The Dragon's Table is the fifth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors.

Story Edit

Marth informs the party that a mage is helping the Gristonne army resurrect the Chaos Dragon, just as the legend says. Darios decides the party must go to the Dragon's Table to stop it. However, Robin is suddenly weakened and Chrom took care of him inside the party’s base. This caught Marth’s attention when he noticed something suspicios about Robin’s weakened state while under Chrom’s care, and decide to go undercover to keep an eye on both Robin and Chrom.

Strategy Edit

Main Missions Edit

Defeat the Mages creating the Wall of Darkness! Edit

Defeat Validar! Edit

Knock some sense back into Robin! Edit

Sub Missions Edit

Defeat the Soldier and rescue the Curate! Edit

Defeat the Mage to stop the Poison Fog! Edit

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