Opening NarrationEdit

Part II

Verdant Wind

Garland Moon

The Chaos of War Edit

Claude's plan to call in Almyran forces succeeds, and the Alliance army captures Fort Merceus. Before they can celebrate their victory, javelins of light rain down from the sky and destroy the fort. Forced to temporary evacuate, the Alliance army regroups at Garreg Mach until it is ready to march on Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.

Event: A Decisive Battle Edit

Entrance Hall

  • Claude: It's almost time to invade the Imperial capital. We still don't know where Rhea is, but if she's alive, she's likely in Enbarr. Hopefully we manage to find her without too much trouble.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: We need to save her quickly.
    • Choice 2: I wonder if she's alive.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: I know, but if we're not careful she'll just be whisked away again.
    • Response 2: If the Empire has some reason to keep Rhea alive, then she's alive.
  • Claude: I'm sure you must be anxious to see her again.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I need to see her again.
    • Choice 2: All I care about right now is saving her.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: I understand. You need to see Rhea again so you can figure out who you really are.
    • Response 2: Well, if that's what you want, I'll do my best to make it happen.
  • Claude: But we're going up against Edelgard here... It won't be so simple.

Dining Hall

  • Hilda: Our next stop is the Imperial capital. We've sure come a long way.
  • Raphael: What're you talking about? This is Garreg Mach! It's where we started.
  • Hilda: I didn't mean literally, Raphael. I was speaking symbolically!
  • Lorenz: My earnest desire to protect the Alliance has carried me this far. It will not fail me. I am sure the rest of you all have your own reasons to fight as well. Of course, I understand that the fight will not end until we defeat the Empire... And now the time has arrived at long last to march on the Imperial capital and defeat the emperor...
  • Hilda: It really gets you thinking, doesn't it? We all come from different places and have different goals and dreams. But thanks to those two, we were all able to come together and overcome all sorts of challenges.
  • Lysithea: You are referring to Claude and the professor, I assume. Even within our own odd group, those two are particularly unusual.
  • Hilda: Oh! So, you are aware that you're odd!
  • Lysithea: Well... That's... It was simply a figure of speech. I am speaking about Claude and the professor right now!
  • Marianne: They're like the wind and the trees...
  • Hilda: Huh? Claude and the professor are? What does that even mean, and who is which?
  • Marianne: Oh, um... I was just thinking that if we're the birds, then those two are like the trees and the wind. The professor is a great tree that kindly embraces us and watches over us as we perch on its branches... And Claude is like the wind, pushing us forward as we soar across the open sky...
  • Hilda: Hm. The metaphor about the professor is solid, but I think Claude just blows us around on a whim. Still, we owe him a lot.
  • Ignatz: I think that's beautiful, Marianne. I can really picture it. When the war is over, I'd love to paint a picture of those two. Oh! And of all the people we've fought with as well!
  • Leonie: You mean like a historical painting? I like that! Maybe our descendants will look at it a long, long time from now...
  • Lorenz: I must say, that piques my interest. I look forward to seeing how you portray my valiant efforts.
  • Leonie: When you put it that way, we may be witnessing one of the greatest events in Fódlan's history. It's a lot of pressure, but the sense of duty I feel is even stronger than the fear.
  • Raphael: I'm just happy to be here with all of you! I won't get scared, no matter what we face!
  • Hilda: We have our goal. Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Let's get to work!

Base of OperationsEdit



(Reception Hall)
The capital will be a battlefield…

Annette: Enbarr… Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be returning like this.
Of course, most of the nobles in the Empire make their home in the capital.
In the Kingdom, all nobles live in their own domains. So if the capital is attacked, it doesn't necessarily affect them directly.
What will happen to the Imperial nobles when their capital becomes a battlefield?


