The Tailtean Plains are a location in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.


The Tailtean Plains, outside the capital of Fhirdiad, are a location of both economic and historical importance to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Like Gronder Field in the Adrestian Empire and the County of Gloucester in the Leicester Alliance, the Tailtean Plains are a vital agricultural site. They were also used as the battleground in the Battle of Tailtean in Imperial Year 91, a pivotal confrontation late in the War of Heroes in which the King of Liberation Nemesis was slain by Saint Seiros, breaking the back of the Adrestian Empire's opposition in Fódlan. This was also the spot of a decisive battle where Loog defeated the Emperor to end the War of the Eagle and Lion in Imperial Year 751.

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In Imperial Year 1185, the Tailtean Plains again become a battlefield.

If Edelgard was sided with, the Tailtean Plains are where Dimitri makes his last stand in defense of the Kingdom. When he falls in battle against the Black Eagle Strike Force, Rhea retreats with her troops to Fhirdiad.

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