White Clouds

Ethereal Moon

The Cause of Sorrow

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Ethereal Moon Edit

Though most stars will still glimmer in the crisp winter air, the blue sea star has gone back into hiding. Legend states that the goddess prays for peace from her home in the heavens. In the town of Garreg Mach, the anniversary of the monastery's completion nears, and the people's prayers intensify ahead of the millennium festival, still five years hence.

Event: Chapel in Ruin Edit

Audience Chamber | Daytime

  • Rhea: We are planning a grand ball for this month. I am sure the students will be most pleased.
  • Seteth: Yes, certainly. However, we must not devote all of our time to frivolity. We have a new mission for you. We have found evidence of someone sneaking into an unused chapel.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: A chapel?
    • Choice 2: Was something stolen?
  • Rhea:
    • Choice 1 response: It is a building that was once a temporary sanctuary at a time when the monastery was under renovation.
    • Choice 2 response: No, there is nothing of value in that building. We do not yet know what the intruders' objectives are.
  • Seteth: This month, your class is tasked with guarding the chapel and investigating these intruders. With the recent state of affairs surrounding the holy church, we cannot afford to overlook any abnormality, no matter how seemingly trivial.
  • Rhea: I am ordering a seasoned knight to assist you to ensure the safety of the students. In times like these, I am afraid we must always expect the worst.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: That's reassuring.
    • Choice 2: Which knight?

(Jeralt joins them)

  • Jeralt: Reporting for duty, Lady Rhea.
  • Rhea: I thought you two could use the time to bond. And to speak of important matters...
  • Jeralt: Appreciate the thought.
  • Seteth: Bear in mind that Jeralt has a separate mission of his own. He will join you once he has finished it.
  • Jeralt: It's true. I'll be away from the monastery for a while. But when I return... I'll come and watch you work. I'll be looking forward to it.

(Byleth nods)

Explore Edit

Sothis Edit

  • Sothis: Tomas... No, Solon, was it not? And the Flame Emperor... It is most clear that something has transpired. And it relates to you somehow. Or is the fault my own, and you're just caught inside the wave... Sothis, the goddess of this world... I bear her name... Hmm... How confusing. I feel as though my head has turned to mush!

Edelgard Edit

Other routes Edit

Everyone is so festive.

  • Edelgard: Everyone's in such a festive mood. I feel a bit out of my element here. I can't help but worry something might happen while we're all distracted... After all, our enemies are always plotting. Still, this air of levity is much more agreeable than the grim atmosphere of late.

Dimitri Edit

Blue Lions route Edit

I cannot allow it...

  • Dimitri: It seems the dastards who set Remire Village aflame have yet to be apprehended. Monsters. Trampling mercilessly over innocent lives. They deserve a gruesome end...

Claude Edit

Other routes Edit

An intruder...

  • Claude: Someone entered the old chapel... I think the townsfolk used it for feasts and such in the past. With that whole Tomas business, you can't blame the church for being on edge.

Hubert Edit

Another chaotic month...

  • Hubert: Another month full of chaos. I've barely had time to catch my breath. What is the objective of Tomas and his ilk? And what makes Flayn so special–does that not bother you?

Ferdinand Edit

This reminds me...

  • Ferdinand: Ah, the ball. It reminds me of my first such event, back in the Imperial capital. It was held by my father, the prime minister. I really showed off my dancing skills! Everyone was quite impressed with me.

Linhardt Edit


  • Linhardt: You know, Professor, I used to think I would be comfortable with all manner of experiments, so long as they provided usable results. But when I heard of Solon's work, well, I realized I'd not consider the moral and philosophical limits of what "all manner of experiments" might mean. Urk... Sorry. I'm not great with blood, even when I'm just thinking about it. I feel a bit ill now.

Caspar Edit

I'm furious!

  • Caspar: I can't believe this... I'm so angry right now! First it's the Death Knight, and now Tomas, and neither of them are in custody! I can't stand the thought of such evil lurking in the world. We have to do something about this! I have to do something about this!

Bernadetta Edit

  • Bernadetta: The ball. A grim reminder of my sad reality. The other nobles will be fine, I'm sure. They've all been to events like this before. But me? I'm a noble, and I've never even been close to one of these things!

Dorothea Edit

Can the village ever be the same?

  • Dorothea: I wonder if Remire Village will ever be the same again. How do you recover from such a terrible event? So many dead, so much destroyed... I can't see how the whole village doesn't just end up abandoned.

Petra Edit

I harbor much interest...

  • Petra: Dancing of Fódlan is not the same as dancing of Brigid. The reason is maybe that the music has many differences. In Brigid, dancing is different for each person. Our dancing has vigor and ferocity. There is no speech of technique for our dancing.

Dedue Edit

Blue Lions route Edit

I hope this month is peaceful.

  • Dedue: Even though there is to be a ball, we still have a mission. It would be nice if this month passed by in peace.

Felix Edit

How irksome.