(Fishing Pond)
Nader the Undefeated…

Balthus: Nader the Undefeated… With a name like that, he's bound to put up a damn-good fight.
Did you get a good look at Judith? She practically had hearts floating out of her eyeballs when she looked at Nader.
Byleth: Choice 1: She must be in love. (Support up)
Choice 2: I'm not so sure about that.
Choice 3: That's ridiculous.
Balthus: Response 1: You saw it too? Heh, I know that look well. She's got it bad. Honestly, they'd make a cute couple.
Response 2&3: Pretty dense, aren't ya? Trust me, pal. No one's seen more heart-eyed women than this guy. She's got it bad.
It makes all the sense. Even seasoned warriors aren't immune to love, pal.


(Knight's Hall)
Looks like we're near the end.

Catherine: Looks like we're nearing the end of this struggle.
I'm sure Lady Rhea is on tenterhooks waiting for me to swoop in and rescue her.
Byleth: Choice 1: Probably. (Support up)
Choice 2: I doubt it.
Catherine: Response 1: I was just kidding! Pay me no mind.
Response 2: Oof... You don't mince your words. Try being a bit more mindful of other people's feelings.
Lady Rhea's not waiting for me, I know, no matter how much I might wish she were. She's waiting for you.


(Entrance Hall)
It's going to be a tough battle...

Claude: My friend! The reinforcements the lords sent are finally gathering.
Truth be told, Fort Merceus would've made for a better base of operation.
But that weird pillar of light changes things. It's pretty scary, honestly... I wonder what it is...
Byleth: Choice 1: The rage of the goddess.
Choice 2: Some kind of magic. (Support up)
Choice 3: A natural phenomenon.
Claude: Response 1: Well, that is how the legend goes in Ailell. If it really was the rage of the goddess, let's do our best not to enrage her even further.
Response 2: Makes sense. But whatever it was, I've never seen destructive power quite like it. I wonder where it came from...
Response 3: You think it's natural? What, the planet just up and decided to take a shot at the fort? I dunno, Teach.
Well, I guess pondering it is a waste of energy for now. Let's just get ready to move out.
The capital is Edelgard's domain, so she has the advantage. It's going to be a tough battle.


(Burrow Street)

Constance: Destroying the walls that separate Fódlan from the outside world strikes me as a bold step.
I've spent so long struggling to reclaim the past that Claude's vision of the future casts me in a poor light.
Oh! Did you think I was serious? Ahahaha! As if I would ever admit to a fault.
Ensuring that the tradition of House Nuvelle continues uninterrupted is a noble task!


(Third Floor)
Soon we'll be with lady Rhea again.

Cyril: Whenever I think about how we'll be seeing Lady Rhea real soon, I get happy and really get cleaning!
We'll get there for sure, right? We'll see her again?
Byleth: Choice 1: We'll meet her for sure. (Support up)
Choice 2: We don't know for sure.
Cyril: Response 1: I got gotta believe Lady Rhea is waiting for us in the capital... We just have to find her.


The capital will be a battleground soon.

Dorothea: The whole of the capital is going to be a battleground.
The city has such a long heritage… Even so, perhaps it deserves to be reduced to ashes for once.
But we can’t let the commonfolk get hurt. We should try to confine the damage to the noble section of town.


(Training Grounds)
Send my quarry to me!

Felix: The Death Knight is no ordinary knight.
I will prey upon him. I will quench my blade's thirst with his blood.
His focus is on fighting you, I'm sure. But mine will be the last face he sees.


(Cardinal's Room)
We made it, finally.

Ferdinand: Professor. At last, the end is nigh.
I love the Empire. Part of me wants it to survive.
But I know that is not reasonable. The Empire's time has come.
What we need now is a mighty leader who can rebuild Fódlan and rule it as a single nation.
Nonetheless, it saddens me that we will not have an Adrestian emperor…


(Cardinal's Room)
Truly regrettable.

Flayn: I was born in Enbarr.
My mother and father met in a church there. Not too long after, I was brought into the world.
I do not understand how war can happen in such a precious place. It is most regrettable.


(Second Floor)
Back in the capital again...

