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“Belligerent man-beasts. Like hurricanes they roam, wreaking havoc with their giant axes.”
—In-game description from The Sacred Stones.

Tarvos (タルヴォス Taruvosu) is an enemy-only Monster class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Half-human and half-horse, these beasts bear a close semblance to centaurs and charge into battle with Axes as their sole weapon of choice.



Tarvos units are among the stronger monster classes appearing in The Sacred Stones. Most monster classes have very fundamental weaknesses that make them quite ineffective in actual combat situations; the Tarvos monster, contrary to this rule, has relatively stable stats that make it perform decently in combat. While monsters do not promote in the strictest sense, their "promoted" counterparts are Maelduins.

Tarvos mainly boast high Strength that is offset by their rather low Defense. This fact posits them as beings that are very much similar to Brigands. Due to being regarded as horse units, Tarvos possess the Movement range of a cavalry unit with the strength of a Fighter. Being classified as horses, monsters and axe users, they are vulnerable to Sacred Twin weaponry, the Bishop class' Slayer skill, HorseslayerHalberd and especially Zanbato.


Base Stats

FE8216-25070710-Axe.gif C

Maximum Stats

FE86020-20203020201520-Axe.gif A

Growth Rates



The name "Tarvos" is derived from a Celtic bull god.