Chapter 24x: A World ApartEdit

“Marth did as Gotoh instructed and chose soldiers for his journey into the unseen. What lay within the tower in this alternate world to test him? Marth’s heart wavered. But with neither the divine blade Falchion nor the divine dragon girl to aid him, the tower’s master was his last hope of defeating Medeus. Gotoh had told Marth to find a coffin. So while most of his companions remained in the material world to battle Doluna, Marth and his chosen few scoured the tower to search of a mysterious savior.” (Beginning of Chapter)

  • Marth:“This must be the tower Lord Gotoh spoke of…”
  • Malledus:“Sire, it’s teeming with soldiers…Who are they? They fly no recognizable banner.”
  • Marth:“They are the Keepers whose test I must pass.”
  • Malledus:“You mean to fight them, then?”
  • Marth:“Gotoh says we must prove ourselves. Very well; we’ll seize the tower. Follow me!”

(End Chapter)

  • Malledus:“Sire, look! Stairs beneath the throne! Where could they lead?”

(Screen blackens then reappears in different area)

  • Malledus:“…Do you think this is the coffin?”
  • Marth:“There are no others. And look: these markings around it are the same pattern we saw in the Fane of Raman…”
  • Malledus:“Hmm, you’re right…”
  • Marth:“We found a dragon girl in the fane…I wonder if these symbols-“Huh?!
  • Malledus:“Sire! The coffin…It’s opening!”
  • Marth:“What? No! It must be some kind of trap, or…or some kind of…er…”

(Screen flashes and you can see coffin on the bottom screen)

  • Marth:“…woman? Could she be the master Gotoh spoke of?”
  • Nagi:“…Who are you?”
  • Marth:“My name is Marth, prince of Altea. And you, my lady?”
  • Nagi:“Me?! My name…is Nagi.”
  • Marth:“Nagi…I was sent here to find you, by a man named Gotoh.”
  • Nagi:“Gotoh…I know that name…But from where? I cannot recall.”
  • Marth:“You’ve lost your memory?”
  • Nagi:“I…cannot say for certain. But your voice…I heard you calling. Did you rouse me from my sleep?”
  • Marth:“I…er…Not on purpose?”
  • Nagi:“Your soul…called out to me…begging for my help. For this blade…”
  • Marth:“That…that’s Falchion! How did you get it?!”
  • Nagi:“I cannot remember…But you need it, I know that. And you need my powers.”
  • Marth:“Your…powers, my lady?”
  • Nagi:“Take me with you. I must…finish what I started…I think. I must fight with you.”
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