Beginning of Battle Edit

Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Mercy is for the don't go expecting any. You're nothing more than a bull's eye."

Switching To Character Edit

  • "Leave it to me."

Start of Battle Edit

  • "Why are we doing this?"

Ally Assist Edit

Pairing up

  • "I'll follow your lead."


  • "Hey, I'm here too!"
  • "I'll back you up!"

Blocking an attack

  • "I'll help you!"
  • "Watch out!"

Healed by Ally Edit

  • (general) ""

Healed by Sakura

  • Takumi: "Ugh, I can't believe you had to see me like that. But thank you, Sakura."
  • Sakura: "No matter what, you'll always look brave to me, Takumi."

Awakening Lines Edit

Awakening Mode

  • "Not my fault you're weak!"

Awakening Special

  • "We've got this!"


  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Die already!"


  • "No mercy!"
  • "Never again!"
  • "One shot!"

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "There's no other way! Let's go!"

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin (Female) as Support

  • Corrin: "Are you in, Takumi?"
  • Takumi: "Yeah! Why are you even asking?"

With Corrin (Female) as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "Help me, Corrin!"
  • Corrin: "I'm happy to be fighting alongside you!"
With Ryoma Edit

With Ryoma as Support

  • Ryoma: "Takumi! Follow me!"
  • Takumi: "Right behind you, Brother!"

With Ryoma as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "Ryoma! Lend me your blade!"
  • Ryoma: "Yes! Ready our team attack!"

With Ryoma as Support (Support Level A)

  • Ryoma: "I know you're ready for this, Takumi!"
  • Takumi: "Glad to hear you say that!"

With Ryoma as Vanguard (Support Level A)

  • Takumi: "I could totally do this by myself!"
  • Ryoma: "Perhaps. But the two of us together are unstoppable!"
With Xander Edit

With Xander as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "Let's team up!"
  • Xander: "I'll lend you my strength!"
With Camilla Edit

With Camilla as Support

  • Camilla: "Do you think you can keep up with me?"
  • Takumi: "Don't underestimate me Camilla!"

With Camilla as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "Please, Princess Camilla?"
  • Camilla: "Oh I love it when you beg."
With Leo Edit

With Leo as Support

  • Leo: "Our foes must be mad."
  • Takumi: "Heh, wait until you see them after this!"

With Leo as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "You can handle these guys, right?"
  • Leo: "I could ask the same of you, Prince Takumi."
With Oboro Edit

With Oboro as Vanguard

  • Takumi: "Are you ready Oboro?"
  • Oboro: "I dream of this moment!"

With Oboro as Support

  • ""

During Battle Edit

Praise Lines Edit


  • "You did it. It's amazing to watch you grow stronger."
  • "Not bad at all. But I bet you could do even better."

To Ryoma

  • Takumi: "You're unbelievable, Ryoma! I wish I could be as strong as you."
  • Ryoma: "It surely won't be long, Brother. You are a prince of Hoshido, after all!"

From Ryoma

  • Ryoma: "Well done, Takumi. You have made Hoshido proud this day."
  • Takumi: "Thank you, Ryoma! I feel like I'm getting stronger all the time."

To Hinoka

  • Takumi: "I don't care what world we're in--no one is your equal, Hinoka!"
  • Hinoka: "If we win here, Takumi, we'll owe it to your presence at my side!"

From Hinoka

  • Hinoka: "Good job, Takumi. You make me proud to call you brother!"
  • Takumi: "Well, I'm at my best with you by my side, Sister."

To Sakura

  • Takumi: "Amazing, Sakura! You've gotten so strong!"
  • Sakura: "What? Don't make me blush, Takumi."

From Sakura

  • Sakura: "Your aim is on point today!"
  • Takumi: "Thank you, Sakura. I've been training harder than ever."

Level Up Edit

  • "I'm the strong one in my family."
  • "Things are looking up!"

Near End of Battle Edit

  • "All right, let's take 'em all out!"

When a Ally is defeated

  • "Come on--that's not funny. You're not really retreating, are you?"

Facing/Defeating an Enemy Edit

Defeating an officer

  •  "Ha! Took out the big boss."
  •  "Easy, why'd you even show up?"
  •  "Don't blame me, you're the one who's weak."

Facing a Nohrian

  • "I knew you Nohrian scum would give me a hard time..."

Defeating a Nohrian

  • "I guess all that about Nohr being strong was just talk, huh?"

Defeating Ryoma

  • "I...I finally did it! I beat Ryoma!"

Defeating Hinoka

  • "You OK Hinoka? You weren't taking it easy on me were you?"

Facing Celica

  • Celica: "Why hold anything back, Takumi? Let's both give it our best!"
  • Takumi: "If you say so, Celica. I'll give you more than you can handle!"

Facing Darios (Chapter 17)

  • Darios: "Even your eagle eye couldn't pierce my plans, archer. Your arrows will fail, too!"
  • Takumi: "Oh, you think? Why don't we find out, tough guy?"

MVP Line Edit

  • "I was the best? I knew it!"

Death Lines Edit

Ally Takumi

  • "Ugh... I hate to do this, but I've gotta run..."

Enemy Takumi

  • "I can't lose like this! Now I have to run away like a coward..."

Summoned Velezark Line

  • "It's all right. I'm not a one-trick pony."

Stage clear Line

  • "Don't hate me. Hate your own weakness."

Victory Cutscene Line

  • "That was too easy."
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