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Tea Parties are a bonding activity in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Tea Parties are a social activity that Byleth can engage in with the students and faculty of the Officers Academy and staff of Garreg Mach Monastery. They become available after completing the quest Tea for Two, first offered by Ferdinand in Chapter 4. While exploring the monastery, the player may approach a character and invite them to tea. Tea parties are also an optional activity on birthdays.

When beginning a tea party, Byleth and their guest will sit at the table and Byleth will be prompted to serve tea. Any kind of tea in their inventory can be offered, but each character has their own favorite and will respond more favorably if it is served. Once the tea is served, the player is prompted to select one of three conversation topics. If it is a topic that interests the guest, they'll respond positively, but they will be disappointed by topics that disinterest them. If the player selects three positively received topics without mistakes, the tea time will extend, and the guest will make a comment, to which Byleth must pick an appropriate response. If a correct response is chosen, the player will score a Perfect Tea Time. Positive resposes will also raise support between Byleth and the guest, but the tea party will end early if too many mistakes are made.

After completing Perfect Tea Time, the player is presented with a menu offering the option to give a gift to the guest, or to observe them. Choosing to observe gives the player the opportunity to examine the guest up close, and the guest will make comments depending on where attention is focused. Observing the guest is entirely for show and will not affect gameplay in any way.

Completing a tea party with a Great or Perfect Tea Time grants a permanent Charm boost to both Byleth and their guest.

If the player has not finished the Tea for Two quest before the timeskip, the ability to host a Tea Party is locked until Chapter 13, when it will unlock automatically.

Recommended Tea

House Name Tea Blend
Black Eagles Edelgard Bergamot, Hresvelg Blend
Hubert Cinnamon Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Hresvelg Blend
Ferdinand Southern Fruit Blend, Almyran Pine Needles, Seiros Tea
Linhardt Angelica Tea, Almyran Pine Needles
Caspar Ginger Tea
Bernadetta Albinean Berry Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend
Dorothea Albinean Berry Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend
Petra Ginger Tea, Four-Spice Blend
Blue Lions Dimitri Chamomile
Dedue Ginger Tea, Four-Spice Blend, Cinnamon Blend
Felix Almyran Pine Needles, Four-Spice Blend
Ashe Mint Leaves, Angelica Tea
Sylvain Bergamot, Seiros Tea
Mercedes Albinean Berry Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, Crescent-Moon Tea
Annette Sweet-Apple Blend, Almond Blend, Rose Petal Blend
Ingrid Mint Leaves, Chamomile
Golden Deer Claude Almyran Pine Needles, Chamomile, Leicester Cortania
Lorenz Bergamot, Rose Petal Blend, Seiros Tea
Raphael Almond Blend, Ginger Tea
Ignatz Lavender Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea
Lysithea Southern Fruit Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Crescent-Moon Tea
Marianne Lavender Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Cinnamon Blend
Hilda Albinean Berry Blend, Mint Leaves, Southern Fruit Blend, Rose Petal Blend
Leonie Angelica Tea, Four-Spice Blend
Church of Seiros Seteth Angelica Tea, Ginger Tea, Four-Spice Blend
Flayn Almond Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend, Crescent-Moon Tea
Hanneman Sweet-Apple Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Bergamot, Cinnamon Blend
Manuela Mint Leaves, Lavender Blend
Gilbert Almond Blend, Lavender Blend
Alois Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Crescent-Moon Tea
Catherine Rose Petal Blend
Shamir Crescent-Moon Tea, Chamomile
Cyril Almyran Pine Needles
Jeritza Albinean Berry Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Southern Fruit Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend
Anna Bergamot, Dagda Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea
Rhea Angelica Tea, Chamomile, Crescent-Moon Tea


  • Despite having Support conversations with Byleth, Rhea could not be invited to tea parties in the launch version of Three Houses. The ability to invite her to tea was added in the game's version 1.2.0 update.
    • Prior to the update, Rhea had unused tea topics and favorite blends coded into the 1.0 release, implying she may have been planned as a tea party invitee prior to the game's launch.
  • One of the counselor's notes indicates that Rhea dislikes hot beverages. Prior to the 1.2.0 update, this may have been used as canonical reasoning for why she could not be invited to tea.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Byleth's "Congratulations" screen after clearing Classic Mode references the tea parties in Three Houses. In the Congratulations image, they are dressed in their Edelgard colors, and the image is orchestrated such that it resembles a Tea Time session with Edelgard.