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“Laguz or no, it doesn't change the fact that they are brigands. Do not lower your guard!”

The Feral Frontier is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. You get substantial (up to 600 on normal) bonus experience for leaving enemies alive in this chapter; however, since these enemies are Laguz, you will also get a lot of experience from killing them. Laguz also only move when your units are in attack range, or one space directly out of their attack range.


The Desert terrain will lower the movement of most of your units, however magic units, flying units and thieves are unaffected. Also, Beast tribe Laguz are not as greatly affected as other units. Any horse-riding units and Knights will be greatly hindered, so it is recommended not to bring any.

Base Conversations

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Servant ** - -
Sigrun ** - -
Makalov * Makalov recruited and is alive -

Desert Items

The boxes the items are in show where those items can be found

Like all desert items these can only be picked up if you go into the area they are contained in, then there is a chance equal to 1 + your units Skill that they will pick up the item. Thieves however, will find an item without fail. The Vague Katti is also an exception to this, and will be obtained automatically if a character stands on the square. It is preferable to do this with Lethe or Mordecai, as they will also cause Stefan to be recruited (he will otherwise be missed).