Opening Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Outrealm Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Chrom: Where are we? There's something different about this place...
  • Naga: ......
  • Chrom: Wait, how...?!
  • Naga: You've arrived at last. It was I who summoned you, Outrealm warriors.
  • Chrom: ...Summoned us? Why?
  • Naga: A world stands on the brink of demise. But I have no power there to save it. Only those with the power to cross time and space can reach it in its hour of need... Only warriors such as yourselves.
  • Chrom: What world is this that could possibly be beyond your power?
  • Naga: A world in which the ancient fell dragon has been revived, causing untold chaos. All hope for the future rests upon the shoulders of 12 valiant children—an exalted princess and 11 others born with the power to alter their destinies. However, without intervention, these 12 children will most certainly die.
  • Chrom: All of them? But that's...
  • Naga: Hear me. Four children obtain Gules and Azure but are annihilated ere they can bear it home. Four more obtain Argent and Sable, only to expire in sight of their country's border. Three manage to successfully deliver Vert and the Emblem to the princess... But soon after, all three of them—as well as the princess—are slain.
  • Chrom: Then who saves the world?
  • Naga: None do. It sinks, unresisting, into shadow...and finally fades into oblivion. This is the world's inexorable destiny. But sometimes destinies are too cruel...and so I sought help. Warriors, I beseech you: intervene. Change what cannot be changed without you.
  • Chrom: We'd never turn our backs on those in need so long as the power to help them is ours. That goes for this world and any other—even if our hopes are as thin as you say.
  • Naga: Thank you. Then I shall send you now to the brink—the moment in time before the world falls. Find the four children with Gules and Azure, and see them through their task.
  • Chrom: We will.
  • Naga: Here is my final counsel... The world you are about to visit bears a great resemblance to your own. You may encounter people you know or people you love... If you do, fight by their sides. It will give them great courage and strength. Now go, warriors. I know that destiny can yet be reshaped by your hands!

Before Battle Starts[edit | edit source]

Starting Point (if Chapter 13 has been completed)[edit | edit source]

  • Lucina: What? No! ...No, it can't be.
  • Chrom: What's wrong, Lucina?
  • Lucina: This is just like MY future. Where I came from! It's all so similar...
  • Chrom: What?! Are you certain?
  • Lucina: I could never forget. That enmity in the air—like the fell dragon threatens to crush us with every breath. I fear we've made a terrible error... I barely escaped that world with my life. How could I have brought you here?
  • Chrom: Lucina, calm down. We chose to come here. And I think it's a good thing we did.
  • Lucina: But, Father, you could die!
  • Chrom: I know. But I also know you survived a world of death just like this one and came to us. You braved it all so that you might change OUR future.
  • Lucina: Yes, but...
  • Chrom: Put yourself in my position. In the future you came from, I was already... I couldn't protect you. But in this version of the future, if you're's like getting a second chance. Even if you and her aren't the same...I need this catharsis. For once, I'll be able to say I was there to keep you safe.
  • Lucina: But...what's the point if you end up dead?!
  • Chrom: Lucina, I promise you: I won't die here. I've got two worlds to save now. I intend to get the job done.
  • Lucina: Father, please...
  • Chrom: Lucina, sometimes you just have to have faith. Would I lie to you?
  • Lucina: ...No. All right, Father. I believe you. I know you'll do whatever it takes to save the people of this world.
  • Chrom: That's more like it. Now, come on. Let's find those children!

Map Center[edit | edit source]

  • Noire: Oh no! W-we're surrounded?! This is the end, isn't it...
  • Nah: After all we suffered to claim Gules and Azure, we'll never even get them home...
  • Cynthia: Noire! Nah! What are you saying?! We have to stay strong! A true hero knows it's always darkest just before the dawn! We're just building up to the big comeback, right, Kjelle?
  • Kjelle: I suppose it's a bit premature. Our defeat isn't inevitable yet. I can't count how many times we've faced certain death since coming to Plegia...and every time, the four of us managed to make it out alive. Surrounded or not, we can't fall here... Not to chumps like these.
  • Cynthia: Exactly! If we all work together, these fiends won't stand a chance. Justice will not be denied!
  • Noire: Wh-what's going on?! These Risen! I've never seen them move like this...

(The Risen drag the children away from each other)

  • Cynthia: Wha...?! How did they separate us so easily?! Hey! G-get back! Don't you touch my lance! That belonged to my mother! It means everything to me! Give it back, you creep! have to! Please, not the lance... You can take anything, but not that!
  • Nah: Damn! One of them got my dragonstone! How am I supposed to fight now? Give that back! It doesn't belong to you!
  • Noire: They were lying in wait for us... They must have known we'd try to resist... They even got my talisman... Now it really is hopeless...
  • Kjelle: Get away, you filthy craven! You really need two of you to disarm one of me?! Of course you do! You'd never stand a chance of defeating me in a fair fight!
  • Cynthia: Guys, we can't fight them like this! And those flames are spreading fast! Everyone, find a way to break through and then regroup at—

(Barricades appear)

