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Though most stars will still glimmer in the crisp winter air, the blue sea star has gone back into hiding. Legend states that the goddess prays for peace from her home in the heavens. In the town of Garreg Mach, the anniversary of the monastery's completion nears, and the people's prayers intensify ahead of the millennium festival, still five years hence.

Event: Chapel in Ruin Edit

Audience Chamber | Daytime

  • Rhea: We are planning a grand ball for this month. I am sure the students will be most pleased.
  • Seteth: Yes, certainly. However, we must not devote all of our time to frivolity. We have a new mission for you. We have found evidence of someone sneaking into an unused chapel.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: A chapel?
    • Choice 2: Was something stolen?
  • Rhea:
    • Choice 1 response: It is a building that was once a temporary sanctuary at a time when the monastery was under renovation.
    • Choice 2 response: No, there is nothing of value in that building. We do not yet know what the intruders' objectives are.
  • Seteth: This month, your class is tasked with guarding the chapel and investigating these intruders. With the recent state of affairs surrounding the holy church, we cannot afford to overlook any abnormality, no matter how seemingly trivial.
  • Rhea: I am ordering a seasoned knight to assist you to ensure the safety of the students. In times like these, I am afraid we must always expect the worst.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: That's reassuring.
    • Choice 2: Which knight?

(Jeralt joins them)

  • Jeralt: Reporting for duty, Lady Rhea.
  • Rhea: I thought you two could use the time to bond. And to speak of important matters...
  • Jeralt: Appreciate the thought.
  • Seteth: Bear in mind that Jeralt has a separate mission of his own. He will join you once he has finished it.
  • Jeralt: It's true. I'll be away from the monastery for a while. But when I return... I'll come and watch you work. I'll be looking forward to it.

(Byleth nods)

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Event: The White Heron Cup Edit

Reception Hall | Evening

  • Alois: Ladies and gentlemen! My sincerest apologies for the wait! Thank you for gathering here on the eve of the highly anticipated ball to bear witness to... The academy-wide dance competition! Welcome to the White Heron Cup!


  • Alois: The competition will be judged! Your humble servant, Alois Rangeld! And also... The acclaimed former songstress of the Mittelfrank Opera Company, Manuela Casagranda!
  • Manuela: Yes, yes, thank you. Oh, and it should go without saying, but I swear to show no bias to my own house. Got it? Good.
  • Alois: Last but not least, the glamorous assassin who does all of her dancing in the dead of night...Shamir Nevrand!
  • Shamir: Hmph.
  • Alois: The three of us swear on our honor to judge the following proceedings with utmost impartiality and fairness! And with that, will the representatives of each house please make their way to the stage!

(Contestants come forward)

  • Alois: Contestants! Are you ready to dance? And is the band prepared to play? Very well... BEGIN!

(The three contestants dance)

  • Alois: TIME! That's all, folks! Splendid! All three of you were fantastic! Now, let's hear what the judges have to say...
  • Manuela: Oh my, let's see. I suppose I have no choice but to vote for...
    • The Black Eagle House.
    • The Blue Lion House.
    • The Golden Deer House.
      • Your performance was...exhilarating. My heart is still beating a mile a minute.
      • I must say I was surprised by your...inventive style.
      • Keep practicing and you could really shine out there.
  • Shamir: I vote for...
    • The Black Eagle House.
    • The Blue Lion House.
    • The Golden Deer House.
      • The way you carried yourself was striking.
      • You were most original.
  • Alois: Great feedback, both of you! Well then, let's see... Factoring my own humble opinion... Yes! We have a winner! And I will announce who it is...right now! Without any delay! The winner of this year's White Heron Cup is...
    • The Black Eagle House!
    • The Blue Lion House!
    • The Golden Deer House!
  • Alois: Once more, please give a big round of applause for our talented participants!