Hanneman: Enbarr's streets are paved with unhappy memories, Professor.
I've avoided the damned place ever since I abandoned my nobility. Swore never to return.
Now here we are. To return in this manner... Well, I can't say it is something I ever imagined.


(Burrow Street)
Maybe Claudester's got the right idea.

Hapi: I don't know much about Almyrans, but I guess I have something in common with them.
We're viewed as different because of where we came from. There must be a lot of people like us.
Byleth: Choice 1: There are a lot. (Support up)
Choice 2: I'm not really sure.
Hapi: Response 1: That's what I thought. People from the north, the west, and even some isolated communities within Fódlan.
Response 2: You're not sure? Well, I bet there are.
And if that's the case, maybe Claudester's got the right idea.


(Third Floor)

Hilda: Fighting in the capital! Ugh! And we're fighting against Edelgard! Double ugh!
But with you leading us, Professor, I know we'll win.
Yeah! Wahoo! Fighting!
I'm a little scared, to be honest. I'm just shouting to relieve the tension, but I'll be fine.


(Reception Hall)
Seems like we're finishing things up.

Ignatz: We're about to put the finishing touches on this war.
I wonder how Fódlan will look without the backdrop of death and destruction. I can't wait to see it!
On the other hand, I'm terrified of what the future might hold. Who knows if I'll survive the assault on the capital?


We must win—no matter the cost.

Ingrid: Once this battle is over, what will become of Faerghus and Fódlan?
Byleth: Choice 1: Peace will reign. (Support up)
Choice 2: What would you like to see happen?
Ingrid: Response 1: Peace, you say? It sounds so…foreign, so unattainable. But maybe, just maybe.
Response 2: My hope is for a world at peace. A world in which this present turmoil is a thing of the past—the stuff of legends.
I believe those who survive the atrocities of war have a duty to create a new, better world.
So the sooner we can stamp out such turmoil, the better.
We must win, Professor. There is no alternative here. I won’t allow for anything else.


We fell for it...

Judith: That Nardel guy... or Nader, I suppose. It was all some trick, and we fell for it.
Hmph. I don't think the nickname "The Undefeated" applies is he flees from us.
Though... maybe he only got that name by running away. Can't be defeated if you run off, right?


(Second Floor)
Time for revenge.

Leonie: We're finally going to the capital. This will be my chance to avenge Captain Jeralt.
Once we smash the Empire, I'm sure his soul will finally be able to rest in peace.
Byleth: Choice 1: I think you're right. (Support up)
Choice 2: Who can say for sure?
Leonie: Monica killed Captain Jeralt for the Flame Emperor, and the Flame Emperor was Edelgard.
I know that the future of all Fódlan rests on this battle. Nothing else is more important.
But for me, this is personal. For Captain Jeralt's sake, I'm going to give it all I've got and more!


(Dormitory - 1F)
Enbarr used to have a different name...

Linhardt: They used to call Enbarr the city of Seiros... To assault it, together with the knights, is surreal.
If Seiros were alive today, I wonder what she might make of our war...
In Enbarr, there was once a Southern Church, and apparently a bishop was dispatched to it.
A hundred years ago, the Southern Church became entangled in an insurrection.
Until five years ago, the Empire and the church maintained a certain distance from one another.


I never questioned...

Lorenz: I was taught from a young age to believe that the creed of Seiros was just the way of the world.
To question it never even occurred to me.
But Claude and Edelgard are different. They challenge the common wisdom. Even defy it.
It is uncomfortable to discard familiar assumptions. But that is an essential quality of the visionary.
Indeed, true greatness must lie beyond common sense. Hmm, that's good. I should write that down.


(Reception Hall)

Lysithea: Invading the capital and smashing the Empire. I wonder if doing so could really end this war.
Care to share your thoughts, Professor?
Byleth: Choice 1: I think it'll end the war.
Choice 2: I don't know. (Support up)
Lysithea: Response 1: You say that with such confidence. I want to believe that it's true.
Response 2: Perhaps you feel similarly to me. The whole mess puts me on edge.
Although for now, better to focus my efforts on the fight at hand.


