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“Mad King Gangrel—the wild and ruthless former king of Plegia—was defeated by Chrom and left for dead. However, when Chrom and the Shepherds head to the south sea to defeat the pirates, they encounter a familiar face...”
—Opening Narration

The Dead King's Lament (A Dead Fool in the Japanese version, and Dead King's Lament in the European version) is Paralogue 18 of Fire Emblem Awakening, taking place on the Sea-King's Throne. This Paralogue is only available via SpotPass.


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Players start on the shores of the island. Like all the SpotPass Paralouges, enemies are tougher compared those on the main path; however, this is arguably the easiest of the five, since the enemies aren't that dangerous and there are no other objectives apart from killing Zanth. There's a random mix of enemies, consisting of Berserkers, Sages, Wyvern Lords, Assassins and Snipers.

Zanth has deployed Gangrel out in the battlefield, and he is in the middle of the map. He is aggressive and will start moving once the two Berserkers near him attack the player. He only carries a Levin Sword. He should be recruited, as he is a fairly decent unit and it does not hurt to expand the army. However, unlike other characters which are usually recruited with a simple conversation or at the end of the battle, Chrom must speak with him three times in order to fully persuade him. Since Gangrel is aggressive, it's best to leave an unarmed, but fairly resistant unit so that he will target them instead. Any damage he deals can be healed off.

Once Gangrel is recruited, players can finish off the rest of the enemies for experience. Make sure to visit the village for the Seraph Robe.





The script for this chapter can be found here.


  • The map for this paralogue is from Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem.
  • According to a developer interview, the map for this paralogue was one of the early test maps made for the game.
  • This is the only SpotPass paralogue that does not take place on the Valmese continent's side of the game world.
  • Like Katerina in New Mystery of the Emblem, you need to speak to a selected enemy three times to get him to join your ranks. In this case, Gangrel.