Event: A Night of Promises Edit

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Blue Lions Route Edit

Blue Lions Classroom | Evening

  • Dimitri: This is the only ball of the year, and I see why. Everyone is absurdly excited...
  • Dedue: Your Highness, you sound so detached. We are all encouraged to enjoy the ball tomorrow.
  • Dimitri: Right you are, What a burden...
  • Felix: Huh. I never thought we'd see eye to eye, but I agree. I'd rather be swinging my blade than wasting my time with some girl at a ball.
  • Sylvain: Felix! Your Highness! You must be joking, right? This is our chance to dance with all of the ladies of the academy to our heart's content. You wish to throw away the best day of the whole year for sword practice? Insanity, I tell you!
  • Ashe: I'm pretty excited about the ball, myself. It's not like we get to do things like this very often.
  • Sylvain: Too true, Ashe. In fact, I'm gonna do you a favor and give you a crash course in chatting up girls. By tomorrow, you'll be an expert!
  • Ashe: Actually I'd much prefer if someone could just teach us how to dance...
  • Annette: Don't worry about the dancing part. I can teach you that, easy!
  • Mercedes: It's time for the ball! That warrants at least a tiny bit of makeup, don't you think, Ingrid? Just a smidge?
  • Ingrid: I...hmm. Maybe. I'll think about it.
  • Annette: It's settled! Tomorrow morning we'll meet up in Ingrid's room. Ooh, I can't wait!
  • Dimitri: Hahaha. You know... There's no telling where life will take us after we leave here. If only we could find a way to come together again, just like this...
  • Dedue: A fine notion, Your Highness. Perhaps five years from now?
  • Dimitri: Five years from now? Ah! That's when Garreg Mach Monastery will be holding the millennium festival.
  • Ingrid: By then we'll be addressing Your Highness as Your Majesty instead!
  • Sylvain: That's right. I suppose we all know it's coming, but by then you'll be far removed from us.
  • Dimitri: Come now. You know me better than that. My title may change, but I won't. And it won't just be me, you know. Five years from now, you'll all have your own stuffy positions to contend with. But as I understand it, the festivities at the millennium festival will be of a scale far beyond anything we've yet seen... In other words, the perfect excuse for us all to return here.
  • Annette: Ooh, a reunion? That sounds fun! I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  • Dimitri: I'd love for you to be there as well, Professor. After all, you're the heart of the Blue Lion House.
  • Byleth: I'll be there.
  • Dimitri: Good. Then it's settled.

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Movie: The Ball Edit

(The reception hall is filled with students on the night of the ball. Couples dance in the center of the hall. Byleth stands by the tables in a crowd of students. Claude approaches and takes Byleth's hand, leading them to the dance floor.)

Event: Childhood Memories Edit

Blue Lions route Edit

Courtyard | Evening

  • Sothis: Running away? I understand. You hardly had the time to breathe in there. It must be hard to be the favourite teacher at the ball! Poor, poor Professor!
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I am not everyone's favorite...
    • Choice 2: It is difficult. (Relationship with Sothis up)
  • Sothis:
    • Choice 1 response: Was that a joke? I find it hard to tell with you. Just think of all the students begging you to dance!
    • Choice 2 response: So you do think you're the favorite! I might have known.

(Byleth looks up in surprise to see Dimitri)

  • Dimitri: Professor? What are you doing here?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Aren't you going to dance with Edelgard?
    • Choice 2: Aren't you going to dance with Claude?
  • Dimitri:
    • Choice 1: No, I should think not.
    • Choice 2: Haha, good one, Professor. I could see saving a dance for Edelgard, but Claude is another story. In any case, I have no intention of dancing with anyone.
  • Dimitri: As a child, Edelgard taught me how to dance. It was...a bit awkward, honestly.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Edelgard?
    • Choice 2: As a child?
  • Dimitri: I've told you before we're siblings by marriage, haven't I? Her birth mother was my stepmother, although I didn't know that at the time. My stepmother treated me with such kindness...just as though I were her own flesh and blood. And yet she never so much as hinted that she had her own child...Edelgard. We were born and raised in different territories, without ever knowing the other even existed. Yet, against all odds, for just over a year, we became childhood friends.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Friends?
    • Choice 2: Not siblings?
  • Dimitri: Indeed. Unaware of each other's stations or backgrounds, we met and became incredibly close. This was when she and Lord Arundel were living in the Kingdom.
  • Byleth: Why were they in the Kingdom?
  • Dimitri: They were in exile... This was a time of great turmoil within the Empire. I ran into her when visiting Lord Arundel's residence with my father. She seemed...quite bored. With everything. At first I found her to be difficult and stubborn, but that facade quickly fell away, revealing her true self beneath... That's around the time when she taught me how to dance. Her instruction was... Oh, let's call it strict. To put it nicely.