  • Cynthia: What...?! Barricades?! You've got to be kidding me! We'll never be able to regroup now...
  • Nah: So this is the end, then... We've no cards left to play. Very well. If you plan to kill us, please just get on with it. I made my peace with that the day we left Ylisse...
  • Cynthia: Nah! What are you saying?! We can't give up! What about the five Gemstones? We'll never get them all if we quit now! And if we can't perform the Awakening, the entire world is doomed!
  • Nah: Do you think I don't know that? Do you think any of us doesn't know that?! I don't WANT to die here, Cynthia, but I don't see very many other options! Do you honestly think someone's going to swoop in and rescue us? That some great warrior is going to appear and spout one of your heroic introductions?
  • Cynthia: I...I don't...
  • Nah: I know what you're feeling, Cynthia. When things get bad, I'm the same way. I pray that somehow Naga will hear my pleas and come to my rescue... That I'll hear her voice whispering in my ear, and then suddenly everything will be okay. But even after all we've been through, I've never heard her voice even once! I think it's time for us to face the music. There's just no such thing as miracles.
  • Cynthia: ......
  • Nah: Listen, Cynthia. I'm sorry... I don't want my last words to you be angry ones. Even after everything that's happened, I'm still so glad I met all of you. I love you guys. Every last one of you. Thank you...for everything. Maybe we'll be reborn into a kinder world. And we can all meet again one day...
  • Cynthia: Nah, please! Don't say good-bye! There's still a chance!
  • Noire: I, too, feel privileged to have known you all. I'd have been so lost without you... I'm sorry I was always such a pessimist. But even so, I never gave up hope... I always knew in my heart that as long as I had all of you, we'd make it through. But...I guess it just wasn't meant to be. This time we truly are finished... I suppose I'll never know what it means to lead a normal, happy teenage life... *Sniff* I...I'll just stop there... The more I say, the harder this all gets... *sob*
  • Cynthia: Come on, Noire! You know I can't stand to see you like this!
  • Kjelle: It's been an honor to fight beside you all. True, I was a little worried at first... But you proved stronger and braver than I ever expected. You always had my back. It got to the point that I honestly thought the four of us would never be defeated. So much for that, huh? This time I just don't see a way out... I hate to pass our duty onto the others, but...maybe they're still alive? Maybe they'll figure out some way to save the world without these two Gemstones? If I'm going to die here, I'd at least like to die with some small shred of hope... A hope that somehow, some way, the good guys can still win this...
  • Cynthia: Kjelle... ...... I guess you're right... Without weapons, we have no hope of fighting through this... It kills me to say it, but...I don't think I'm gonna be able to save us after all... But that doesn't mean I'm giving up. We can't die here, not like this! We HAVE to take the Gemstones back. We HAVE to defeat Grima! We have to fulfill our dream of bringing peace back to the world... We...we have to! I want to believe there's still some way out of this... I want to believe there's still some way to get home... Maybe Nah's right, and there's no such thing as miracles... Heck, maybe the gods don't even exist at all... But I'm praying all the same. So please, gods, if you're out there... Please...send us a miracle!

After Battle Starts[edit | edit source]

(Text Box: Have blood relatives wait near green units to sometimes trigger special conversations.)

Special Conversations[edit | edit source]

Kjelle[edit | edit source]

W/ Kjelle[edit | edit source]

  • Kjelle: So that's this world's version of me... I'd love to talk to her, but I'd better not. She'd probably assume I was her evil twin and attack me on sight. I know I would. Wow... I can't stop looking at her... She cuts such an impressive figure... With her battle-scarred armor and that look in her eyes... So intimidating! And that's without a weapon. The gods only know what she'd be like armed... If I don't train a whole lot harder, she'll completely put me to shame. But even if I AM only half the warrior she is, it still looks like she could use my help... Stand strong, other me—help is coming! Today, I'll fight for the both of us!

W/ Sully[edit | edit source]

  • Kjelle: ...Mother! I thought I sensed the presence of a great warrior... But I never imagined...
  • Sully: I sensed the same thing myself. And here you are.
  • Kjelle: You couldn't have survived! ...Could you?
  • Sully: You're asking the wrong Sully, kid. I'm not from this world—meaning me and your mother are two different people. Long story short, I was summoned from a faraway place to save you.
  • Kjelle: ...You're my mother from another world?
  • Sully: Yeah. And you're my daughter from another world. Crazy, isn't it? You seem to be one hell of a survivor, kid. Couldn't have raised you better myself! Seriously, though, I'm proud of you, Kjelle.
  • Kjelle: Proud? I've brought you nothing but shame. However hard I try, I can't seem to change the fate of this world. None of us can. We're not like you—the generation of heroes... When you all died, it fell to us to keep the peace, and we weren't strong enough. I mean, even now, in the middle of a mission to save the world...I was ready to give up. I'm pathetic!
  • Sully: That's a load of crap. You'd have to be blind not to see the fire in those eyes! You haven't given up on squat. You're still here, and you're still fighting. So stand up. Get back on your feet before I take you across my knee!
  • Kjelle: Y-yes, ma'am! ...And thanks. If we can just get through this fight, I know I can handle the rest by myself. ...Will you help me a little longer?
  • Sully: You're damn right I will.

