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To the west of Elibe lies an archipelago known as the Western Isles. Here, a sacred weapon lies waiting, the seal guarding it broken. However, to retrieve the weapon, one must pass a trial. Armads, a sacred axe filled with the destructive force of thunder. To wield it, one must prove one's worth. Hector faces a test unlike any he's ever experienced.

The Berserker is the 30th chapter in Hector's story in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. This chapter takes the place of Valorous Roland in Eliwood's story. This chapter takes place in a cave with toxic fumes that come out of the walls. The spirits of both the berserker Durban, and his axe, Armads, are located in this cave. The boss of this level is the Hero Kaim, who is guarding the axe.


Dropped by enemy

Items that can only be stolen from an enemy


(note that if the Thieves get these items first, you can get their contents by killing the thieves. This may be advisable in the case of the Elixir as it is in the path of one of the poison jets)


  • Oswin is not available for this chapter.
  • Note that you cannot bring Merlinus to this chapter.
  • This is the only chapter where you can get another Wolf Beil.


  • In the upper-right hand corner of the map there are two squares that are located with wall terrain, and look like wall terrain, but are in fact floor terrain.
  • If Nils is used in this chapter, he cannot use any of the specialty dances/songs that increase stats, though he can use them later.
  • In the original guidebook for this game, this chapter is not shown at all. On the contrary, the book has you believe that chapter 30 is the same for both Eliwood and Hector's stories.