  • Felix: Argh... Too much merriment. The librarian betrayed us. The Death Knight is back. Is this the time to be throwing a ball?

Ashe Edit

This is all new to me...

  • Ashe: Last month was– Well, you know even better than I do. I hope this one will be more cheerful. This ball though... I don't know. It's all new to me.

Sylvain Edit

Nice work.

  • Sylvain: Great work in Remire Village, Professor. Who would have ever guessed it was Tomas? Ah, but no. Now isn't the time to get lost in gloomy thoughts.

Mercedes Edit

Where'd she go?

  • Mercedes: Oh, now, where did that Ingrid run off to? The ball is soon and she hadn't even put on any makeup! I was trying to help her out.

Annette Edit

I've gotta stay cheerful...

  • Annette: So, Tomas the librarian was a bad guy? But he always seemed so nice! C'mon, self. You're better than this. You promised you'd be on top of things this month.

Ingrid Edit

This ball or whatever...

  • Ingrid: Mercedes locked me in her room for hours earlier... She was slathering pounds of makeup onto my face. Saying something or other about the ball. It really wore me out...

Lorenz Edit

The long-awaited ball...

  • Lorenz: Ah. The long-awaited ball. Finally, an opportunity to showcase my exquisite skills on the dance floor. These skills were ingrained in me when I was a boy. My hands and feet move on pure instinct.

Raphael Edit

I'm so excited!

  • Raphael: The ball is coming up soon! I am so excited! I can't wait to fill up on food while everyone's dancing. I even heard there'll be some prime cuts of meat!

Ignatz Edit

I hope this month is better...

  • Ignatz: Some scary things have been happening lately. I hope that this month, of all months, is peaceful. The ball is coming up and everything... Although I'm not much of a dancer actually.

Lysithea Edit


  • Lysithea: It's true that Tomas was employed here under the recommendation of House Ordelia. But that's all I know of the topic. I'd never even seen him prior to enrolling here. Even when hew as supposedly in Ordelia territory, I never once saw him there. I'm still feeling bothered by all of this, but...there's not much else I can say about it right now.

Marianne Edit

I don't think I'll partake...

  • Marianne: A ball? Um, I don't think I'll partake.

Hilda Edit

It's almost time for the ball!

  • Hilda: It's almost time for the ball! Oooh my, am I excited! This being a school, we don't have many chances to get dressy.

Leonie Edit

I'm glad it got sorted out.

  • Leonie: I'm glad the Remire Village situation got sorted out. But it's not over yet, is it? And I can't believe old Tomas turned out to be an enemy. Who can you trust anymore?

Rhea Edit

Before The White Heron Cup quest Edit

I hope you enjoy yourself.

  • Rhea: Before the ball, it is customary that we host a competition of dance known as the White Heron Cup. The students are quite fond of this tradition. Each house must select representatives to compete. Their dance shall be judged by its beauty, grace, and technique. The student who is deemed the winner will be given the opportunity to train as a dancer, should they so please. It is a very precious thing, the gift of dance. I hope that you and your students will choose to participate.

After completing The White Heron Cup quest Edit

  • Rhea: I have been told that your house won the White Heron Cup. This can only be a result of the students' talent and effort, not to mention your steadfast instruction.

Seteth Edit

I cannot make sense of it...

  • Seteth: I have looked into Tomas, but I just cannot make sense of this at all. From his behavior up until now, I never would have suspected that a man like him could turn on us. I have also discovered that his appearance has changed... It is almost as if he is not even human! What in the wold is going on?

Flayn Edit

The ball will soon be upon us!

  • Flayn: Hello Professor! The ball will soon be upon us. Ah, I can feel my heart fluttering already! I... I have never danced in front of people before. Not even once in all my life. I am very much looking forward to it!

Alois Edit

Ah, memories.

  • Alois: Ah, the ball... It reminds me of how I met my wife. I was at a village's harvest festival. There was a full moon bathing everything in its cool glow. She appeared out of nowhere, dancing gracefully in the moonlight–a lovely fairy!
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: That story sounds fake.
      • Alois: Hah! The "full moon" was an embellishment, I admit. But you can forgive a man for waxing poetic, can't you? Anyway...
    • Choice 2: That's a wonderful story. (Relationship with Alois up)
  • Alois: We soon fell in love and tied the knot. Now we have a daughter, who's as bright and beautiful as a sunny morning. So, whenever I see people dancing, I think of my wife, and my heart does a little waltz.

Catherine Edit

The chapel...

  • Catherine: The area with the old chapel was supposed to be off-limits. It was at risk of collapse, so they didn't even post guards. It's not too strange. Does that surprise you? Eh, Garreg Mach has lots of places that are blocked off for one reason or another. That's true of the underground Holy Mausoleum as well as the northern woods. People call it the sealed forest, but as far as I can tell, it's nothing special. Just a forest.

Shamir Edit

What brings you here?

  • Shamir: What's this about? The ball? Knights don't participate. It's an event for students, but it does pique the interest of some knights in particular.
  • (After accepting The White Heron Cup quest:) Alois can't dance, but I hear he likes to watch. He volunteered to judge the White Heron Cup. Not that I care.