W/ Father[edit | edit source]

Chrom[edit | edit source]
  • Chrom: Kjelle!
  • Kjelle: Father?! ...But how?! They said you died in the war!
  • Chrom: I'm a different Chrom, sent here by Naga from another world. We came to help as best we can... But we can't stay here for long.
  • Kjelle: ...What? I'm sorry...but this is a little hard to take in. You're saying you're my father...but from a different world?
  • Chrom: Basically, yes. I'm impressed, Kjelle. Not many people could have survived this long unarmed...
  • Kjelle: I don't know how impressive I am, but... I do remember every word of the lessons my father taught me when I was young. Swordsmanship, physical fitness, mental conditioning... I've practiced every day without fail.
  • Chrom: That's wonderful, Kjelle. You're a warrior worthy of standing among the great exalts of Ylisse. I'm proud of you.
  • Kjelle: Well, you shouldn't be. I'm not worthy of your pride, or our blood. I'm alive, sure, but when I was disarmed, I almost gave up—abandoned my duty. In the end, I failed to protect everything I swore to protect. I'm a failure as a warrior and a failure to Ylisse...
  • Chrom: Don't say that. Given the circumstances, you had no choice. A futile resistance would likely have gotten you killed before we even arrived. But even so, if you believe you've failed, then go and claim redemption! If you have time to regret, spend it planning your next move! It'll all come down to you in the end, Kjelle, because we can't stay here.
  • Kjelle: *Sigh* I wish you could...but you're right. This is my fight. It was good to see you again, Father. Before you go...will you lend me just a little more of your strength?
  • Chrom: Of course I will. In the stead of this world's fallen Chrom, I shall be your sword and shield... So that you may gather your strength for the trials ahead.
  • Kjelle: I will...thank you, Father.
Male Robin[edit | edit source]
  • Robin: Kjelle! Are you okay? Have you been hurt?!
  • Kjelle: Huh? F-Father?! How can this be...?!
  • Robin: Even if I were to explain it, I doubt you'd believe me... To put it simply. I've traveled here from another world to save you.
  • Kjelle: You' father from another world?
  • Robin: Yes. I may not be the exact man you knew, but in my eyes, you're still my daughter. And if you'll have me, Kjelle, I'll defend you with my life.
  • Kjelle: Father...of course I'll have you. Thank you so much. I was disarmed and surrounded by the enemy... I was prepared to die. To have my father swoop in and save me... Gods, I'm so happy to see you!
  • Robin: Kjelle... You've done more than enough for today. Go find someplace safe, and leave the rest of this battle to me. If we can get you out of here, will you be okay to take the Gemstones back to Ylisse?
  • Kjelle: Yes, I'll see they get there no matter what. And I promise you I'll never give up again!
  • Robin: That's my girl!
Frederick[edit | edit source]
  • Kjelle: *Gasp* You... You're...
  • Frederick: Kjelle... You saw me die in this world. That I stand before you now testifies to the fact that I'm not who you think I am.
  • Kjelle: ...What is it you're trying to say?
  • Frederick: On the field of battle, one must be ever thoughtful and ever vigilant to stay alive. Surely the Frederick of this world taught you that much?
  • Kjelle: He did. And at first, I assumed you were part of an enemy ruse.
  • Frederick: At first...? I take it you changed your mind.
  • Kjelle: Yes. I watched you fight. I saw your skill and your strength... That gave me reason to hope that you were indeed my father. Granted, there were minor differences...but I'm happy to see you all the same.
  • Frederick: I see... Your powers of perception are impressive indeed. No matter how dire the situation, nothing on the battlefield escapes your notice. ...You are my daughter, after all.
  • Kjelle: Oh, Father... I've wanted to see you again so badly! *sob*
  • Frederick: Everything's going to be okay, Kjelle. You fought bravely today. I fear I cannot stay here long, but I'll at least protect you until this battle's through.
Virion[edit | edit source]
  • Virion: My dear Kjelle, it is you! I thought I caught the scent of nobility when first I arrived... What a joy to encounter a beauty of your caliber in so dreary a place as this.
  • Kjelle: Father...?! Is it really you? But...but you're dead!
  • Virion: Dead? What force could possibly stay a man of such matchless vigor as I? A jealous god in a fit of pique, perhaps... But certainly no mortal hand.
  • Kjelle: Gods, it really IS you...who else talks like that? can you be alive?
  • Virion: Alas, I am no man of this world, my dear. Unfortunately, I cannot call you my child.
  • Kjelle: Huh? You're from a different world?! Will staying?
  • Virion: I am afraid my time here is fleeting. Like a flower that reveals its vivid majesty only to be scattered to the four winds... I need, perhaps it would have been kinder had we never met at all.
  • Kjelle: I... I see. But before you go, there's something I always wanted to say to my father... I know you aren't him...but I'll never have a chance like this again, so... Can I say it to you instead?
  • Virion: But of course, my dear.
  • Kjelle: Father... What lord has ever fought harder or more bravely in defense of his subjects than you? I will never forget the courage you showed in defending your people against the Risen. And when it cost you your life, I only admired you more. It was your example that inspired me to become the person I am—the warrior I am. All my life, I have only ever wanted to protect people as you once did. I know you aren't my real father, but...thank you for letting me say that.
  • Virion: ....
  • Kjelle: Are you...crying?
  • Virion: Wh-what? Men of nobility never cry! I...simply had dust in my eye. ...Yet I will not deny there was a rare beauty in your sentiment. The thought of having to abandon so precious a child is truly heartbreaking...
  • Kjelle: Thank you, Father. For coming here. For everything. I promise I will never forget this.
Stahl[edit | edit source]
  • Stahl: Kjelle!
  • Kjelle: F-Father?! How can you—?! You're—! You DIED!
  • Stahl: Sorry to say I'm not actually your father. I'm a different Stahl from another world. But I've been sent here to rescue you! ...Which sounds a little unlikely, I realize.
  • Kjelle: You're from another world...?
  • Stahl: Yes. But you're still my blood...sort of. Together we can turn this battle around!
  • Kjelle: This...this is like a dream! The truth is, I...I lost my weapon. I'd actually given up any hope of survival... But then you showed you to rescue me in my hour of need... It's just perfect! Please, Father, help me through this, and I promise I'll never give up again!
  • Stahl: It'd be my pleasure, Kjelle. ...Say, you're not hungry, are you? I still have some of my rations from earlier. It's not much, but it's yours if you want it.
  • Kjelle: ...... You're offering me food? ...During a battle? Father, you need to maintain a sense of urgency on the battlefield! You don't remember Mother scolding you about that day in and day out?
  • Stahl: She did...?
  • Kjelle: Yes! You two always talked about being the two knights who served the Hero-King ... She was the Bull, and you were supposed to be the Panther. But it always ended with her chewing you out for being too mellow for the role...
