"Haha... I want to laugh as I die... So why can't I stop crying?" this is her death quote if anyone wanted to add it in 02:35, March 1, 2016 (UTC)

Under the "Trivia" secetion: 

"Due to this event possibly being taken out of context as "converting her sexuality," from user on Tumblr however, the English version has her don a blindfold instead and imagine the male avatar as female."

This is very misleading. The controversy stemmed from a Tokyo based game producer translating Soleil's route, and people noting the parallels between it and "gay conversion therapy," as well as pointing out that it was wrong that her drink was spiked without her knowledge.

Here is that post about the controversy from the person who did the translation:

But, likely, Nintendo of America made their own conclusions while translating, and localized the game as they saw fit. Here is their statement:

“In the version of the game that ships in the U.S. and Europe, there is no expression which might be considered as gay conversion or drugging that occurs between characters.” a Nintendo representative e-mailed us this morning.

My proposed change is below: 

"The English version was localized to have her don a blindfold instead, and imagine the male avatar as female due to the the parallels to "gay conversion" and Soleil being drugged without her knowledge."

Alternatively, the phrase could just be left as "English version was localized to have her don a blindfold instead, and imagine the male avatar as female."

Yourotherwife (talk) 19:15, March 8, 2016 (UTC) Erin (YourOtherWife)

I just removed the trivia note before reading your comment actually, as it was just basically complaining about the support being changed and trying to pin the blame on someone (despite it not being the only support changed). If you want to readd it with the new information and the NOA quote, you are more than welcome to though!--Otherarrow (talk) 22:03, March 8, 2016 (UTC)

Ghostly Gold DLC Pre-Battle Quote Edit

"Awww! I drifted off last night and overslept! I barely got dressed in time! I almost showed up here without my clothes on!" --Soleil's pre-battle quote. Edit

(If anyone with editing privileges would like to add this in, thanks.)

Altered Supports canon change? Edit

I don't remember ever doing this talk thing before but I have a questions. It seems that several supports have been altered just from what I can glean from various reports on the topic. I had just gone through the Siegbert X Soleil supports and found them to be off. I checked the translation and found that the S support is drastically different in how it plays out. Is their a note about this that I missed, and should this be further looked into and added into the trivia section of the wiki?Rapter267 (talk) 02:25, June 5, 2016 (UTC)

I think it's safe to say that a lot of Soleil's supports were drastically altered in the English localization to avoid the same negative reception upon its release. I've never married Soleil off to anyone (since I don't marry my children off to anyone and I never shipped Soleil with anyone else) so I'm not sure how it plays out, but I can guess that they made it sound a bit less like gay conversion and a bit more like "I'm genuinely interested in you" given that her unit roster text and Laslow's response to Silas in the localization is pretty much "she's bi but she likes girls more -- oh, but she likes guys, too." ~ YeahIMarriedInigoAgain

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