Gilbert Edit

These events are troubling...

  • Gilbert: It cannot be true that our siblings-in-arms could turn against us. However, I will continue investigating members of the church. To think even someone as senior as Tomas would fall under suspicion... I now not how far to take my search.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Even the knights...
    • Choice 2: Even the students... (Relationship with Gilbert up)
  • Gilbert:
    • Choice 1 response: Unlike the monks, the Knights of Seiros are Lady Rhea's direct subordinates. Some are in quite unique circumstances, but I cannot think any of them would betray us.
    • Choice 2 response: Yes, a great many strange and terrible things have come to pass this year... I must not dismiss the possibility that someone among the students is behind it all.

Hanneman Edit

995 years ago...

  • Hanneman: Garreg Mach Monastery is said to have been completed during the Ethereal Moon. Why, 995 years ago as a matter of fact. That's rather a long time ago, don't you think? Every year, a ball is held to celebrate the founding. And every one hundred years, a very special celebration takes place. It's a grand festival, involving all of Garreg Mach. It is thrilling to read of past festivals, and I'm rather excited to experience one for myself. Once in a lifetime, eh? The next one, in five years, will make a millennium. Should be quite an event. Do you imagine you'll still be here teaching then?

Manuela Edit

That time of year again...

  • Manuela: Great. Just...great. It's that time when all the students get all lovey-dovey. You're new, but you know about the ball, yeah? I can't bear it. Young love is wasted on the young. They can't appreciate it to its fullest! Ugh, I wish I could fall in love too...
  • (After accepting The White Heron Cup quest:) Oh! Speaking of the ball, Professor, have you selected your representative for the dance contest yet? If you don't, the contest will go on without your house. And that would be...embarrassing.

Cyril Edit

I don't believe it.

  • Cyril: Nah, Tomas wouldn't betray the church. I don't believe it. I won't believe it! There's some people in the church who hate people like me who are from Almyra, but Tomas was always real kind. But if he really was Lady Rhea's enemy... Well, I'd defend her against anybody. No matter how kind they'd been in the past.

Gatekeeper Edit

Did you know?

  • Gatekeeper: Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report! Ah, other than the legend of the Goddess Tower, of course. Have you heard the students talking about it? On the last night of the Ethereal Moon, on the same night as the ball... If a man and a woman go to the Goddess Tower and make a wish, it's sure to come true! I have a wish, but I can't find anybody to make it with me...
  • Raye: (Is there someone I feel that way about?)

Knight of Seiros in the Dining Hall Edit

Take it easy!

  • Knight of Seiros: This is a rare opportunity to enjoy yourself. Please, leave everything else to us. The Remire Village incident, the search for Tomas... We have it handled. You just focus on enjoying the ball with your students. It's for the good of everyone, don't you think? If the professors walk around in a state of distress, the students will be uneasy too.

Girl in the Dining Hall Edit


  • Girl: ... Our life in Remire Village is gone. Father...and Mother...gone. Why couldn't you have arrived just a little sooner?

Student in the Black Eagles Classroom Edit

Long, long ago, in the Goddess Tower...

  • Student: Legend has it that long ago a female student from the academy met with a mysterious man in the Goddess Tower. They fell in love at first sight and were bound together forever after... But that's not really the interesting part. The incredible part is that the man was apparently the Adrestian emperor himself! What I wouldn't give to fall in love at first sight with a splendid and powerful gentleman! I want my own fairytale romance, and I want it now!

Student at the Stables Edit

I wonder...

  • Student: I've been thinking of inviting a girl from a different house to the Goddess Tower on the night of the ball. But here's the twist... She's from a family with a much more significant and storied past than mine. I wonder if she'd ever stoop to going out with the humble son of a knight...

Student outside Reception Hall Edit

I must be brave.

  • Student: There's a certain gentleman I'd like to invite to a rendezvous at the Goddess Tower. However, I can't imagine he'd be interest in a sheltered ingénue like myself... Ugh, it's hard to pluck up the courage when that's where my thoughts always take me...

Quests Edit

The White Heron Cup Edit

Receiving the Quest Edit

  • Rhea: The White Heron Cup is a competition of skill and grace in dance. Please encourage your house to participate. That said, if you are serious about winning, be sure to choose your representative carefully.

Approaching Students Edit

Note: This dialogue continues from the student's normal dialogue listed in Explore.

