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Part 1 Chapter 2: The DispossessedEdit

Before battleEdit

(Old Road)

  • Nolan: Just a quick half-mark, and we'll be in Kisca. I'd like to stock up there, but...
  • Sothe: Begnion will be on the lookout for us. Let's steer clear of towns for now, unless we want more trouble.
  • Edward: Don't tell me... This means another night sleeping on the cold ground with nothing but bugs to keep us warm!
  • Micaiah: Oh, Edward, it's not that bad! The forest is so beautiful and serene. I'd almost rather be out here. Right, Yune?

(Laura runs up to the group)

  • Laura: Um...excuse me. Are you people heading to town by any chance? Our abbot is ill. He needs medicine, but Begnion soldiers are hoarding our provisions in the manor house.
  • Micaiah: The Dawn Brigade, at your service! I'm sure we can help you and your abbot.

(Scene change; Lord Kisca's Manor)

  • Micaiah: Sothe, do you know the layout of the manor?
  • Sothe: I was here years ago. As I remember, there's a large armory tucked deep inside the building. And if I understand correctly, Begnion soldiers guard valuables they've stolen--from rare objects to necessary supplies--in that armory.
  • Micaiah: Then the medicine will be there, too.
  • Laura: Are you sure you don't mind?
  • Sothe: Of course not! Danger is part of our work. Leave everything to us!
  • Micaiah: Your abbot will have his medicine.
  • Laura: Oh, thank you so much! Good luck!

Battle Begins Edit

Turn 1 Enemy Phase Edit

  • Zaitan: Intruders, you say?! What with a full battalion stationed here? The gall! And the intrigue! Now, listen up, my men, catch 'em midstream and filet 'em like fish!

Turn 2 Player Phase Edit

(Sothe unlocks the armory door)

  • Sothe: That takes care of the locks. Now, I just have to figure out how to get everybody safely up here.

Turn 3 Player Phase Edit

(Sothe appears in the northwest)

  • Begnion Soldier 1: Hey, you! How did you get in here?!
  • Sothe: We are the Dawn Brigade. We go where we please. We're here to reclaim what you've stolen from the people of Daein.

Turn 4 Player PhaseEdit

  • Begnion Soldier 1: Sir! There are burglars on the loose! Several young men and women have broken into the manor house!
  • Jarod: Did you say women? What... What color is their hair?
  • Begnion Soldier 1: There are two girls. One has bizarre silver-colored hair, and the other--
  • Jarod: The Silver-Haired Maiden! Hm, very well. I want all soldiers on hand. Capture the girl...alive. Do what you will with the others, but bring me that girl! Understand!?
  • Begnion Soldier 1: Sir, yes, sir!

Engaging Zaitan Edit

  • Zaitan: Don't move a finger, thief, or I'll skewer you with my lance and serve you for lunch!
Micaiah attacks Zaitan Edit
  • Zaitan: The Silver-Haired Maiden! I've got you! Lucky for you, Jarod wants you alive--but there's no escaping now!
  • Micaiah: I'm afraid I have to disappoint you.
  • Zaitan: Oh, how pompous! Try to "disappoint" me, and I'll break both your arms!
Zaitan attacks Laura Edit
  • Zaitan: And what have we here? A decent lady like you mixed up in such scurrilous company?!
  • Laura: You're a fine one to talk! You Begnion mock the will of the goddess! Repent your sins!
  • Zaitan: How dare you preach at me, you ignorant little girl! Soon, you'll be naught but rust on my lance!
Zaitan dies Edit
  • Zaitan: With this many, we...can't...hold them back... Call...for...rein...force...ments...

Laura arrives at the objective Edit

  • Laura: At last... Glory be! The abbot will have his medicine. Wait for me here. I'll return soon.

After battleEdit

(In the nearby forest)

  • Sothe: Well done, everybody! Are we all present and accounted for?
  • Micaiah: Wait! Laura's missing! She was just with me.
  • Sothe: Let's split up and search for her. Micaiah, you come with me.
  • Micaiah: ...Hm, the forest is huge. We can cover more ground if we search individually.
  • Sothe: But...
  • Micaiah: Let's rendezvous at Kunu Swamp in three marks' time.

(Scene change; Micaiah is searching alone)

  • Micaiah: Somebody's nearby...
  • ???: You sensed me, did you?
  • Micaiah: Where is Laura?
  • Jarod: And you saw through my ruse. You're as clever as they say, my dear. You even came alone. How brave of you. Was that to give your friends a chance to escape? What a thoughtful little thing you are.
  • Laura: Mi-Micaiah! Don't come any closer!
  • Micaiah: Laura! Let her go! She isn't one of us...
  • Jarod: Now, you know I can't do that. She's a valuable hostage, just like you!
  • Micaiah: No! Yune, fly away!

(Yune cries)

  • Jarod: Argh, dratted bird! Yes, get that mangy flying bag of bones out of here before I squash it like a fly! Tch. How annoying.
  • Jarod: Enough of this! Back to the castle. As long as we have these two, the others don't matter.
  • Alder: Sir. All hands, withdraw!
  • Micaiah: I've got a bad feeling about this...
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