The Ten Elites (十傑 Jikketsu) are a group of characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Legend states that they fought alongside Seiros during the War of Heroes against the Fell King Nemesis over a thousand years ago.

The Ten Elites were Blaiddyd, Riegan, Lamine, Goneril, Charon, Fraldarius, Gloucester, Dominic, Gautier, and Daphnel. There was also an eleventh Elite named Maurice, but his name was erased from history because he became a Black Beast who killed and consumed many.


Together with the Four Saints, the Ten Elites are revered as the heroes of ancient Fódlan, the original holders of the Crests, and the founders of many noble bloodlines. A number of locations across Fódlan are also named after them.

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In truth, the Ten Elites were allied with Nemesis and participated in the slaughter of the Nabateans, the children of the Goddess, at Zanado. Many of the Heroes' Relics wielded by the Ten Elites were crafted from the corpses of the Nabateans by Those Who Slither in the Dark. The only survivors of this incident were Seiros and the Four Saints (Indech, Macuil, Cichol and Cethleann). Due to the Ten Elites being responsible for the massacre of his people, The Wind Caller is extremely hostile towards Claude, Riegan's descendant.

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