I'm worried about the opera company...

Manuela: In the opera, actors came and went all the time. But the people behind the scenes would stay forever.
I'll bet I'd know a few of them now, even after all these years.
(Unknown trigger to which statement occurs next)
Statement 1: I wonder if they've left the capital. I certainly hope so...
Statement 2: They've probably left the capital by now. Although... I'm still worried about them.


(Dormitory - 1F)
If we can win this war...

Marianne: If we can win this war, then Claude will be the king of Fódlan, and…
Maybe he'll tear down the wall that separates Fódlan from the outside world.
Byleth: Choice 1: Perhaps he will. (Support up)
Choice 2: Perhaps he won't.
Marianne: I know it's hard to imagine…
But I really hope he does. It would be so much better if people could live together instead of apart.
I might even be able to live an ordinary life in the world Claude envisions…


(Fishing Pond)
Wonder if I'll get to see the opera house...

Raphael: We're heading up to Enbarr next. I hope I make it back safe so I can tell my little sis about it!
I hear they got a neat opera house there where Manuela used to perform. What was it called again?
Byleth: Choice 1: Mitreflanc Opera Company.
Choice 2: Mittlefrank Opera Company. (Support up)
Choice 3: Mildewplank Opera Company.
Raphael: Response 1: Nah, that doesn't sound right!
Response 2: Ah, that's the one!
Response 3: Nah, that doesn't sound right!
My little sis always goes on about how much she'd like to see 'em perform.
I know we can't see a show, but do you think we could at least see the building?


(Second Floor)
Are you prepared?

Seteth: Rhea will be somewhere in the city. I wonder if she can sense us coming.
If we are able to save her, then I expect you will learn many secrets that have hitherto been kept from you.
Are you prepared for that?
Byleth: Choice 1: I am. (Support up)
Choice 2: I don't think I'm ready yet.
Seteth: Response 1: Excellent.
Response 2: That is unfortunate. Well, you must become ready.
The battle will soon be upon us. Let us both be at our best for what is to come.


(Knight's Hall)
Compared to back then...

Shamir: Ten years ago, Dagda and Brigid attacked the Empire from the west.
The final target was the capital.
But they were countered at a port town, long before they reached their destination.
I guess our attempt has been more successful than theirs, all things considered.


(Knight's Hall)

Sylvain: So Enbarr, the Capital of the Empire. It's finally time. I never thought I'd live this long.

It's like any battle, really--stay calm, stay focused. Don't give in to your enemy or your own fear.

Byleth: Choice 1: You seem more serious than usual.

Choice 2: We'll get through this together.

Sylvain: Choice 1: Hey, I'm always serious! When I'm chasing girls or preparing for battle, always serious. That's me... (continues to below dialogue)

Choice 2: (relationship up): Striking down the Empire is my offering to His Highness. Heh, I left the Kingdom... What am I saying?


(Chrysalis Row)
Quite an idealist, hm?

Yuri: Claude's quite the idealist, isn't he? Not that I've got room to talk.
His ambitions are lofty and, well, reckless. One false move, and Fódlan is done for.
Although, unrelenting idealism with a dash of recklessness can change the world.


The pressure's on!

Gatekeeper: Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report!
Momentum's really picking up for this final battle, huh? Even I'm starting to feel tense! Me!
Enbarr's history goes back 1,400 years. That even predates the founding of the Empire.
It's one of the sacred sites of the Seiros faith, so it's a pretty big deal.
But hey, no need to worry about the monastery while you're fighting the final battle. I've got it covered! I'll defend it to my last!

Knight of SeirosEdit

(Cardinal's Room)
Looks like it'll be one battle after the other.

Knight of Seiros: It's very likely that Lady Rhea is confined in the Imperial palace.
If so, then our strategy will be to gain control of the streets, and then assault the castle.
A street battle followed by a castle invasion... It's just one battle after another. It'll be tough, but we have to win. For Lady Rhea.

