The Detention Center is Chapter 21x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It is automatically visited if the enemy managed to successfully capture any of the player's units (The enemy has to escape with the captured unit of off the map, through a corner or a door, or the allied unit has to be left behind in any escape map)

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Knight Proof (down and left from center staircase)
  • Unlock Staff (two spaces below staircase)
  • Bolting (down and right from staircase)
  • Vulnerary (end of the hall above the southern room)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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While allowing the enemy to make a escape with a captured unit in tow might seem like a mistake, this chapter possesses a significant number of Warps, each of which can be pilfered by Tina's Thief Staff right from the start. If only one unit has been captured, the map can be trivialized with a single use of the Rescue Staff. It's a good idea to allow the enemy to capture a unit somewhere around chapter 20, just to gain access to this chapter.

You should first note that the chapter effectively has a 30 turn time limit. At turn 30, ten Dark Mages will appear in the northern part of the map armed with Rewarp staves and Fenrir tomes. By turn 31 they have the potential to hit any unit on the map, so it's best to have left by then.

If Tina has not been sufficiently trained or the Thief staff cannot be used, one alternative is to use Silence staves on the Bishops and Priests, then send in a few units to steal or take the staves. The Bishops create the majority of the chapter's difficulty, so a few strong units should have no trouble rushing through the fortress. With two staff users, this can be done within three turns. Reinforcements will continuously come out of all staircases, but they can be easily stopped by leaving a few extra units to block them. The left and rightmost reinforcements will spawn very weak Soldiers, the southern middle staircases will spawn weak mages with Thoron tomes, and the upper staircase will spawn more difficult to deal with Heroes. If the Staff users have been silenced, most will not be a problem.

The chest two tiles south of the staircase contains a spare Unlock Staff, so unlocking it with Tina's Unlock Staff is always a good idea. The new Staff will be enough to open every chest, though you will probably want to ignore the vulnerary. Once you've plundered as many Warp staves as you want and rescued your allies, you can leave at your leisure.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Detention Center is the only sidequest chapter in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 that is not played under the effects of Fog of War
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