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After saving Monica and Flayn from the hidden room in Jeritza's quarters, Byleth receives orders to, along with his father Jeralt, help the inhabitants of Remire Village, where the professor first met the house leaders.

After receiving worrying reports of peasants turning mad and attacking the city, the class marches to Remire Village to find out what is going on. With Jeralt's help, they try to save as many people as possible, while they uncover a horrible secret about a familiar face.


On Turn 2 (Enemy Phase) Edit

- Death Knight

- Cavalier x2

- Archer

- Priest


Chest Items Edit

  • Giant Shell (North)

Dropped Items Edit

Recruitment Edit

This is the earliest chapter where it is possible to recruit Hanneman and Manuela. However, recruiting them requires having Byleth at around level 15.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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This chapter is easy to complete, yet difficult to do perfectly. On Normal difficulty, the Death Knight won't move, making the chest almost inaccessible except for flying units, as he will mostly kill anyone that enters his attack range with the support of his escort. On Hard difficulty, however, just as he appears, he starts charging towards Byleth, attacking anyone in his path. Jeralt will stay put until all citizens are either saved or killed, which will trigger his movement. The best thing to do is rush to help the furthest citizens as fast as possible with mounted units, keeping in mind the fire and the stairs. Even so, most likely at least one citizen will die, so it's advised to hurry.

If you are planning on getting both chests, be careful. While the first one is easily accessible after you dispatch the violent enemies, the southern one is soon blocked by the Death Knight. The best strategies are either waiting for him to leave in pursuit of Byleth, leaving the way open, or to open the chest before he arrives at all.

The latter option may seem difficult to pull off, but it is not impossible. An example of a viable strategy is to send out a mounted unit (flying ideally) with some Chest Keys and the March Ring or using the Stride Gambit. If playing on New Game+, you could even use the Dance of the Goddess Gambit to open both chests on the first turn.

It is highly recommended to defeat the Cavalier reinforcements and claim their Crescent Sickles as your own, their massive 50 durability making them ideal weapons for Combat Arts and being very limited in their availability regardless. The Death Knight leading their charge, however, may make it rather difficult to reach and defeat them without him blocking your advance or ORKOing your units when you leave them in his range, especially on a first playthrough. Using a Horseslayer (found in one of the chests on this map) and/or the Knightkneeler Combat Art to defeat the Cavaliers and then defeating the boss that same turn should not be too hard, although it might require you to manipulate the Death Knight's itinerary by moving Byleth away from your main army.

Defeating the Death Knight is rather inadvisable on a first playthrough and just stealing his Dark Seal with a Thief unit will spare you a lot of trouble, although it is possible to defeat him. Again, using the Horseslayer and Knightkneeler are essential. Consider using Gambits as well to weaken the Death Knight, so you don't have to fear and tank his retaliation, until he is in the range of your Horseslayer or Knightkneeler user to KO him.

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