Alliance KnightEdit

(Entrance Hall)
We have to live up to their expectations!

Alliance Knight: Reinforcements from the Alliance are still incoming. Perhaps we can wait... at least until we have an even balance of power.
Plenty of supplies have made it through from the Eastern Church and the Merchant's Association in the Alliance.
All the people of the Alliance believe we can win, so they're doing everything they can to support us.
That means we have to do our best to live up to their expectations!


(Knight's Hall)
Ironic, isn't it?

Soldier: The Empire's army should be divided now, with significant troops still in the west.
If they don't assert their authority over the old Kingdom's lords, they'll never know when an uprising might start.
Ironically, as soon as we capture the Imperial capital, the old Kingdom's lords are likely to rise up immediately.


(Officers Academy)
It's not so surprising...

Soldier: Cornelia took control of the Kingdom capital, and then founded the Faerghus Dukedom in the old Kingdom territory.
Still, Faerghus has remained a mere spectator with regards to our actions so far.
It's not so surprising when you consider that they can't even get a handle on the Fraldarius territories.


I doubt they've worked together before...

Soldier: Of course, the Alliance is making sure that the Five Great Lords help with the effort, but we'll be getting support from the smaller territories too.
I'll bet this is the first time those territories have worked so closely together, at least since the founding of the Alliance.


I wonder if the rumors are true!

Churchgoer: There are all kinds of rumors about you spreading through the Alliance. Some say you're the new embodiment of Saint Seiros herself!
Claude's popularity has certainly risen too. Somewhat...


(Fishing Pond)
What was that light in the sky?

Churchgoer: Just recently, the fish in the pond suddenly started thrashing around like mad.
I didn't know what was going on, and then I saw something gleaming in the southeastern sky.
It happened right when you were out on campaign. I wonder what it could have been...


(Entrance Hall)
I'm quite excited!

Merchant: With the Empire destroyed, the borders within Fódlan will likely become a thing of the past.
With that, the rules of trade will change. Personally, I'm excited to see what these changes will bring!


It seems a miracle is taking place...

Merchant: Just a few months ago, I thought it was impossible to secure a victory against the Imperial army.
But you've shown me miracles can happen after all. I believe that victory is within your grasp!


The canal...

Monk: Did you know? A magnificent canal flows through downtown Enbarr.
It's said to have been constructed under the guidance of Saint Seiros before the Empire was even formed.
Ever since, that canal has been a major lifeline for the capital's development.
And this is how the Empire repays it... Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.


Supply Run

Bulletin Board
  • Hilda: We need more resources around here. Please help!
View Quest
  • Hilda:
Quest Complete
  • Hilda:


The Enbarr Infiltration

Vastly outnumbered by Imperial forces, it becomes clear that a surprise attack, followed by a short and decisive battle, is the only path to victory. With this in mind, you stealthily approach Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
  • Suggested Level: 37
  • Victory Condition: Defeat all enemy commanders.
  • Defeat Condition:
    • (Casual Mode) All of your units fall in battle.
    • (Classic Mode) Byleth or Claude fall in battle.

Before BattleEdit

On the World MapEdit

After making preparations at Garreg Mach, the Alliance army marches to Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
In response to the Alliance's movements, Emperor Edelgard orders her trusted retainer, Hubert, as well as the Death Knight, to the front lines to meet the Alliance army head-on. The two forces clash in the city streets.

