“It's not just big. This city was designed to protect the castle where the emperor lives. It's as though the city itself is a massive stronghold.”

The Chaos of War is the seventh chapter of the Verdant Wind route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Story[edit | edit source]

Having arrived at Enbarr, Byleth, Claude and the Golden Deer are met with the Imperial army led by Hubert and the Death Knight.

Initial enemies[edit | edit source]

Death Knight




Fortress Knight=6


Dark Bishop=3



Flying Demonic Beast=2



Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

Reinforcements arrive on turns 1, 3 and 6. They are as follows:

Turn 1: 2 Warlocks beside Hubert

Turn 3: 1 Flying Demonic Beast beside initial northern ally position

Turn 6: 2 Falcon Knight and 1 Flying Demonic Beast on the Lower Right

Items[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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There are a large number of enemies on this map. As the victory conditions are to defeat the enemy, only Hubert and the Death Knight need to be taken down to win the battle. Player units are split across two sections: the south and the north-west. This allows you to move in on the Death Knight in a pincer movement, but if you have Lysithea placed in the south she can very quickly move forward and take out the Death Knight in one hit. The Flying Beasts in this level can do significant damage to weaker units, so unless you need their Umbral Steel it is a good idea to steer clear of them. Hubert can attack from a significant distance, so if you want to deal with him quickly make sure you have mounted units to approach him.

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