journeyman or Pupil), but are much stronger, as they are promoted classes. The Super Recruit, Super Journeyman, and Super Pupil are exclusive to Amelia, Ross, and Ewan respectively. It should be noted that phrases such as "Super Trainee", "Super Journeyman", "Super Recruit" and "Super Pupil" are fan-made terms and the classes themselves are simply called "Journeyman" "Recruit" and "Pupil" in the game itself.

The "Super" Journeyman and "Super" Recruit have an innate 15% critical boost, similar to the Swordmaster or Berserker classes. The "Super" Pupil can wield Anima, Light and Dark magic.

They are promoted from second-stage Trainees, which fans usually include a "2" after their class name, e.g. Recruit (2), to distinguish them from regular trainees. These can only be obtained after beating both of Eirika and Ephraim's stories and appear as a third promotion choice for the regular trainees.

The only major drawback of Super trainee classes are that they do not gain any Constitution bonuses when they are promoted, which can bring down their attack speed when wielding heavier weapons. Though many of these drawbacks are compensated with bonuses (like Ewan's access to the entire trinity of magic and Amelia's higher speed cap), some of the other promotional paths can cancel some of these bonuses out (i.e. As a general or Great Knight, Amelia can get access to Garm, which gives her +5 speed).

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

"Super" Journeyman[edit | edit source]

FE86026-29283023231520-Axe.gif S

"Super" Pupil[edit | edit source]

FE860-2928273021261520-Anima.gif S Light.gif S Dark.gif S

"Super" Recruit[edit | edit source]

FE86023-30293022261520-Lance.gif S

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