  • Stahl: Heh. Who knew we'd still be arguing about that for years to come?
  • Kjelle: Of course, in my eyes, you two were far better than any of the Hero-King's knights. Fighting by my father's side is like a dream come true... Even if you aren't really him.
  • Stahl: Well, he sounds like quite a guy... I've got a lot to live up to. All I can say it, I'll do my best to protect you, just like he would have done. And hopefully without embarrassing you any further out here on the field!
  • Kjelle: Thanks, Father.
Vaike[edit | edit source]
  • Vaike: Well, if it isn't Kjelle! Looks like you're still in one piece!
  • Kjelle: F-Father?! What devilry is this?! This can't be happening!
  • Vaike: What, 'cause your old man's dead, ya mean? Har! Don't sweat it, kid. I ain't a ghost! This Vaike is from another world! I hotfooted it across the Outrealms just to save your hide! You can thank me later.
  • Kjelle: You' father from another world? You're really him... *sob*
  • Vaike: Uh...what's with the cryin'? Ain't ya happy to see me? Relax, kid. Teach here's gonna protect ya, so no more waterworks, all right?
  • Kjelle: *Sob* I...I'm sorry, Dad... It's just... I was just about to give up... The one thing you told me never to do! I was going to abandon this world... Abandon my friends! I'm so sorry! *sob*
  • Vaike: Heeey...take it easy, squirt! You're still alive, ain't ya? All ya gotta do is buck up and get those Gemstones back to Ylisse. Easy peasy! Now, the Vaike can't stay forever, but he can help ya out for a little while. Long enough to make sure you emerge from this mess victorious, at least. And long enough to remind ya that the Vaike's daughter is no quitter! Right?!
  • Kjelle:'re right. I won't let myself lose. And I won't ever think about quitting again! I'll keep on fighting until this world's been saved and peace restored!
  • Vaike: That's my girl! Now clean that pretty face of yours and let's get goin'!
  • Kjelle: Yes, sir!
Kellam[edit | edit source]
  • Kellam: Um... Kjelle?
  • Kjelle: Who dares— What?! It can't be!
  • Kellam: Well, sort of... Um... This might seem a little hard to believe, but... I'm a Kellam from another world.
  • Kjelle: Another world?!
  • Kellam: Another one, yes. We heard this world was in trouble, so we came to help out. Things are looking pretty bleak for you all, aren't they? It must've been tough... I know I'm not really your father, but I hope you won't mind me saying... I think you're doing an amazing job.
  • Kjelle: When you said your story would be hard to believe, you weren't joking... But I have no reason to doubt you. And if what you say is true... Father, there's something I need to tell you.
  • Kellam: There is...?
  • Kjelle: Father... I've spent my whole life trying to be just like you. When I was growing up, you used to come home covered in wounds every night. Wounds you willingly suffered to protect your friends. You were like a shield to them. I'll never forget the day it cost you your life... I was never more proud to be able to say I was your daughter. It was then that I swore to train until I was strong enough to defend my loved ones.
  • Kellam: Kjelle...
  • Kjelle: But today, for the first time... I failed. I couldn't protect my companions. I spouted some nonsense about our defeat not being inevitable, truth, I was just fleeing from my own failure. I'm not fit to be your daughter.
  • Kellam: That's a load of nonsense, Kjelle. I can tell just by looking at you. I can see how hard you've worked to become the woman you are... You said you were proud of me...but it's me who should be proud of you! And I am, Kjelle. I truly am.
  • Kjelle: You...are? hear you say's all I ever wanted... *sob*
  • Kellam: Kjelle...even if you did have to flee, you could always come back stronger. But I don't know much longer we have, so...can you stand strong for me now? I'll be right there with you, okay? So, please...don't cry.
  • Kjelle: *Sniff* I'm... *sniff* I'm sorry, Father... This time, I swear I'll be strong!
Donnel[edit | edit source]
  • Donnel: Huh? Well, shuck my corn! Kjelle, is that you?! Ain't you a sight for sore eyes!
  • Kjelle: F-Father?! B-but you died! This...this is impossible!
  • Donnel: Yeah, above that... I reckon ya won't believe a word of this, but... I ain't ya pa, Kjelle. I'm a different Donny, come here from a whole 'nother world!
  • Kjelle: ...Another world?
  • Donnel: That's the long and short of it. Trust me, it don't make much sense to me neither. All I know is, once this battle's done, we're headin' right back to where we came from.
  • Kjelle: I see... It's a bit much to swallow, but... I think I understand. Regardless, I'm just happy to see you alive and in one piece...
  • Donnel: I'm glad ya didn't just turn up and run! I knew my kid would turn out bright. Say, did the me of this world ever take ya back to the village, show ya the farm?
  • Kjelle: No... He talked about it constantly, but...he died before he got the chance.
  • Donnel: Well, that's a darn shame. Once this war's over, I'd like ya to go see the homestead. I reckon the me of this world's up in the sky over the farm, hopin' you'll drop by. It'd be mighty kind of ya to swing on by and pay him a visit!
  • Kjelle: I'll do that. I promise.
  • Donnel: Thank ya kindly, Kjelle! The least I could do in return is to help ya outta this little rhubarb here. You go find a safe place to rest up, ya hear? And I'll get to protectin' ya just like your real pa woulda done.
  • Kjelle: Thank you, Father...for everything. I'll never forget this day as long as I live.
Lon'qu[edit | edit source]
  • Lon'qu: Kjelle...?
  • Kjelle: That voice... Father? Father, is that you?!
  • Lon'qu: Kjelle... It's good to see you alive. Quite a feat for a disarmed warrior.
  • Kjelle: It's good to see I'M alive?! Father—I thought you were dead!
  • Lon'qu: Ah. No... I'm not your father. I came here through the Outrealms.
  • Kjelle: The Outrealms?! Ugh...for a moment there, I allowed myself to believe you were really him...
  • Lon'qu: I'm afraid not. I hail from another world. I didn't mean to give you false hope.
  • Kjelle: Oh...of course not. I did wonder why you looked so young...but even if you are from another world, I know you're still my father. I sense the same warmth of spirit buried under all that coldness. My father couldn't bear to be near women, but he treated me with kindness, as you did. That has to mean something.
  • Lon'qu: Make of it what you will.
  • Kjelle: I already have. So would you be willing to do your daughter from another world a favor?
  • Lon'qu: If you're about to ask me to help you win this battle, save your breath. That's precisely why we're here.
  • Kjelle: ...Perfect. Thank you, Father.
Ricken[edit | edit source]
  • Ricken: Kjelle! Thank goodness you're okay!
  • Kjelle: Huh? Who are you?
  • Ricken: It's me! Ricken! ...Your father? Don't tell me you've forgotten!
  • Kjelle: What do you take me for? An idiot? My father died years ago! And he certainly wasn't some scrawny child—he was tall and strapping! I'll admit your face does resemble his quite a bit... All right, quite a lot. But you can't really be him. ...Right?