(Image of young Edelgard teaching young Dimitri how to dance)

  • Edelgard: Wrong foot, Dimitri! You're supposed to lead with your right!
  • Dimitri: El, the sun's going down! I really oughta be heading home...

(Narration over the image)

  • Dimitri: That one year before she had to return to the Empire much fun. The time of my life, in many ways.

(Return to the courtyard)

  • Dimitri: It's kind of pathetic to think about it all these years later, but can you guess what I gave her as a parting gift?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Flowers?
    • Choice 2: A book?
    • Choice 3: A dagger? (Relationship with Dimitri up)
  • Dimitri:
    • Choice 1 and 2 response: No, that makes too much sense. Actually, I gave her a dagger! You should have seen the look on her face!
    • Choice 3: Huh. Good guess, Professor. But I swear, it came from the heart.
  • Dimitri: In Faerghus, we've long considered blades as tools of destiny. As a way to cut a path to a better future. She was being dragged all over, unable to live the life she wanted. I thought the dagger could help her cut out a path to the future she dreamed of. However...that was many years ago. I'm sure she's forgotten all about the boy I was back then.
  • Byleth: It's not too late to reconnect.
  • Dimitri: I'm afraid it's far too late for that. Things are different now. She's different. I'm different. (Dimitri turns away) Anyway... I'm feeling a bit out of place here. Festivities like this don't suit me. Still, I suppose I should get back in there. Good-bye, Professor.

(Dimitri leaves)

  • Sothis: But where is there to run? This place is filled with joyful students looking for a dance.

(Byleth considers a moment)

  • Sothis: Ah... I see. The Goddess Tower waits for you...

(Byleth nods and leaves. Sounds of footsteps on a black screen, until Byleth arrives in the Goddess Tower and looks up in surprise.)

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Event: Rhea and Sothis Edit

Event: An Urgent Report Edit

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Movie: At Death's Door Edit

(Byleth watches Jeralt as he speaks to Monica.)

  • Jeralt: Run along now.
  • Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

(Monica skips around behind Jeralt before pulling a dagger and plunging it into his back. Byleth is shocked.)

  • Monica: You're just a pathetic old man. How dare you get in the way of my brilliant dog.

(Jeralt grunts and falls. Byleth turns back the hands of time and the scene repeats.)

  • Jeralt: Run along now.
  • Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

(Monica skips around behind Jeralt before pulling a dagger. Byleth draws the Sword of the Creator to stop her, but a mysterious figure blocks the sword. Byleth sees that once again Monica has stabbed Jeralt. Monica turns around and sees the mysterious figure.)

  • Monica: Huh? What are you doing here?
  • Mysterious figure: You must survive. Merely because there is a role that I require you to fulfill.

(Monica and the Mysterious Figure disappear in a flash of red light. Byleth runs to Jeralt and pulls him into their lap.)

  • Jeralt: Sorry. It looks like...I'm going to have to leave you onow.

(Byleth cries. Tears fall on Jeralt's face.)

  • Jeralt: To think that the first time I saw you cry...your tears would be for me. It's sad, and yet...I'm happy for it. Thank you...kid.

(Jeralt dies. Rain begins to fall as Byleth cradles Jeralt's body.)

Event: Father's Diary Edit

Report: Ethereal Moon Edit

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