“Maruju, you must do what your grandfather instructed you to. Go and warn Sister Enteh! Leave the temple to us. I will help the Master. Now go!”
—Sylpheeze, in a conversation with Maruju

Sylpheeze (シルフィーゼ Shirufīze, fan translated as Sylphis) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is one of the daughters of Ezenbah and the sister of Serene. She is also the wife of Alfred and the mother of Mel and Maruju.


Sylpheeze is introduced alongside Ezenbah when they are residing at the Temple of Mars. After Gwenchaos fatally wounds Ezenbah, she orders Maruju to protect Enteh and enters a battle to save her father. Following Runan's arrival at the temple and Ezenbah's death, she gives ☆Wundergust to Maruju.

If Roger and Mel are sent with Holmes's army after the first route split, they can visit Sylpheeze at the Temple of Mars. During their meeting, Sylpheeze informs Mel that she and Ezenbah never opposed her relationship with Roger and gives her the ☆Magic Staff in celebration of their happiness.

In the ending, Sylpheeze finally reunites with Alfred, whom she is initially angry towards because of his many years of disappearance. However, she is happy to see him again and decides to forgive him.



Starting ClassGroup
SaintSaintTS group priest Priest
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-TS StaffStaffFar-Healing StaffFar-Healing Staff


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