Black Eagles Edit
  • Edelgard:
  • Hubert:
  • Ferdinand:
  • Linhardt:
  • Caspar: Ugh. Sorry about that, Professor. I'm just so frustrated right now. I need something to take my mind off things. That reminds me! If you're looking for a volunteer, I'd be happy to represent our class in the White Heron Cup. I'm an excellent Dancer.
  • Bernadetta:
  • Dorothea: I'm sorry, Professor. I'm talking about such grim and terrible things when we could be talking about the White Heron Cup. It's a big dance contest between the classes, and I simply adore dancing. I'm quite good at it, since I was a diva in an opera company, you know.
  • Petra: Are you choosing me to represent at the White Heron Cup? Or are you not?
Blue Lions Edit
  • Dimitri: I... I'm sorry. Please ignore my troubled ramblings. Was something the matter? Something to do with the White Heron Cup? Professor, I beg of you. Please do not chose me as our house representative. I am utterly serious.
  • Dedue: Incidentally, I have heard there will be a dance competition prior to the ball. Have you chosen a representative yet?
  • Felix: Ah, whatever. You look like you're about to say something. Are you considering me as our representative for the White Heron Cup? Heh.
  • Ashe: But speaking of the ball, isn't there something happening just before it? The White...Heron...something? It sounds like every class needs a representative. Have you picked ours yet?
  • Sylvain: The ball is almost here...and the White Heron Cup dance contest. So, Professor, who will be representing our class?
  • Mercedes: While we're on the subject of the ball, what's this I hear about a dance competition? Physical activity isn't my forte, but dancing can be fun! If there's no one else you'd rather select, I'm happy to represent our class.
  • Annette: After all, we have the ball to look forward to, and the White Heron Cup before that! Oh, speaking of have you chosen our house representative yet? If not, I'd like to volunteer!
  • Ingrid: Speaking of, I heard that there's going to be a dance competition. Have you sorted out who will represent our class, Professor? It's not me, is it? Please don't say it's me...
Golden Deer Edit
  • Lysithea: Right... It's the dance this month, isn't it? I can't see how anyone would be much in the mood for dancing, considering... Although I suppose the White Heron Cup does sound pretty fun.
  • Marianne: There's a dance contest as well? I see. I'll cheer for our class, of course. So, um... Who will represent our house in the contest?
Others Edit
  • Flayn: Have you heard yet about the White Heron Cup? If you have yet to choose a representative, do you mind terribly if I volunteer?

Selecting a Student Edit

Black Eagles Edit
  • Edelgard:
  • Hubert:
  • Ferdinand: Wonderful! You will have a chance to see the legendary footwork of House Aegir!
  • Linhardt:
  • Caspar: Great! We both know I'm our class's best chance at winning this thing.
  • Bernadetta:
  • Dorothea: I think my heart just skipped a beat. You want me to represent the class? I'm not sure when I last experienced such flattery, Professor.
  • Petra: I will display all that I have learned. I will grab the victory!
Blue Lions Edit
  • Dimitri: What?! Curse you, Professor. I will of course accept, but know that you have damned us all.
  • Dedue: I will take part, if you insist.
  • Felix: I was joking. You really couldn't find anyone else?
  • Ashe: Are you sure you want m-me to do this? I guess I'll just have to do the best I can, then.
  • Sylvain: Me? Uh, sure! Why not? I'll get out there, show off my moves, and drive the ladies wild.
  • Mercedes: Thanks for having faith in me, Professor! I'll try my best to win!
  • Annette: Really? That's fantastic! I'll try as hard as anyone's ever tried, you can count on it!
  • Ingrid: Oh dear... Well, I'll see what I can do, then. On my honor.
Golden Deer Edit
  • Lysithea: Uh, you want me to be our representative? I've certainly got a few moves...
  • Marianne: I see, well... Um, I'm sorry. What did you say?
Others Edit
  • Flayn: Ah, thank you, Professor! I am overcome with joy! Just you wait until my feet touch the ballroom floor!

Rejecting a Student Edit

Black Eagles Edit
  • Edelgard:
  • Hubert:
  • Ferdinand:
  • Linhardt:
  • Caspar: You really think you can find a better dancer than me?
  • Bernadetta:
  • Dorothea: What? Why not me? Oh, whatever. So long as you remember to chose someone, hm?
  • Petra: I have understanding. You believe that I cannot grab the victory, I am guessing?
Blue Lions Edit
  • Dimitri: Oh, thank the goddess. Please be sure to select someone with the confidence to win for us.
  • Dedue: Someone must want to participate. You would do well to find that person.
  • Felix: I see. That's a relief.
  • Ashe: You should pick one of the nobles. They all have experience with this sort of thing.
  • Sylvain: I get it. Now worries, really. I'd rather see a beautiful person dancing instead of some goof like me.
  • Mercedes: Are you sure? Please let me know if you change your mind!
  • Annette: Aw, that's too bad. But if you reconsider, you know where to find me!
  • Ingrid: Thank goodness. I don't know the first thing about dancing.
Golden Deer Edit
Others Edit
  • Flayn: Understood. Ah, well. Either way, I am still so excited about the ball!

Quest Completion Edit

  • Rhea: The White Heron Cup sounds like it was a great success. Now we can all look forward to the ball. Enjoy yourself.

