Tahra is a location in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It is a free city that is situated in the southwestern corner of the Manster District. The previous duke sheltered Leif after the fall of Leonster. This was used as an excuse to execute him and place Tahra under the Grannvale Empire's rule. The duke's daughter, Linoan, was captured and constantly interrogated for two years until she was rescued by Dean.

When the child hunts began, the citizens of Tahra rebelled and chose Linoan to be their new leader. However, Bloom did not tolerate this and sent his soldiers to retake Tahra. Leif manages to arrive at Tahra just in time to defend it from Bloom's forces, but he is eventually forced to flee when Thracia and the Schwarze Rosen appear to seize it. Before Linoan escapes alongside Leif, Arion promises to her that Thracia will rule over Tahra fairly and put an end to the child hunts. After the Liberation War, Linoan returns to Tahra and rebuilds it.

Notable Characters from Tahra[edit | edit source]

  • Linoan - The duchess of Tahra and a descendant of Heim.
  • Asbel - A student of Ced and a close friend of Leif.
  • Safy - A servant of Linoan who informs Leif about Tahra's situation.
  • Tina - The younger sister of Safy who was captured by Perne.
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