Since the DLC maps coming from Shadow Dragon involve Navarre, Minerva and Linde, I would imagine they would be A Brush in the Teeth for Navarre, with Sakura taking on the role of Lena, Owain taking on the role of Julian and who knows who will take on the role of Hyman. Princess Minerva for... well, Minerva, with Sakura taking on the role of Maria, but no clue who will be Zharov. Finally, Knorda Market for Linde, again, no clue who will be Khozen.

Now Awakening's maps are probably straightforward: Owain's personal map will be Scion of Legend. No clue who will play Gecko. Next is Olivia, I imagine her map will be Mad King Gangrel, with Iago being Gangrel. Finally, Tharja. Her map will be Emmeryn, with... no clue who will be Campari.

Anyway, that's all.

Peter.tilton.94 (talk) 16:39, January 8, 2018 (UTC)

No point in speculation - we'll see those maps when they are released. Until that time, let's wait.
Also, talk pages are not a forum. Thanks. Kruggov (talk) 17:15, January 8, 2018 (UTC)
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