??: Are you awake?
(Lyn appears onscreen)
Girl: I found you unconscious on the plains. I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe. You're safe now. Who are you? Can you remember your name? Your name is Mark? What an odd-sounding name... But pay me no mind. It is a good name. I see by your attire that you are a traveler. What brings you to the Sacae Plains? Would you share your story with me? Hm? What was that noise? I'll go see what's happening. Mark, wait here for me.
(Bandits appear)
Lyn: Oh, no! Bandits! They must have come down from the Bern Mountains! They must be planning on raiding the local villages. I... I have to stop them! If that's all of them, I think I can handle them on my own. You'll be safe in here, Mark. What? You want to help? Well, can you use a weapon? Ah, I see... So you're a strategist by trade? An odd profession, but... Very well. We'll go together!
(Lyn and Mark appear on the map)
Lyn: Over here! If you want to help, Mark, I could use your advice. I'll protect you, so stay close to me.
(Tutorial appears)
Unit Information: Lyn is the blue unit. The enemy units are red. Mark, you are green. Essentially, battle consists of blue (allied) units and red (enemy) units taking turns moving on the field. You're only here as a strategist, Mark. You will only appear during special events. Your job as strategist is to place the cursor on blue units to issue their orders. First, select a unit. Place the cursor on Lyn and press the A Button.
After Selecting Lyn
Lyn: I need to be closer to the enemy!
(Tutorial appears)
You have selected Lyn. When a unit is selected, the map changes color like so. Lyn can move anywhere in the blue area. Move her to the space with the flashing cursor. Place your cursor there, and then press the A Button to finish.
After Moving Lyn
Lyn: Yes, this should be close enough.

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