Chapter 15: Talons Alight Edit

Opening Narration Edit

Hector and his companions defeat Marquess Laus's son, Erik, and seize Castle Laus. After the battle, they rest in the castle and settle their affairs. They diligently prepare for a possible counterattack. They should've spotted anyone attempting to approach the castle. And yet, somehow, they find themselves facing an unforeseen attack...

Opening Scene Edit

  • Oswin: Lord Hector! We're under attack!
  • Hector: Is it Marquess Laus? He's come back to take the castle? Perfect! We'll catch him easily.
  • Oswin: No, it's not him... The attackers aren't regular army. Maybe they're mercenaries hired by Laus...
  • Hector: Mercenaries?
  • Oswin: Their movements are very rapid... Coordinated. They've already made their way into the castle.
  • Hector: For mercenaries, they're very, very good. Eliwood, do you have any ideas?
  • Eliwood: My father told me something once... There's a mercenary group extremely loyal to house Laus. Their leader is named Eubans, but he's called the Hurricane. He's famed for surprise attacks and lightning-swift strikes.
  • Hector: Hmmm... This could be interesting. Protect the throne! We will not lose this castle!

(Scene transition to Heath entering the map)

  • Heath: Sealen.
  • Sealen: Is that you, Heath?
  • Heath: I've secured a retreat path, as Commander Eubans ordered. Just in case something goes wrong...
  • Sealen: I don't need you to tell me when to retreat. If we lose the element of surprise, we fall back.
  • Heath: I've heard there are Ostian knights among the enemy forces. Watch yourself, Sealen.

(Heath leaves)

  • Sealen: Are we friends now? Worrying so about a complete stranger... Heath, you weren't meant to be a mercenary.

Against Sealen Edit


“I don't need you to tell me when to retreat. If we lose the element of surprise, we'll fall back.”


“So this is a mercenary's death...”
—Death Quote

After Battle Edit

  • Hector: Yes! We survived!
  • Oswin: The rest of the enemy units have begun to retreat. It must be part of their plan. Half of them are already gone.
  • Hector: Blast! You have to admire their efficiency, though. Eubans’s mercenaries… I won’t forget this. We’ll likely cross paths again someday. And there’s the assassins I fought in Ostia…..
  • Oswin: Hector? Is something wrong?
  • Hector: No, nothing special. We simply have to tighten our belts and prepare. It appears we have more than one enemy. Oswin!
  • Oswin: We’ll see to the castle defenses at once...
  • Hector: No. I grow weary of defending things. Let’s get out of here and pursue Marquess Laus. It’s time to put him on the defense!
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