If the monastery is explored again and the entrant is spoken to:

Black Eagles Edit
  • Bernadetta: Who would've thought I'd have a talent for dancing? Heh-heh... Aw, this actually feels nice.
Blue Lions Edit
  • Dimitri: It was solely thanks to your patient instruction that we won, Professor. In all honesty, I'm still in a state of shock.
Golden Deer Edit
  • Marianne: I... I still can't believe it. How could someone like me have possibly won?
Others Edit

Adventures in Wood Carving (Gilbert) Edit

Receiving the Quest Edit

  • Gilbert: I'm fond of wood carving, but I lack the talent for it. I hear that those to the west of Fódlan have mastered woodwork. I'd like to learn their techniques.

Quest Completion Edit

  • Gilbert: I see... So, this is a book that covers traditional wood-carving in Brigid. How fascinating. Thank you, Professor. I will enjoy diving into this text.

Event: The White Heron Cup Edit

Reception Hall | Evening

  • Alois: Ladies and gentlemen! My sincerest apologies for the wait! Thank you for gathering here on the eve of the highly anticipated ball to bear witness to... The academy-wide dance competition! Welcome to the White Heron Cup!


  • Alois: The competition will be judged! Your humble servant, Alois Rangeld! And also... The acclaimed former songstress of the Mittelfrank Opera Company, Manuela Casagranda!
  • Manuela: Yes, yes, thank you. Oh, and it should go without saying, but I swear to show no bias to my own house. Got it? Good.
  • Alois: Last but not least, the glamorous assassin who does all of her dancing in the dead of night...Shamir Nevrand!
  • Shamir: Hmph.
  • Alois: The three of us swear on our honor to judge the following proceedings with utmost impartiality and fairness! And with that, will the representatives of each house please make their way to the stage!

(Contestants come forward)

  • Alois: Contestants! Are you ready to dance? And is the band prepared to play? Very well... BEGIN!

(The three contestants dance)

  • Alois: TIME! That's all, folks! Splendid! All three of you were fantastic! Now, let's hear what the judges have to say...
  • Manuela: Oh my, let's see. I suppose I have no choice but to vote for...
    • The Black Eagle House.
    • The Blue Lion House.
    • The Golden Deer House.
      • Your performance was...exhilarating. My heart is still beating a mile a minute.
      • I must say I was surprised by your...inventive style.
      • Keep practicing and you could really shine out there.
  • Shamir: I vote for...
    • The Black Eagle House.
    • The Blue Lion House.
    • The Golden Deer House.
      • The way you carried yourself was striking.
      • You were most original.
  • Alois: Great feedback, both of you! Well then, let's see... Factoring my own humble opinion... Yes! We have a winner! And I will announce who it is...right now! Without any delay! The winner of this year's White Heron Cup is...
    • The Black Eagle House!
    • The Blue Lion House!
    • The Golden Deer House!
  • Alois: Once more, please give a big round of applause for our talented participants!


Event: A Night of Promises Edit

Black Eagles Route Edit

Blue Lions Route Edit

Blue Lions Classroom | Evening

  • Dimitri: This is the only ball of the year, and I see why. Everyone is absurdly excited...
  • Dedue: Your Highness, you sound so detached. We are all encouraged to enjoy the ball tomorrow.
  • Dimitri: Right you are, What a burden...
  • Felix: Huh. I never thought we'd see eye to eye, but I agree. I'd rather be swinging my blade than wasting my time with some girl at a ball.
  • Sylvain: Felix! Your Highness! You must be joking, right? This is our chance to dance with all of the ladies of the academy to our heart's content. You wish to throw away the best day of the whole year for sword practice? Insanity, I tell you!
  • Ashe: I'm pretty excited about the ball, myself. It's not like we get to do things like this very often.
  • Sylvain: Too true, Ashe. In fact, I'm gonna do you a favor and give you a crash course in chatting up girls. By tomorrow, you'll be an expert!
  • Ashe: Actually I'd much prefer if someone could just teach us how to dance...
  • Annette: Don't worry about the dancing part. I can teach you that, easy!
  • Mercedes: It's time for the ball! That warrants at least a tiny bit of makeup, don't you think, Ingrid? Just a smidge?
  • Ingrid: I...hmm. Maybe. I'll think about it.
  • Annette: It's settled! Tomorrow morning we'll meet up in Ingrid's room. Ooh, I can't wait!
  • Dimitri: Hahaha. You know... There's no telling where life will take us after we leave here. If only we could find a way to come together again, just like this...
  • Dedue: A fine notion, Your Highness. Perhaps five years from now?
  • Dimitri: Five years from now? Ah! That's when Garreg Mach Monastery will be holding the millennium festival.
  • Ingrid: By then we'll be addressing Your Highness as Your Majesty instead!
  • Sylvain: That's right. I suppose we all know it's coming, but by then you'll be far removed from us.
  • Dimitri: Come now. You know me better than that. My title may change, but I won't. And it won't just be me, you know. Five years from now, you'll all have your own stuffy positions to contend with. But as I understand it, the festivities at the millennium festival will be of a scale far beyond anything we've yet seen... In other words, the perfect excuse for us all to return here.
  • Annette: Ooh, a reunion? That sounds fun! I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  • Dimitri: I'd love for you to be there as well, Professor. After all, you're the heart of the Blue Lion House.
  • Byleth: I'll be there.
  • Dimitri: Good. Then it's settled.

