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“The holy kingdom of Akaneia had come into being six centuries earlier, when the region's numerous city-states were unified under one monarch. The first king, Adrah, had fought valiantly to accomplish this, wielding the three weapons he came to call his regalia- gifts from the gods, some said. The kingdom Adrah forged was pronounced holy; its kings were esteemed. With Akaneia's aid, six more independent kingdoms sprang up in their own time. But Akaneia was always the greatest- and now, Marth was about to take his first walk through its historic palace's halls.”
—Opening Narration

The Ageless Palace is Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

You will find that there are 2 bosses in this level.

If Midia, Macellan, Tomas, Dolph and Boah survive, they will join you.


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This chapter isn't difficult, but medium; there are Thieves here, so don't let them get to the chests. Reinforcements spawn from the path leading up to the castle, and give good EXP to your units.

Marth (using the Fire Emblem) and Julian can open all chests and open the door that holds Midia, Tomas and the others.

  • There is a Manakete in the castle. He will not move until you approach, and has an obtainable Vulnerary.

The first boss, Volzhin has two healers at his side, you should kill them before trying to kill the boss.

The second boss (Heimler) won't stay calm, in the second turn, he will open the door and begin to attack you, so be careful. While you don't need to kill him, he does have a valuable Master Seal.

Enemy Reinforcements

Two Cavaliers and one Horseman will appear from the east during Turns 2, 4, 6 and 8 of the Enemy Phase. You can prevent these reinforcements from appearing by defeating the boss.


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Items Price
Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Armor Killer 760
Rapier 900
Kill Sword 1250
Thunder Sword 1600
Silver Sword 2000

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Items Price
Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Silver Sword 2000
Slim Lance 450
Silver Lance 1600
Steel Bow 560
Steel Axe 700


Items Price
Vulnerary 300
Door Key 500
Live 1000
Fire 500
Thunder 600
Blizzard 630

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Items Price
Iron Sword 400
Steel Sword 875
Silver Sword 2000
Killing Edge 1500
Armorslayer 1000

Recruitable Characters

  • Midia - A paladin who has fallen in love with Astram. She is an average paladin, usage varies with player opinion.
  • Tomas - An archer that bears an uncanny resemblance to Gordin. If you are already using a ranged unit that is high level, Tomas is not recommended to replace them. Usage varies with player opinion.
  • Boah - A bishop with low stats. Just like Wendell, he can not take the place of Lena or Maria once they've become bishops but if they're dead, Boah can do something. Usage varies with player opinion.
  • Macellan - A knight that appears to be a mirror image of Dolph. Usage varies with player opinion.
  • Dolph - An excellent knight that appears to be a mirror image of Macellan. Can easily surpass Draug. He can also be a good hunter, if reclassed.


  • To go to Chapter 12x: A Traitor's Worth, 15 or less characters need to be alive by the end of the chapter.
  • There is a Master Seal, Bullion, Arms Scroll, Silver Sword, Dragonpike, and Boots in the chests. At the end of the chapter Parthia is obtained. Other items dropped by enemies are a Heal, Warp, Vulnerary, Elfire, and Thunder.
  • Volzhin drops a Bolganone.
  • Heimler drops a Master Seal.
  • Heimler is a Paladin, and also moves, so be wary of his approach.
  • In Mystery of the Emblem, Heimler and his cavalry squadron are omitted are as the entire map is classified as indoors. There are three Soldiers with Silver Lances at the southeast corner of the map, guarding a treasure chest. The cell containing Midia and her companions are slightly tweaked, but still has two tiles safe from enemy attacks.


  • The army in this chapter is labeled as from Grust even though the boss of this chapter, Volzhin, is from Dolhr. Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 labelled the army as Dolhr. This may be a mistake.
  • The chapter layout is also featured in a Mystery of the Emblem Book 2 chapter.