Chapter 15: Talons Alight[edit | edit source]

Opening Narration[edit | edit source]

Hector and his companions defeat Marquess Laus's son, Erik, and seize Castle Laus. After the battle, they rest in the castle and settle their affairs. They diligently prepare for a possible counterattack. They should've spotted anyone attempting to approach the castle. And yet, somehow, they find themselves facing an unforeseen attack...

Opening Scene[edit | edit source]

  • Oswin: Lord Hector! We're under attack!
  • Hector: Is it Marquess Laus? He's come back to take the castle? Perfect! We'll catch him easily.
  • Oswin: No, it's not him... The attackers aren't regular army. Maybe they're mercenaries hired by Laus...
  • Hector: Mercenaries?
  • Oswin: Their movements are very rapid... Coordinated. They've already made their way into the castle.
  • Hector: For mercenaries, they're very, very good. Eliwood, do you have any ideas?
  • Eliwood: My father told me something once... There's a mercenary group extremely loyal to house Laus. Their leader is named Eubans, but he's called the Hurricane. He's famed for surprise attacks and lightning-swift strikes.
  • Hector: Hmmm... This could be interesting. Protect the throne! We will not lose this castle!

(Scene transition to Heath entering the map)

  • Heath: Sealen.
  • Sealen: Is that you, Heath?
  • Heath: I've secured a retreat path, as Commander Eubans ordered. Just in case something goes wrong...
  • Sealen: I don't need you to tell me when to retreat. If we lose the element of surprise, we fall back.
  • Heath: I've heard there are Ostian knights among the enemy forces. Watch yourself, Sealen.

(Heath leaves)

  • Sealen: Are we friends now? Worrying so about a complete stranger... Heath, you weren't meant to be a mercenary.

Against Sealen[edit | edit source]

Pre-Battle[edit | edit source]

“I don't need you to tell me when to retreat. If we lose the element of surprise, we'll fall back.”

Defeated[edit | edit source]

“So this is a mercenary's death...”
—Death Quote

After Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Hector: Yes! We survived!
  • Oswin: The rest of the enemy units have begun to retreat. It must be part of their plan. Half of them are already gone.
  • Hector: Blast! You have to admire their efficiency, though. Eubans’s mercenaries… I won’t forget this. We’ll likely cross paths again someday. And there’s the assassins I fought in Ostia…..
  • Oswin: Hector? Is something wrong?
  • Hector: No, nothing special. We simply have to tighten our belts and prepare. It appears we have more than one enemy. Oswin!
  • Oswin: We’ll see to the castle defenses at once...
  • Hector: No. I grow weary of defending things. Let’s get out of here and pursue Marquess Laus. It’s time to put him on the defense!
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