The Taliver Bandits are a ruthless group of bandits only mentioned in dialogue in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. They reside in the mountains of the Sacae-Bern border, Taliver Mountain, from which they get their name.

No members are seen or named in-game. They are said to pillage nearby villages and camps without care or mercy, even killing women and children—an act which disgusts even rival bandit groups such as the Ganelon Bandits, who prefer to hold women for ransom. They are also the murderers of Lyn's parents, Hassar and Madelyn, along with the Lorca tribe, Lyn being the only survivor. They poisoned the tribe's drinking water, then attacked the clan in the night. Lyn swears to avenge her parents and tribe by killing all of the Taliver Bandits. This prompts her to hone her skills with the blade, and is the reason Lyn distrusts all bandits, thieves, and pirates.

Later, during Eliwood's (or Hector's) story, it is learned through a support conversation between Lyn and Wallace that the reason he had traveled to Bern was to wipe out the Taliver Bandits. However, he states that he simply lost his way at first. This angers Lyn, as she wanted to kill them herself. Wallace explains that he did it out of compassion for her, to make sure she was not consumed by hatred for all her life, and that she would not disgrace her grandfather Hausen and her parents' names with that same hatred.

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