Event: The Streets of EnbarrEdit

Outside the Palace Walls (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

Claude: There it is... Enbarr. The Imperial capital and the largest city in all of Fódlan.
Judith: It's not just big. This city was designed to protect the castle where the emperor lives.
It's as though the city itself is a massive stronghold.
Byleth: Choice 1: And the citizens?
Choice 2: What is the state of affairs in the town?
Claude: They surely noticed us approaching some time ago, and yet...
Shamir: Our scouts confirmed the citizens haven't been evacuated. They're being kept in town.
Claude: I've got to hand it to Her Imperial Majesty. Using her citizens as a shield to protect the castle takes some resolve.
Lysithea: I suspect those mages will be lurking within as well...
Shamir: Troops deployed to other areas are also returning.
Judith: If we don't conquer the city quickly, things will get complicated fast.
Byleth: I hope we find Rhea...
Seteth: We can't search until we conquer the city. Let's focus on the fight for now.
Cyril: Lady Rhea, please be safe.
Claude: We've kept the Empire waiting long enough. Onward!

During BattleEdit

Claude: We were told Hubert would be leading the enemy forces, but the Death Knight's also with them.
We'll have to take care of both of them, but we won't have time to mop up all the enemy units.
We'll have to split up and take them on at the same time, or risk being overrun by their reinforcements.
(Battle starts)
Phase OneEdit
Imperial Soldier: It's here! The Crest of Flames banner! There! On the other side of the canal!
Hubert: Uninvited guests, I see. Heh. Let's ensure they receive a warm welcome.
Ready the artillery. Prepare to attack.
Rocks, arrows, magic - rain death upon the enemy until they are silent as the grave.
Reinforcements will fly in shortly. Defend the heavy weapons until they arrive.
(Ballista, Onager, and Fire Orb are shown on the map, occupied by enemy units)
Phase TwoEdit

Start of fourth enemy turn

(Winged Demonic Beast arrives on map from North)
(On hard mode, 3 Falcon Knights units also arrive from North)
Hubert: Our first wave of reinforcements is here. It will not be long until the next.
Claude: Reinforcements?! That was quick... We can't hang around or they'll just keep coming.
We'll have to capture the artillery. We can turn them against their reinforcements...
Phase ThreeEdit

Start of fifth enemy turn

Hubert: We have reinforcements coming in from another direction. Deploy them as soon as they arrive.
Death Knight DefeatedEdit
Claude: OK! Just Hubert left to deal with...
Hubert: We are taking heavy losses. We need more troops...
Hubert DefeatedEdit
Claude: Well done, everyone! Now we can break through into Enbarr!
We need to hurry up and attack the palace to block Edelgard's movements!
Lysithea has no reaction when fighting against the Agarthan Soldier, the masked mages, as she calls them.

Hubert Edit

“It's almost a shame to kill you. Not even death will make you consequential.” —Hubert's pre-battle quote

Vs. Byleth Edit

“I should have disposed of you a long time ago. I will rectify that failure here!” —Hubert's pre-battle quote against Byleth

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: It's over, lapdog. Your military rule is at its end.
  • Hubert: For every step you take along that path, our thorns will cut into your heels."
  • Claude: Ooh, that sounds painful. I'll have to wear thicker soles for the march.
  • Hubert: If your boots are too heavy, you won't be able to lift your feet. But enough prattle.

Vs. Ferdinand Edit

  • Hubert: Running into you in the capital like this-I have to say, it's almost sentimental.
  • Ferdinand: Hubert. She must leave.
  • Hubert: You really think you can make her?
  • Ferdinand: It does not matter what I think. Those are my orders.

Death Quote Edit

“We must place our faith... in Her Majesty... Her victory is everything...” —Hubert's defeat quote

  • Death Knight: So much has been taken... It is not even. Time to kill...(If the Death Knight was not defeated)

Death Knight Edit

“I have no need of you.”
—Death Knight's pre-battle quote

Vs. Byleth Edit

“You're stronger now. Whether I kill you or you kill me, I'm looking forward to this!”
—Death Knight's pre-battle quote

Vs. Seteth Edit

  • Seteth: You will not escape, Death Knight. Today you will be unmasked!
  • Death Knight: My true identity has no value.
  • Seteth: I will be the judge of that, once I've seen your face.

Vs. Flayn Edit

  • Flayn: So it's you, Death Knight! Remember me?!
  • Death Knight: You again. Here to lose more blood?
  • Flayn: Never! You will not lay a hand on me ever again!

