“Though most stars will still glimmer in the crisp winter air, the blue sea star has gone back into hiding. Legend states that the goddess prays for peace from her home in the heavens. In the town of Garreg Mach, the anniversary of the monastery's completion nears, and the people's prayers intensify ahead of the millennium festival, still five years hence.”
—Opening Narration

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Rhea will mention a grand ball while Seteth giving Byleth thier mission. Byleth is to investigate a chapel that students have been seen going into. Seteth will comment on given recent events no abnormalities shall be overlooked. You are to team up with Jeralt who will be with you after a mission of his own.

After a dance competition in which the winner gets the opportunity to become a dancer, the ball gets underway. Before then your entire house makes a promise to meet up five years later. Byleth is a huge hit so they leave for some air. During this time, they meet with the unit they have the highest support with and make a prayer to the goddess. Before then depending on your house they may meet up with Dimitri who talks about Edelgard and his relationship with her. Byleth also sees Rhea singing which Sothis remembers teaching the song to someone.

When Jeralt returns hoping to chat with Byleth, Alois comes with reports of demonic beasts near the chapel despite not hearing anything about the monastery's walls being breached. Jeralt is unhappy that there isn't enough time to talk before setting out with Byleth.

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After the mission, Jeralt meets with Monika who stabs him for interfering. Byleth uses the Divine Pulse to try and save him but are thwarted by Thales. He leaves with Monika as Byleth rushes to Jeralt's side. He mutters on how he'll have to leave Byleth and notices that Byleth is crying. He's happy that the first time Byleth cried was for him.

"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

Later Byleth goes to Jeralt's room with Sothis commenting on how what happened was fate. Byleth finds Jeralt's diary behind a bookcase along with a ring. Apparently on the 20th day of the Horsebow Moon in the year 1159, Byleth's mother died giving birth to them. Byleth never laughed or cried as a baby. There was also a lack of a heartbeat. Jeralt was terrified of Lady Rhea at this point and started a fire to escape with them.

Your house leader comes by saying that Rhea is looking for them. They notice that Byleth is still depressed and give them some time to sort through their feelings. The knights are also searching for the ones responsible for the attack.

After some time Byleth meets with Rhea filled with grief and talks about how she and Jeralt met. Byleth's mother was also a nun in service to the church but before Rhea can say more, Alois comes in with a report. Rhea gives Byleth the rest of the day to rest and mend their heart.

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