“Whispers of Death Knight sightings in Garreg Mach excite Caspar, but Mercedes has a much more pensive reaction. Something must be on her mind...”
—Opening Narration

The Face Beneath is Mercedes and Caspar's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at the Sealed Forest, and is available on routes except Crimson Flower.


Availability, Units and Suggested Level Edit

Available until 2/26

Byleth, Mercedes, Caspar

Suggested Level: 33

Initial enemiesEdit

  • 3 Demonic Beasts
  • 1 King of Beasts (North-west corner of map)
  • Death Knight

Excluding the Monsters and beasts that appear initially, additional enemy troops will spawn once the mission begins:

Maddening difficulty:

  • 4 Fortress Knights
  • 4-5 Dark Knights
  • 3 Dark Mages (2 on the north-west stairs, 1 in the center)
  • 6 Heroes (2 next to spawn, to your right; 3 on the east path, 2 next to the house)
  • 6 Snipers (4 on the East path, 2 in the center)
  • 1 Bishop (on the healing tile, in-front of the house)


Reinforcements will spawn roughly 3-5 turns in.

Maddening difficulty:

  • 3 Dark Knights (west forest thicket)
  • 3 Snipers (directly above the Death Knight)
  • 3 Heroes (north-east forest, near the snipers)



Secret Book (Artwork)
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As per usual paralogues, you will fail the mission if any of the required units are defeated in combat (in this case, Mercedes or Caspar).

Mercedes and Caspar will spawn directly in-front of the Death Knight, completely isolated from the rest of your forces. This time, the death knight will not move (even on Maddening).

For Maddening difficulty, on the enemies' initial phase; the majority of the enemy troops will begin to move towards the Death Knight's location. If Mercedes or Caspar are not trained/leveled in your playthrough, they will quickly fall to this onslaught of enemies; If so, you want to prioritize saving the two as soon as possible. A combination of Stride (gambit) and Warp can quickly get a few (more capable) units close enough to buy them time; atleast enough so they could regroup with the rest of your forces before reinforcements arrive. Gambits will prevent enemy troops from moving, so use them accordingly.


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