Golden Deer Route Edit

Movie: The Ball Edit

(The reception hall is filled with students on the night of the ball. Couples dance in the center of the hall. Byleth stands by the tables in a crowd of students. Claude approaches and takes Byleth's hand, leading them to the dance floor.)

Event: Childhood Memories Edit

Blue Lions route Edit

Courtyard | Evening

  • Sothis: Running away? I understand. You hardly had the time to breathe in there. It must be hard to be the favourite teacher at the ball! Poor, poor Professor!
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I am not everyone's favorite...
    • Choice 2: It is difficult. (Relationship with Sothis up)
  • Sothis:
    • Choice 1 response: Was that a joke? I find it hard to tell with you. Just think of all the students begging you to dance!
    • Choice 2 response: So you do think you're the favorite! I might have known.

(Byleth looks up in surprise to see Dimitri)

  • Dimitri: Professor? What are you doing here?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Aren't you going to dance with Edelgard?
    • Choice 2: Aren't you going to dance with Claude?
  • Dimitri:
    • Choice 1: No, I should think not.
    • Choice 2: Haha, good one, Professor. I could see saving a dance for Edelgard, but Claude is another story. In any case, I have no intention of dancing with anyone.
  • Dimitri: As a child, Edelgard taught me how to dance. It was...a bit awkward, honestly.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Edelgard?
    • Choice 2: As a child?
  • Dimitri: I've told you before we're siblings by marriage, haven't I? Her birth mother was my stepmother, although I didn't know that at the time. My stepmother treated me with such kindness...just as though I were her own flesh and blood. And yet she never so much as hinted that she had her own child...Edelgard. We were born and raised in different territories, without ever knowing the other even existed. Yet, against all odds, for just over a year, we became childhood friends.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Friends?
    • Choice 2: Not siblings?
  • Dimitri: Indeed. Unaware of each other's stations or backgrounds, we met and became incredibly close. This was when she and Lord Arundel were living in the Kingdom.
  • Byleth: Why were they in the Kingdom?
  • Dimitri: They were in exile... This was a time of great turmoil within the Empire. I ran into her when visiting Lord Arundel's residence with my father. She seemed...quite bored. With everything. At first I found her to be difficult and stubborn, but that facade quickly fell away, revealing her true self beneath... That's around the time when she taught me how to dance. Her instruction was... Oh, let's call it strict. To put it nicely.

(Image of young Edelgard teaching young Dimitri how to dance)

  • Edelgard: Wrong foot, Dimitri! You're supposed to lead with your right!
  • Dimitri: El, the sun's going down! I really oughta be heading home...

(Narration over the image)

  • Dimitri: That one year before she had to return to the Empire much fun. The time of my life, in many ways.

(Return to the courtyard)

  • Dimitri: It's kind of pathetic to think about it all these years later, but can you guess what I gave her as a parting gift?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Flowers?
    • Choice 2: A book?
    • Choice 3: A dagger? (Relationship with Dimitri up)
  • Dimitri:
    • Choice 1 and 2 response: No, that makes too much sense. Actually, I gave her a dagger! You should have seen the look on her face!
    • Choice 3: Huh. Good guess, Professor. But I swear, it came from the heart.
  • Dimitri: In Faerghus, we've long considered blades as tools of destiny. As a way to cut a path to a better future. She was being dragged all over, unable to live the life she wanted. I thought the dagger could help her cut out a path to the future she dreamed of. However...that was many years ago. I'm sure she's forgotten all about the boy I was back then.
  • Byleth: It's not too late to reconnect.
  • Dimitri: I'm afraid it's far too late for that. Things are different now. She's different. I'm different. (Dimitri turns away) Anyway... I'm feeling a bit out of place here. Festivities like this don't suit me. Still, I suppose I should get back in there. Good-bye, Professor.

(Dimitri leaves)

  • Sothis: But where is there to run? This place is filled with joyful students looking for a dance.

(Byleth considers a moment)

  • Sothis: Ah... I see. The Goddess Tower waits for you...

(Byleth nods and leaves. Sounds of footsteps on a black screen, until Byleth arrives in the Goddess Tower and looks up in surprise.)

Event: Rhea and Sothis Edit

Reception Hall | Evening

  • Sothis: It seems that everyone is having a delightful time. Will you not dance some more?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I'm tired.
    • Choice 2: I'd rather not.
  • Sothis: How dull of you! Had I a body of my own... Oh, I would sing and dance until I fell upon the ground! But you... Hmph. Do you as will.

(Rhea walks past Byleth)

  • Sothis: Ah, you're not the only one who feels that way. Look over there.
  • Rhea: ...
  • Sothis: Hmph. I'm bored beyond compare. Will you not follow her?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Why would I?
    • Choice 2: I have not reason to.
  • Sothis: Oh, come on! Hurry up! I know that you are curious to see what she is up to... I hear...someone singing. From other there...

