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This article is about a group of warriors. For the ability with a identical name, see 10 Elites.

The Ten Elites (十傑 Jikketsu) are a group of characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Legend states how the Ten Elites fought against Seiros during the War of Heroes alongside the Fell King Nemesis over a thousand years ago.

The Ten Elites were Blaiddyd, Riegan, Lamine, Goneril, Charon, Fraldarius, Gloucester, Dominic, Gautier, and Daphnel. There was also an eleventh Elite named Maurice, but his name was erased from history because he became a Black Beast who killed and consumed many.


Together with Nemesis, the Ten Elites are revered as the heroes of ancient Fódlan, the original holders of the Crests, and the founders of many noble bloodlines. A number of locations across Fódlan are also named after them.

The Church remarks of how the Ten Elites, alongside Nemesis, were championed by the Goddess, being gifted with Crests and the Heroes' Relics to save Fódlan from the darkness of evil gods from the north. However, after warding off the threat, it is said that the Relics made Nemesis and the Elites grow corrupt with arrogance and greed, soon turning on one another and throwing Fódlan into an age of constant war.

Saint Seiros and the Four Saints would soon take part with the Adrestian Empire and wage a long war against them, with Saint Seiros emerging victorious in the end.

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In truth, the Ten Elites were allies of Nemesis, a bandit, who had given them Crests and the Relics, but never revealing the origins of how such power and weapons were attained. The Elites would be ignorant of the truth that the Relics and Crests were from the slaughtered corpses of the Nabateans that Nemesis had massacred in Zanado, which would later be named the Red Canyon from all the spilt Nabatean blood. He would then rally the Elites and an army under the pretense of fighting a war to end all lies and false facts, where they would engage against the forces of zealots led by Saint Seiros.

After Nemesis's death at Seiros's hands at the first Battle of Tailtean Plains, the Elites began to slowly fall apart. Though it would be revealed that the families of the Elites would be spared, the Elites themselves would be killed no matter what. Once the Elites had been killed, their Relics would be taken by Seiros.

Also Seiros managed to revise history in an effort to prevent Fódlan's people from following the same path as Those Who Slither in the Dark, the ones that turned their backs on the progenitor god's teachings.

Furthermore, according to a Nintendo DREAM article, the reason why Seiros kept Nemesis and the Ten Elites as heroes in later history books was because they were seen as such to the populace at the time, so they could not ignore the significance of that fact when trying to shape history.

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