“Following Edelgard's defeat and Rhea's rescue, the resistance army discovers the existence of another adversary--a group operating behind the scenes within the Empire. To prevent disaster from befalling Fódlan, the resistance army heads for Shambhala, the enemy's stronghold.”
—Opening narration


Initial enemiesEdit

  • Chilon
  • Myson
  • 3x Titanus
  • 1x Falcon Knight
  • 1x Dark Knight
  • 3/5x Warrior (Hard/Maddening)
  • 1/2x Sniper (Hard/Maddening)
  • 2x Grappler
  • 1x Holy Knight
  • 2x Paladin
  • 4/6x Swordmaster (Hard/Maddening)
  • 2/3x Bishop (Hard/Maddening)
  • 3/4x Dark Bishop (Hard/Maddening)
  • 1x Bow Knight
  • 2/3x Hero (Hard/Maddening)
  • 1x Wyvern Lord

In the central room

  • Thales
  • 2x Dark Bishop
  • 1x War Master
  • 1x Mortal Savant
  • 2x Swordmaster (Maddening only)

In the Titanus control room

In the Viskam control room


  • 1x Titanus from the south every few turns until Bias is defeated
  • 0-2x Assassin, dependent on if the chests are opened or not



Secret Book (Artwork)
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