  • Ricken: Actually, I can! And what's more, I AM! Well, kind of. I'm a Ricken from another world, and I've been sent here to help you out!
  • Kjelle: But...why do you look so young?
  • Ricken: Um...yeah, sorry about that... I know I must not look like much to you. Our world is still at a slightly earlier point in time than this one.
  • Kjelle: I see... Then I owe you an apology. I'm sorry I doubted you.
  • Ricken: Oh, don't worry about it! It is a lot to wrap your head around. By the mentioned that in this world I was a lot bigger... I believe your exact words were "tall and strapping"? ...That must mean I'm gonna grow up to be a pretty impressive man, huh?
  • Kjelle: Absolutely! My father was as broad of shoulder as he was warm of heart.
  • Ricken: No way! That's great! Wow, I feel like twice the man already... This is really encouraging! I know I don't inspire much confidence yet, but I can more than hold my own in battle! Trust me, I'm tougher than I look. Prepare to be amazed by what your dad can do!
  • Kjelle: I'm looking forward to it. Thanks...Father!
Gaius[edit | edit source]
  • Gaius: Kjelle?
  • Kjelle: *Gasp* Father?! What...what are you doing here?!
  • Gaius: Me? Just visiting from another world. We heard you guys were in trouble, so we came to lend a hand. I'm not your old man from this world, though, kiddo. I'm afraid he's still gone. You're looking at a different Gaius.
  • Kjelle: A different Gaius...?
  • Gaius: Yeah. But you're still my daughter—no matter what world you're from. And I'm glad to see you're alive.
  • Kjelle: Well, the feeling is hardly mutual! How dare you show up out of the blue like this?!
  • Gaius: Wha—?! What did I do?
  • Kjelle: I know it's pointless even asking, since you're not the same man, but... Well, I need to ask you anyway. Why did you leave us alone for so long? Why didn't you stay to protect Mom? Why did you go and...die on us like that? Argh! I...I hate you!
  • Gaius: Kjelle, I...
  • Kjelle: *Sniff* I...I'm sorry... That was a lie. I don't hate you. When I was little, I thought you weren't around because you were out stealing... I dreamed of growing up to be enough to capture you myself! But then after you died, they told me... You hadn't been stealing at all... You'd been traveling the realm, protecting people from the Risen... They told me how you'd cheer up kids who lost their parents by giving them candy... How you'd done all these kind and noble things...
  • Gaius: ......
  • Kjelle: But I wished you weren't some hero! I wished you really were just a thief! If you were saving people, why not Mom? If you were cheering up kids, why not me? I loved you! I wanted you to be with me!
  • Gaius: Crivens... That must have been rough. ...I'm sorry, kiddo.
  • Kjelle:, that wasn't even you. I shouldn't have said those things. But I felt like if I told you, my real father would hear them somehow... I'm sorry.
  • Gaius: Don't be. Any father who'd leave his little girl behind like that had it coming. I know I can't make up for what you went through when you were growing up, but... As your father, I can at least try to do right by you now and keep you safe.
  • Kjelle: I...I understand. Thanks, Dad.
Gregor[edit | edit source]
  • Gregor: Kjelle! You are alive! Gregor is feeling great relief!
  • Kjelle: Father?! Is it really you?
  • Gregor: Your father is not having come back from the grave. This Gregor is different! He comes from other world to briefly give helpful hand.
  • Kjelle: ...What? How is that even...? Well, whoever you's good to hear your voice.
  • Gregor: Never has Gregor seen warriors so outnumbered. Is very bad situation... You have been at war for long time, yes? Gregor is not easy.
  • Kjelle: No. I suppose it MIGHT have been easier if my father had taught me how to fight. But sadly, he couldn't be bothered. Everything I know I had to teach myself or learn from my friends.
  • Gregor: You are...angry with Gregor.
  • Kjelle: I know I'm wasting my time asking this, but why wouldn't he teach me how to fight?
  • Gregor: Hm... Maybe this Gregor can shed light on situation. Your father, he is sellsword for many years, yes? He sees much pain and suffering. But also, he loves his daughter. He does not want her to know such horrible things. Perhaps Other Gregor was wrong. For him to not train born warrior is like for painter to not frame most beautiful picture!
  • Kjelle: ...... Father... Please go. The longer you stay, the harder it will be. Thank you for coming to save me. I missed you so, so much... *sniff*
  • Gregor: ...Very well. Gregor will be going. He knows someday, somewhere, our paths shall be crossing once more.
Libra[edit | edit source]
  • Kjelle: F-Father? Is that you? Can it truly be?!
  • Libra: Ah, my dear Kjelle. You are safe. I am grateful that the gods saw fit to spare my daughter from the ravages of this world.
  • Kjelle: Oh, Father... I've missed you so! *sob*
  • Libra: But I must question why the gods saw fit to assign this task to me... To abandon my daughter to this forsaken world so shortly after being reunited... It is unconscionable. Am I even capable of so cruel a deed?
  • Kjelle: Father...?
  • Libra: Forgive me, child. But I am not your true father. Truth be told, I have traveled here from another world. A world to which I fear I must return once I have laid your foes to rest...
  • Kjelle: Another world... That explains it. I knew my father couldn't still be alive... He left us many years ago. But that doesn't change how I feel. Just talking to you now fills me with new hope. If you could just help me get through this, I swear to finish the fight when you're gone. Will you do that one thing for me? ...Before you go away again?
  • Libra: Of course I will, Kjelle. And may I say your strength and courage are a joy to behold. To think that one such as I could have played a part in raising you! May the gods grant you every blessing along the difficult road ahead.
  • Kjelle: Thank you, Father. And may the gods bless you on your journey as well.
Henry[edit | edit source]
  • Henry: Nya ha! There's my Kjelle!
  • Kjelle: ...Father? Father, is that really you?! But...y-you're dead... Is this a trap...? Some sort of necromancer's curse?!
  • Henry: Heeey, nice idea! But no, nothing like that, sadly. The truth is way more boring. I just came from another world, hah! Anyway, I'm here to save you—you can rest easy now, nya ha!
  • Kjelle: You do look like him...and he did smile like that...but you seem...different. The father I knew was much calmer... He always had a kindly air about him.
  • Henry: Huh! Is that right? Actually, that doesn't really surprise me... Sometimes I feel like being married to Sully may have softened me up a bit... Seems like it's only going to get worse! Nya ha!
  • Kjelle: M-my father used to say the same thing about being married to Mother... I guess really are him... *sniff* Oh, Father... *sob*
  • Henry: Now, now, Kjelle... Take it easy with the weepy stuff, okay?
  • Kjelle: I'm sorry... I know you aren't really him, but...I'm just so happy to see you. It's nice to see you're a lot like he was. After he married Mom, he changed a lot. His family became everything to him.
  • Henry: Huh! The perils of marriage! I'd better hurry up and save you, then, before I totally lose my edge! Nya ha ha!
  • Kjelle: Heh... Thanks, Father.

