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The Tathlum Bow is a Bow introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is a Sacred Weapon associated with the Crest of Lamine, restores HP every turn.

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Name Type

FE16 Sacred Bow Weapon Icon.pngTathlum Bow

FE16 bow icon.pngBow

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Wt Worth
A 30 13 80% 10% 2 ? 11 -

Deals bonus damage to flying units.
Restores 11.85%/20%/33% of the user's HP at the beginning of the user's phase.

Item Locations

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Method Location
Dropped Chapter 18 (Azure Moon) - Third-army Sniper.


Tathlum was the name of a special sling-stone used by Lugh, an Irish god of battle and craftsmanship, to kill his Fomorian grandfather Balor in the Battle of Magh Tuiredh. It was described "as being formed from the bloods collected from toads, bears, the lion, vipers and the neck-base of Osmuinn, mixed with the sands of the Armorian Sea and the Red Sea." Lugh was also said to possess the mythological versions of the Spear of Assal and Areadbhar.