Terrain Bonus is an important concept in many games in the Fire Emblem series, it refers to the various effective stat increases received by standing on a particular type of Terrain.

Typically in most Fire Emblem games terrain bonus decreases the hit chance, damage and magical damage of opponents attacking the occupant of the affected square, though under some circumstances it can add to the hit chance and damage of the square's occupant. This takes effect usually in the calculation of a character's Defense and Avoid.

For a fuller list of the effects of each type of terrain. please see the Terrain article.

Related EffectsEdit

There are related effects which although not strictly a terrain bonus are worth mentioning. These include some squares, usually on lava themed maps in various games which deal damage each turn to whomever is standing on them. These are usually graphically distinct, having a deep red color in most games. One can also find squares on several maps throughout the series which have a random chance of giving an item if stepped on (and in a few cases even a Recruitment.)

Height BonusEdit

The height bonus was first introduced in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is similar to Terrain Bonus for units that are on unequal elevation (such as attacking an opponent over a ledge). It can have drastic effects, making it hard or impossible to hit a unit or deal any useful damage.

Effects of height bonusEdit

  • When attacking from a higher elevation, the damage you deal with attacks is increased by 2.
  • Accuracy +50 if above the opponent or -50 if below.

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