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“The hulking husk of a massive city once rich in magical power. It slumbers still, buried under centuries of sand from the Mamorthod Desert.”
—Description in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Thabes Labyrinth is the final dungeon in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Located in the Mamorthod Desert in Archanea, it has multiple floors with slabs that share a piece of the tale of a nefarious mage named Forneus, as well as housing the being he created. It may be related to the Tower of Thabes.

Slab Story

  • This is the Thabes Labyrinth. Let none set foot within its cursed halls.
  • In Thabes lived an alchemist named Forneus, much praised for his genius.
    In time, he would be feared by all.
  • Two matters consumed Forneus, and he spent his life in their pursuit.
  • The first was how to wake the dead and control them as his army.
  • The second was the creation of a singular, perfect being.
  • We senators sent forth messengers to Forneus. None returned.
  • Next, the Council dispatched soldiers. Still none returned.
  • Thus, the Council chose to seal Forneus's workshop with him inside it.
  • The seal they used was made to last until the city crumbled to sand.
  • Here lies sealed the workshop of the demon alchemist Forneus.
  • A critical component in the death mask is a particular shelled insect.
  • I have come to call these marvels of nature thanatophages.
  • Placed on a cadaver, thanatophages set down roots and assert control.
  • At last, blood from a divine dragon! Its power is terrifying. Beautiful.
  • The Senate has granted me all I need to craft life anew. I've succeeded.
  • At first, it was a tiny thing. But on day 80, I gave it my blood. It grew.
  • Its voice echoes in my head. Dark thoughts. Violent th-


  • After defeating the creation, a sigil appears showing the Brand of the Exalt.
  • It is unknown if the seal locking the lower half of the Labyrinth is related to the Shield of Seals, despite its resemblance.
  • The Brand of the Defile appears on the doors before entering the room of The Creation, on the floor of where he lies and on the battle map.


Thabes is named after Thebes, a greek city that featured proeminently in the ancient greek Myths.

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