Cynthia[edit | edit source]

W/ Cynthia[edit | edit source]

  • Cynthia (NPC): What the...? Is! come I can see myself? Was there always a mirror here...? ...... Huh. You know, I actually look pretty good! My complexion's surprisingly rosy... Nice shine to my hair too. And my clothes are holding up WAY better than I thought. I figured I'd be a wreck at this point, but...maybe things aren't so bad after all! Seeing myself like this kinda puts things in perspective. I feel a lot stronger now!
  • Cynthia: Good thing I didn't open my mouth, or she would have totally freaked out, but yikes... Bleak future me is looking pretty rough. That girl badly needs a bath, some sleep, and a new wardrobe! And yet there she is, fighting so hard to save her world, in spite of it all... That's probably exactly how I looked before I went back in time... Maybe I've just gone soft since then. Maybe I should be working harder... Well, I guess protecting this world's Cynthia would be a good way to start!

W/ Sumia[edit | edit source]

  • Cynthia: M-Mother?! How is this possible?! What are you doing he— BWAAAH! (Cynthia falls)
  • Sumia: Cynthia? Are you okay? You need to watch your footing around here or you'll tri— AAARGH! (Sumia falls)
  • Sumia: Gods...that one hurt my knee almost as much as my pride...
  • Cynthia: Well, I guess that settles it. You really ARE my mother. But...what are you doing here? I thought...I thought you were dead.
  • Sumia: Oh, sweetheart... I'm not the Sumia you once knew. I came from another world to save you and your friends. But I can't stay.
  • Cynthia: ...You came from another world? And once you're finished here, you have to go back?
  • Sumia: Yes. I'm sorry.
  • Cynthia: You don't need to apologize! I'm super grateful for any help you can give us! And once we've gotten through this, we can totally handle the rest ourselves. We made it this far without your help, after all. But I suppose I might still...miss you...a little...
  • Sumia: Oh, Cynthia... Come rest your head in my arms and forget it all, just for a moment.
  • Cynthia: ...No. Thank you, but...I can't. I'm feeling better now, so...uh... You can go.
  • Sumia: What...?
  • Cynthia: It's just...the longer you're here, the harder it'll be when you leave. I don't want to end up bawling and begging you to stay with me forever.
  • Sumia: Oh, Cynthia... You're such a brave girl. But bravery isn't the answer to everything. I want you to take care of yourself, okay? Know that even when I'm back in my world, I'll be thinking of you. And no matter how far away I am, a part of me will always be here with you. Don't you ever forget that.
  • Cynthia: I won't. Thank you...Mother. I'm glad I got to see you again.

