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|title = Sweet Dreams|game = [[Fire Emblem Fates]]
|title = Sweet Dreams|game = [[Fire Emblem Fates]]
|objective = Rout the enemy
|objective = Rout the enemy
|number of allowed units = 14
|number of allowed units = [[Avatar (Fates)|Avatar]], [[Azama]] + 12
|units gained = [[Mitama]] (Azama visits the House 3 times or recruited at the end of Chapter)
|units gained = [[Mitama]] (Azama visits the House 3 times or recruited at the end of Chapter)
|boss name = [[General]]}}
|boss name = [[General]]}}

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“Azama rushes to Mitama's rescue after her Deeprealm is captured by enemies. Despite everyone's concerns, Minata takes an unexpected course of action.”
—Opening Narration

Sweet Dreams (Things that Disturb Sleep in Japanese Version) is Paralogue 12 of Fire Emblem Fates.


This chapter becomes available after Azama attains an S-support with any female character.

Dragon Vein

Activating the Dragon Veins on this map causes sections of the river to freeze, allowing units to pass over them.


The script for this paralogue can be found here.


As time goes on, enemy Adventurers and Snipers will enter the map, beginning in the bottom-left corner. These units will head towards the center village, which will close immediately if an enemy enters it. If you wish to recruit Mitama during the battle, you must aim to get Azama to the village as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is no repercussion for failing to recruit her in battle, so defending the house is not necessary. As a result, there is little need to fortify your position at the house, so feel free to divide your forces to preemptively kill all mobile enemies.

Additionally, scattered across the middle and lower half of the map are a number of Berserkers, and the boss, a General. These units are all stationary, and will not move, but are equipped with short and long ranged weapons

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