With ZekeEdit

C support Edit

  • Tatiana: Zeke, my love!
  • Zeke: Ah, my sweet Tatiana. How cruel for the gods to unite us in such grim times. It grieves me to see you take up arms and put yourself in danger.
  • Tatiana: Don't say that. This way, we can be together. I'd rather stand with you than cower at home wondering if you'll even return.
  • Zeke: As I with you.
  • Tatiana: Promise me, Zeke—promise that we'll always be together.
  • Zeke: I swear it. On this and every battlefield, I will be at your side, keeping you from harm.
  • Tatiana: Hee hee. Good.

B support Edit

  • Zeke: ......
  • Tatiana: Zeke?
  • Zeke: ...Ah, Tatiana. What is it, my sweet?
  • Tatiana: Well, it's just... You were staring off into space, my love.
  • Zeke: Ah. Perhaps I was. The ringing of swords in battle calls up strange images in my mind. I see wars I can't possibly have waged... A past I cannot remember living...
  • Tatiana: ......
  • Zeke: ...We should not dwell on such thoughts. Please forget I spoke of it.

A support Edit

  • Tatiana: You fight well today, my love. My eyes could barely keep up with the flashings of your lance.
  • Zeke: Ah, Tatiana...
  • Tatiana: Oh no! Are you hurt? Because I can heal you if—
  • Zeke: Tatiana. You need not pretend this doesn't affect you.
  • Tatiana: I'm not pretending.
  • Zeke: I know you too well to be fooled. If your heart aches, you can speak of it. Perhaps I should have kept these musings to myself... No. Hear me, my sweet. No matter how often the past invades my mind... none but you will ever enter my heart. I promise to be here for you always.
  • Tatiana: Oh, my love...
  • Zeke: Now, shall we end this fight? Tomorrow awaits if we survive today.
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