(Black screen to return to image of Rhea)

  • Rhea: ♪ In time's flow...see the glow of flames ever burning bright... On the swift river's drift, broken memories alight... ♪
  • Sothis: That song... I feel I have heard it in the past... Actually... It is not that I have heard it. I... Did I once sing that song to someone? No. There's more. I wrote this song... Oh, but how could that be so? If that were true, then how could she be singing it? Unless... No, no. I am suddenly so exhausted... As are you, no doubt? Quickly then. To bed with you.

Event: An Urgent Report Edit

Entrance Hall | Daytime

  • Alois: Captain? Captain! Where are you? Hey, Professor. Have you seen your old man?

(Byleth shakes head)

  • Alois: Too bad. I guess it will have to be you, then...

(Footsteps approach)

  • Jeralt: I'm back. Sorry for the delay, my last mission took longer than expected.
  • Alois: Captain! Thank goodness you're here. There are reports of Demonic Beasts near the chapel!
  • Jeralt: Nonsense. I haven't heard anything about the monastery's walls being breached.
  • Alois: That's why I'm heading there now, to see what's really going on. You'll join as well, won't you?
  • Jeralt: Of course. We're both sworn to protect this place.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Where did they come from?
    • Choice 2: Demonic Beasts?
  • Alois: It's odd. Just before they appeared, someone saw a number of students heading toward the chapel. They were apparently acting strange, as though they weren't in their right minds. Shortly after, Demonic Beasts started to appear, one after the other.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Are the students safe?
    • Choice 2: Were the students killed?
  • Jeralt: Hm... The students... There's no way those Demonic Beasts got in from the outside... But none of that matters right now. We need to act. Go summon your students.

(Byleth nods)

  • Jeralt: Damn it... I wanted to talk to you about something important, but there's no time. There's never any damn time. But this is much more urgent, so it can hold for now. I'll meet you there.

Battle: Salvation at the Chapel Edit

Introduction Edit

  • Jeralt: There really are Demonic Beasts here... They're emerging from the chapel! I'll head that way. The rest of you, protect the students who weren't able to get away.
  • Student (South-west corner): Help me! These beasts... They're...
  • Student (North-west corner): Argh! Somebody help me!
  • Student (North-east corner): You stupid beasts! Don't you dare come over here!

Ally Phase One Edit

  • Jeralt: That beast... There's a stone or something on its forehead...
  • Monica: ...

Demonic Beasts Edit

First defeat Edit

  • Student: ...
  • Jeralt: The Demonic Beasts were actually students? How can this be...

Students Edit

After saving south-west student Edit

  • Student: Thank you! But my friends who couldn't get away... Are they OK?

After saving north-west student Edit

  • Student: I was so scared... I'll find a way to repay you, I promise!

After saving north-east student Edit

  • Student: Sorry. That was a close one...
  • Student: Phew... You saved me. Thank you!

Ending Edit

  • Jeralt: There isn't a trace of evidence to be found in the chapel. This must have been something to do with Remire. Perhaps...
  • Monica: Wait!
  • Jeralt: Huh? Another student?

(Movie: At Death's Door plays)

Movie: At Death's Door Edit

(Byleth watches Jeralt as he speaks to Monica.)

  • Jeralt: Run along now.
  • Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

(Monica skips around behind Jeralt before pulling a dagger and plunging it into his back. Byleth is shocked.)

  • Monica: You're just a pathetic old man. How dare you get in the way of my brilliant dog.

(Jeralt grunts and falls. Byleth turns back the hands of time and the scene repeats.)

  • Jeralt: Run along now.
  • Monica: Thanks for all your help, sir.

(Monica skips around behind Jeralt before pulling a dagger. Byleth draws the Sword of the Creator to stop her, but a mysterious figure blocks the sword. Byleth sees that once again Monica has stabbed Jeralt. Monica turns around and sees the mysterious figure.)

  • Monica: Huh? What are you doing here?
  • Mysterious figure: You must survive. Merely because there is a role that I require you to fulfill.

(Monica and the Mysterious Figure disappear in a flash of red light. Byleth runs to Jeralt and pulls him into their lap.)

  • Jeralt: Sorry. It looks like...I'm going to have to leave you now.

(Byleth cries. Tears fall on Jeralt's face.)

  • Jeralt: To think that the first time I saw you cry...your tears would be for me. It's sad, and yet...I'm happy for it. Thank you...kid.

(Jeralt dies. Rain begins to fall as Byleth cradles Jeralt's body.)

Event: Father's Diary Edit

Captain's Quarters | Daytime

  • Sothis: So this is where your father lived... Hm? Are you still crying? If turning back the hands of time was not enough to save his life, you must accept what came to pass was fate.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: It wasn't fate.
    • Choice 2: Our enemies will pay.
  • Sothis: Control yourself. Though Jeralt's death was at the hands of wicked ones, a fate is still a fate. Oh! Your father said to look for something here. He must be referring to whatever is behind that bookcase there...

