“We must defeat those who slither in the dark, no matter what happens. But if my conjecture is correct, the one who they will wish to kill the most... Is you, dear child.”
—Rhea to Byleth

The City Without Light is the second last chapter of the Verdant Wind route.

Story Edit

After learning of the whereabouts of Shambhala from Hubert, Claude, Byleth and their army march to the secret location in order to defeat Those Who Slither in the Dark. Rhea insists on joining the fight to learn the truth about her ancient enemy. They enter Shambhala to find a city unlike any they have seen before in Fódlan.

Initial Enemies Edit

Great Knight=1




Dark Knight=1




Dark Bishop=3




Holy Knight=1

There are also two hazards known as Viskam that can be deactivated by going to the southern room.

In the Titanus control room:



In the Viskam Control Room



In the Central Building:

Mortal Savant=1

War Master=1

Dark Bishop=2


Reinforcements Edit

On turn 11, two assassins will appear as reinforcements at the east and west of the central building to steal the items in the chests.

As the battle progresses, Titanus will begin to spawn above the broken door near the center of the map. To stop these reinforcements, you must eliminate the Gremory inside the Titanus Control Room.

Items Edit

  • Door Key X6
  • Sword of Zoltan (northern chest)
  • Bow of Zoltan (southern chest)


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The strategy for this map is the same as for the Silver Snow version of this chapter.

When the central chamber is unlocked, Thales will cast Quake, so it is important that all non-fliers have been healed up.

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