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The Altar of Loptous is Chapter 24x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


  • Knights crest (left chest)
  • Power ring (middle chest)
  • Shield ring (right chest)


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This chapter can be very hard as it is a fog of war, so be sure to bring a Torch or Torch Staff. There will be enemy reinforcements coming for a long time, most being Dark Mages and Berserkers. The Dark Mages will use Rewarp to get to your units on the right side of the map mainly.

If you have a Door Key or an Unlock Staff use it to open the door on the left. If you do not have any of those use a thief to open the door.

Be sure to have a Rescue Staff on hand, as the chapter is filled with warp traps. Anyone who steps on it will warp to a small room with no escape. There are also enemies in there.

If you have Ced warp him to the chamber in the middle where the escape arrow is at and kill the Dark Mages. There is one that has a Berserk staff, which can be a problem.

Make sure Sara is also present to be able to use the Kia Staff to free Eyvel, but make Sara use Rewarp to get over there or someone else warp because if any unit tries to unlock the door from the outside they will be warped.

After Eyvel is free do not unlock the door for any reason. Eyvel will not move even when freed until she is recruited. After this, warp either Leif or Mareeta into the room Eyvel is in and have either of them talk to her to recruit her. After that, then either warp Eyvel out of the room or open the door from the inside.

Open the door right away as there is a large group of Berserkers outside the door. Wait until everyone gets there to kill them off. After that, send a thief and someone else over to get the three chests. Beware of the Berserker waiting near them. Then, have everyone escape the chapter and move on to the final chapter.