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“Ah, a mixed force including foot soldiers... They will be mincemeat to our cavalry. All troops, charge and retreat after the initial clash! From there, we will keep our distance to minimalize our casualties. I shall give a reward to whoever brings me the enemy commander's head! This is your chance to climb up, troops!”
Eritz commanding his troops

The Encounter is Map 3 of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. In this map, have Runan visit the bottom right village (marked 7 on the map) to speak to Narsus in order to recruit him later in Map 9.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Turn 3: 4 bandits from the bottom left of the map.



  1. Knight Proof
  2. Re-Move Manual
  3. Sea Fighter (if missed in Map 1)
  4. Super Proof
  5. LUK Plus
  6. Iron Lance (Crit +1)


  1. Bowgun (Archer)
  2. Leather Shield (Ruffian)
  3. Gold Bag (Ruffian)



Name Price
Short Sword 460G
Slim Lance 500G
Hand Axe 600G
Hand Bow 500G
Healing Staff 2200G


Name Price
Herb 1200G
Leather Shield 2000G


  • Uniquely, the Enemy Phase happens before the Player Phase during this chapter.