(Image of an open book)

  • Sothis: Your father's diary... Huh, his handwriting is prettier than his face would suggest. Well, well! These entries here are from before your birth. He seems to have been writing this for quite some time. Hm? Ah... Read that part there. Horsebow Moon, Year 1159...

(Scene blacks out with the image of Jeralt's diary retained)

  • Jeralt: Day 20 of the Horsebow Moon. All is cloudy. I can't believe she's dead. Lady Rhea said she died during childbirth. But is that the truth? And still, the child she traded her life for doesn't make a sound. Didn't even cry at birth.
  • Day 25 of the Horsebow Moon. It's raining. The baby doesn't laugh or cry. Not ever. Lady Rhea says not to worry, but a baby that doesn't cry...isn't natural. Had a doctor examine the child in secret. He said the pulse is normal, but there's no heartbeat. No heartbeat!
  • Day 2 of the Wyvern Moon. Sunny. I feel I must take the child and leave. But the church is always watching us... I don't know what Lady Rhea has planned. I used to think the world of Lady Rhea. Now I'm terrified of her.
  • Day 8 of the Wyvern Moon. More rain. I used the fire that broke out last night to fake the child's death. Lady Rhea is in a state over the news. But I can't change what I've done. I've got to take the child and leave...

(Return to Captain's Quarters)

  • Sothis: Well now! That baby must be you! That means... Hm? Someone is approaching us.

Blue Lions route Edit

(Dimitri arrives)

  • Dimitri: There you are. Lady Rhea is looking for you, Professor. And after your audience, why don't you join me at the dining hall? You haven't eaten since...since it happened. Have you?
  • Byleth: ...
  • Dimitri: Forgive me... I suppose it's too soon to try and coax you back into the normal swing of things. As for what happened to Jeralt... I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to stop it. Stay here until you've found some peace. I'll cover for you with Lady Rhea and everyone else.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Thank you.
    • Choice 2: If only.
  • Dimitri: No need to put on a brave face. No one would blame you for taking time for yourself. I don't believe it's a sign of strength to just keep going forward no matter what. Taking the time to grieve for those we've lost...there's strength in that too. That's what I think, anyway. That said... It's also important to remember that no matter how sad you are, eventually your tears will dry up. That's when you have to figure out what it is you're living for. Then you can cling to that, with all your might, and start moving forward again.
  • Byleth: What I'm living for?
  • Dimitri: Four years ago, in Duscur, I experienced the same pain you're feeling now. My father...was the strongest man I knew. Someone I loved and admired deeply. That say, he was killed before my eyes. His head severed clean off. My stepmother, the kindest person I had ever known, left me behind and disappeared into the infernal flames. Everyone who I considered family and my closest friends...I couldn't save any of them. Not a single one. Now, the burden of the work they left behind falls on me. I must ensure they have no regrets. That's my duty, as the sole survivor of the tragedy. It's a heavy burden, but accepting it gave me the strength to pick myself up off the ground and start moving again. Start living again. Jeralt is gone... So, what will you do now, Professor? What must you do? Look deep in your heart and I'm certain you'll find the answer there...indelible and inescapable. I've probably bothered you enough for today, but I have just one more thought to leave you with. Even now, Seteth is gathering the knights to begin a full scale search for the enemy. It may not be right away, but before long they will find their trail. No matter what happens or what anyone may say, know that I plan to stand by you, Professor. Through anything. Until the bitter end.

(Dimitri leaves)

  • Sothis: Well? Did you search deep within yourself as he suggested? And did you find yourself some answers? This book is filled with secrets yet unknown. We must return another time to read the rest. Oh, but I have at least figured one thing out. I know now why our fates are intertwined...

Report: Ethereal Moon Edit

  • Rhea: Professor. I have been waiting for you. I am filled with grief at the loss of our most celebrated knight. Jeralt was an ally of many years...and also a dear friend.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Many years?
    • Choice 2: When did you meet?
  • Rhea: It was a long while back. At the time, Jeralt was a soldier of the Kingdom. He was injured in battle, and I saved him just as he was about to perish. That was our first meeting. After that, he became a Knight of Seiros. He gave his all to the service of the church.
  • Byleth: Why did he leave the knights?
  • Rhea: He...fell in love with one of the nuns here at Garreg Mach. Their love produced a child...whom she died giving birth to. It was her decision. She weighed her own life against that of her child's and, in the end, implored me to save the child. Your father...never truly accepted that decision. He took the child–took you–and disappeared without warning.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Who was my mother?
    • Choice 2: Did I inherit my Crest from my mother?
  • Rhea: Your mother...she was my...

(Alois joins them)

  • Alois: Sorry for the interruption, Lady Rhea. There's something you must hear immediately. A report from the knights patrolling the area...
  • Rhea: Very well. Professor, you are dismissed for the day. Please rest and focus only on mending your heart. Understood?

(Byleth nods)

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