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: Hey, how long's it been? Five years? Who'd have thought you'd end up an Imperial general...
  • Death Knight: So, you wish to die.
  • Claude: Heh. As antisocial and unhinged as ever, I see.

Vs. Mercedes Edit

  • Mercedes: I came here to get you! Let's return together, Emile!
  • Death Knight: Leave! The place of your death is not here!

Death Quote Edit

“To kill, to die... To know one without the other would be maddening...”
—Death Knight's death quote

After BattleEdit

Event: The Archbishop's WhereaboutsEdit

  • Claude: We've made it this far... Somehow. Edelgard is probably looking down on us from somewhere in that castle.
  • Leonie: I wonder if she's panicking or just smiling smugly...
  • Claude: From this point on, she'll be giving it her all too. Expect her to be tougher than the last time we fought. This battle will settle things once and for all. We'll attack as soon as everyone is ready.

(Dedue enters.)

  • Claude: Huh? Is that you, Dedue?!
  • Dedue: I heard the Alliance's army has entered the city. I've been searching for you ever since.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: How long have you been in Enbarr?
    • Choice 2: What are you doing in Enbarr?
  • Dedue:
    • Response 1: I arrived not long after the battle at Gronder Field. I am here to kill Edelgard.
    • Response 2: I'm waiting for a chance to kill Edelgard. I have not yet been blessed with the opportunity.
  • Claude: Well, if you want to fight alongside us, we'd be more than happy to have you.

(Dedue shakes his head.)

  • Dedue: We fight for different objectives. I swore to offer Edelgard's head to His Highness. But... Should I fail, I will have no choice but to entrust that mission to you. This is the information I have gathered during my time in hiding here. It includes details about the inside of the castle.

(Letter is shown.)

  • Claude: I appreciate this, but... What do you plan to do? Don't tell me you plan to do alone?
  • Dedue: I've done what I came here to do. Farewell.

(Dedue leaves.)

  • Claude: Hey! Wait! He's gone. He's just as hard to understand as his liege was.
  • Claude: The time has finally come, my friend. Once we win this fight, the Empire will fall...
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: What will become of Fódlan?
    • Choice 2: What will we do about Fódlan? (Support with Claude up)
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: What will become of it? Well, that's for us to decide, isn't it?
    • Response 2: The subject is heavy on my mind.
  • Claude: Odd as it sounds, I believe the forces responsible for destroying Fódlan are also responsible for protecting the livelihood of its citizens. Everything, even the land itself, has been harmed by the chaos of war. Restoring it will be no easy feat. To do that, the first thing we need to think about is a new ruling system for all of Fódlan.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: The Alliance lords could divide the territory.
    • Choice 2: We could unify Fódlan as one nation.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: No, I don't think that would work. The western half of the continent has little connection to the Alliance. Any attempt to force dominion on them would breed rebellion. The world would slide back into war once again.
    • Response 2: As usual, we're on the same page. I was thinking the same thing.
  • Claude: Even if the Alliance lords and any remaining influential nobles were to divide up dominion of all of Fódlan... They would simply pursue their own interests. Another war would be inevitable. That's why there needs to be a powerful ruler who stands above them all and unifies Fódlan as one nation.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: You should be that ruler, Claude.
    • Choice 2: We must search for a new ruler.
    • Choice 3: I should be that ruler.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: If it means I can lead Fódlan to a better future, I wouldn't mind that at all.
    • Response 2: A new ruler, huh? I think I've got someone in mind.
    • Response 3: (Disappointed) My friend... Do you really mean that?
  • Claude: My dreams await in a future where Fódlan is no longer ravaged by war. There are things I want to see with you some day. I'll keep thinking about the best way to achieve that goal. Whatever we decide to do, we can't do it until we defeat the Empire. Fódlan can't welcome a new dawn until we win the war. Let's prepare as best we can.
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