W/ Father[edit | edit source]

Chrom[edit | edit source]
  • Chrom: ...Cynthia?
  • Cynthia: F-Father?! Is that really you?! But...what are you doing here?! You died! You died years ago!
  • Chrom: N-no, I'm not the Chrom you once knew. I came here from another world through a place called the Outrealm Gate. The divine dragon granted us a brief visit to your world in the hope that we could help.
  • Cynthia: ...You were sent by Naga?!
  • Chrom: Yes. Cynthia...I'm so sorry. I understand it was my death in this world that set this whole tragedy in motion...
  • Cynthia: Father, please...don't be sad. You were a great hero and the exalt! I can't bear to see you looking so down. I worshiped you growing up... You were—you ARE my hero! What do you think Lucina would say if she saw you looking this glum?
  • Chrom: Lucina...? Is she still in Ylisse?
  • Cynthia: Yes. She's defending Ylisse by herself while we collect the Gemstones. That's why we have to win this fight! If we don't return, all hope is lost!
  • Chrom: Then I swear I'll do everything in my power to see you safely home to Ylisse.
  • Cynthia: Thank you, Father. I just need you to lend me your strength for today. If you can get us out of here, I know we can handle the rest ourselves. We won't let this happen again. We'll prove that we can protect everyone!
  • Chrom: Well said, Cynthia. I'll be ready to leave this world in your capable hands.
  • Cynthia: Thanks. I won't let you down. And I'll fight all the harder knowing I have the faith of the greatest hero of all...
Male Robin[edit | edit source]
  • Robin: Cynthia! Thank the gods you're safe...
  • Cynthia: Father?! Is that—? Is that really you?! What are you doing here?!
  • Robin: I'm...not the Robin you know. I'm from another world. I came here to rescue you and your friends, but I'm afraid I haven't much time...
  • Cynthia: You've come from another world...?
  • Robin: Oh, Cynthia...this is all wrong. Even if I can help you win this battle, what then? The thought of leaving you to fight a war without end in this forsaken place... No father would knowingly put his daughter through that!
  • Cynthia: Father...
  • Robin: Cynthia, I want you to come back with us to our world. I don't care what Naga says... I can't leave you in a place like this!
  • Cynthia: ...No. Even if Naga allowed it...there's no way I could go with you. There are people here I have to protect—a world I have to save! But it's sweet of you to say those things. And your words have given me strength.'s okay. I'll be fine.
  • Robin: Cynthia...
  • Cynthia: Please don't think that just because I can't go with you, I'm glad you came. I really DO need your help right now. They took my lance, and I can't fight at all without it... If you can just get me through this day, I promise I'll take care of everything else. I won't stop fighting till the Risen are defeated and the world is safe again. ...Will you give me a chance to do that?
  • Robin: Of course I will! I'll slay every last enemy on this battlefield myself if I must! You just find somewhere safe and rest, okay?
  • Cynthia: I will. Thank you. *Sigh* Swooping down to save me in my darkest hour... That is so unbelievably amazing! Even if I never see you again,'ll always be my hero.
Frederick[edit | edit source]
  • Frederick: Cynthia, are you hurt?! Stay by my side! I'll protect you.
  • Cynthia: Wha...? F-Father?!
  • Frederick: No, child—I'm afraid I am not the same man you knew. I have traveled here via the Outrealm Gate in hopes of rescuing you... Think of me as a visitor from another world.
  • Cynthia: You're from another world?!
  • Frederick: Yes. And that is why I cannot rightly claim the honor of being your father. But the fact that you are not "my" Cynthia matters little, for you are still Cynthia. And for the brief time I have in your world, I vow to protect you as if you were my own!
  • Cynthia: You'd do that for me...? That's so kind of you! So kind and It's just so... *sigh*
  • Frederick: What is it?
  • Cynthia: It's just so...humiliating! Even if you ARE from another world, this isn't how I wanted my father to see me! Gosh, I must look so pathetic here, all unarmed and helpless... But normally I don't need protecting! I swear I can fight well all on my own! When you guys weren't there to protect us anymore, we learned to do it ourselves. I just...I just need you to know that.
  • Frederick: But I knew it already, Cynthia. One need only look into your eyes for a moment to see the warrior within. You've fought numerous battles just to make it this far—that much is clear. I shouldn't have presumed to offer one such as you protection... But would you deny me the chance to fight alongside a hero? I am a knight, after all, sworn to serve the righteous...
  • Cynthia: You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you call me a hero... Thank you. After giving it some thought, I've decided to accept your offer of service, Fath— I mean, Sir Frederick the Valiant!
  • Frederick: Then I am yours to command, milady!
Gaius[edit | edit source]
  • Gaius: Huh? Is that you, Cynthia?
  • Cynthia: F-Father?! How in the world...?!
  • Gaius: Crivens...what a pit! Never thought I'd find you in a place like this...
  • Cynthia: A place like this...? I never thought you'd find me anywhere! I thought you were dead! I waited so long for you to come home, and when you didn't, I told myself not to hope... But you've been alive all this time, Father! Gosh, I'm so HAPPY! *sob*
  • Gaius: Ah...yeah, about that... It's true I AM Gaius...but I'm not the same Gaius as your old man. I came here from another world to rescue you guys. I mean, take a good, close look. The Gaius you knew must've been way older, right?
  • Cynthia: Oh... I...I suppose so...
  • Gaius: Sorry to get your all excited over nothing, anyhow.
  • Cynthia: No, it''s okay. I'm sorry, too. It was silly of me. It's too bad that you're not my father...but I'm happy to see you all the same.
  • Gaius And I'm happy to see you too, kiddo. The least I can do is take care of you and keep you safe. Consider it my apology. Here. Let's seal the deal with a candy. This one ain't cheap, so savor it, all right?
  • Cynthia ......
  • Gaius: What's wrong? No daughter of mine would ever refuse one of these beauties!
  • Cynthia: Could you hold on to that? a reward for if we make it out of here alive? My father always gave me candy as a reward for working hard at something... It taught me to keep on going till the end. It made me believe I could do anything.
  • Gaius: Huh. Your father was pretty smart. ...And no doubt incredibly handsome, too. All right, then. You got yourself a deal. No candy until the battle's won. Just...try your best to stay our of harm's way, you hear?
  • Cynthia: I will. Thanks!
Henry[edit | edit source]
  • Cynthia: *Huff, huff* Come on, Cynthia... Don't give up... Gods, if only I had my lance... I don't know how much longer I can last...
  • Henry: Nya ha ha! Who's that crybaby? Wait, what? She looks just like my kid!
  • Cynthia: D-Dad? Is that you?!! Did you...use a hex to resurrect yourself? ...And isn't that strictly forbidden?!
  • Henry: It sure is! But nope, that's not what's going on here, sadly. Truth is, I'm just visiting here from another world. I can't stay long, but good news is I'm here to rescue you! Nya ha!
  • Cynthia: Hold up—you're my father from another world...and you're here to rescue me?!
  • Henry: Yup! ...More or less. Naga took care of the particulars. Anyway, what was with all that whining and whimpering I heard before? You're my daughter! You're supposed to be smiling all day, every day! Oh well. Guess you can't expect every fruit to fall next to the tree... Nya ha!
  • Cynthia: N-no, it's not like that! I wasn't whining, I swear! It's just...they took my weapon, and now I can't fight... But I never gave up this whole time! We've been fighting back for ages! And we'll keep on fighting back! You'll see! We'll keep fighting until this world is saved!
  • Henry: Now that's more like it! Maybe you ARE my daughter, after all!
  • Cynthia: Wait a were just trying to provoke me, weren't you?
  • Henry: Who, me? I wonder...
  • Cynthia: I'm sorry I was weak. I swore I'd never give up, but for a moment there, I... *sigh* Anyway, I'm back to my old self now. And it's all thanks to you. These Risen don't stand a chance!
  • Henry: Nya ha! That's my girl! But I came a long way, so...let me handle these guys, all right? You've got the whole rest of the world to save, besides.
  • Cynthia: Aww... All right, fair enough. But just this once! And you have to let me watch!

