“Huh? You lost me. You're (yawn...) putting me to sleep. Anyway, we don't got time for that stuff. We gotta get moving!”

Tailto (ティルテュ, Tirutyu, called Tiltyu in fan translation) is born from the main house of Freege, one of the Dukedoms of Grandbell. Her father is Reptor, who held a high position in the Empire (but felt it undermined, due to him being power hungry). The house of Freege descended from the Crusader Tordo, and specializes in Thunder Magic, with their special weapon the Thor Hammer Tome. Tailto couldn't use it, since she didn't have a major Tordo Blood within her (she has minor); Reptor had the tome at the time of Siglud's campaign and gave it to her elder brother, Blume. Other than him, Tailto also has a sibling named Ethnia. After surviving the Battle of Barhara, she and her daughter Teeny lose contact with her son Arthur and are forced to live with Blume, where Tailto withstands years of abuse from her sister-in-law Hilda to protect little Teeny. She ultimately dies of illness and depression, an ironic fate considering that she used to be a cheerful, headstrong girl. She is predestined with Claud, Azel and Lex.


Tailto was at first a bright and bubbly girl who doesn't want to mingle with complicated politics, especially about her power hungry father. She had a crush on Claud. However, after Reptor's declaration of being Siglud's enemy, Tailto starts showing her concerned and insecure side, fearing that her relationship with Reptor will strain her relationship with her allies. If she doesn't have a lover yet, her childhood friend Azel (considering if he has yet to get a lover too) will comfort her and bring her cheerfulness back.

After the Battle of Barhara, things started to take turn to the worst way possible. After being taken away by force to Freege along with her daughter Teeny, Tailto not only suffered abuses from her step-sister Hilda, she also had to cover Teeny from Hilda's abuse plans by taking all of them together. Combined with the stress of coming out alive from the Battle of Barhara, separation from both her husband and Arthur, Tailto devolved into a depressed, sad woman who cried every day, culminating to her death through sickness.


Tailto comes about as late as a usable unit can come, and she isn't necessarily that great, but the wrath skill can make her very powerful since it allows her to soar through the Arena with ease for the most part. It is recommended to pair her with either Lex, Levn, or Azel.

Base Stats

|Thunder Mage


  • Items: Thoron, Thunder
  • Skills: Wrath
  • Gold: 5000
  • Holy Blood: Tordo (Minor)
  • Thunder Magic Mastery Rank: A

Growth Rates

(With Holy Blood Bonuses)

  • HP: 60%
  • Strength: 10%
  • Magic: 20%
  • Skill: 60%
  • Speed: 40%
  • Luck: 50%
  • Defense: 10%
  • Resistance: 10%

Promotion Gains

  • Promotes to Mage Fighter
  • Strength: +3
  • Magic: +5
  • Skill: +0
  • Speed: +6
  • Defense: +4
  • Resistance: +5
  • Movement: +1
  • C for Sword Mastery Rank
  • B for Staff Mastery Rank
  • B for Fire Magic Mastery Rank
  • B for Wind Magic Mastery Rank


In Chapter 4, Tailto can talk to Azel, and Tailto will gain five points of HP and 100 love points with Azel.

In Chapter 5, after Phinora Castle is captured, and if Tailto is in love with either Claud, Azel, or Lex, she can talk to them, but nothing will result of it.


Predestined Lovers

Tailto is predestined to marry and have children with the following:

Love Growths

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