Noire[edit | edit source]

W/ Noire[edit | edit source]

  • Noire: Stay strong, Noire of this world... I'd say this to your face, but you look pretty panicked already... Best not to surprise you. But rest assured, I've got your back. And I swear I'll get you out of here alive. ...... You know, something about this place seems really familiar... Yes—this is the building where we stopped to rest after we collected the Gemstones. I remember we talked about maybe staying the night here. But something about it didn't feel right, and we left soon after we arrived. Our future was just like this one, but... I guess we were a tiny bit luckier. Seems the me of this world made a few unlucky choices... But that doesn't mean she deserves to lose her life! Looks like it's up to me to make sure that doesn't happen.

W/ Tharja[edit | edit source]

  • Tharja: ......
  • Noire: M-Mother?! Y-you're here?! Did...did you resurrect yourself with some kind of curse?
  • Tharja: Hee hee... And what if I did?
  • Noire: It wouldn't matter one bit!
  • Tharja: ...It wouldn't?
  • Noire: Of course not! I'm used to your curses! And I don't care if you're a zombie! I'd put up with anything just to be with you again... You don't know how lonely I've been since you sacrificed yourself to save me. I don't care if you stink of death or your insides have turned to goo... I'm just happy to see you—alive, undead, or whatever else. Oh, Mother! Please don't ever leave me again!
  • Tharja: Noire...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have led you on like that. Your mother hasn't come back to life. I'm not her.
  • Noire: B-but...
  • Tharja: I'm a different Tharja on a brief visit here from another world. I'm not the one who raised you. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
  • Noire: Oh, you... Oh. I...I suppose I should have known. Death is permanent, after all... But I meant what I said. I am happy to see you, even if you're Even if you are from another world... Even if you're here only briefly...
  • Tharja: Good. Then I'm happy too. You were saying earlier that they took your talisman, weren't you? Let me make it up to you by helping you get it back.
  • Noire: Really? You'd do that? Oh, thank you! *Sob* Mother...
  • Tharja: Tears? Really? What am I supposed to...? Listen, I don't have much time. But while I'm here, I'm going to make the creatures who tried to hurt you pay. Out of respect for your real mother, if nothing else.
  • Noire: ...Thank you.
  • Tharja: Now, let's pick out the perfect curse for your vengeance, shall we? And let's make it a real humdinger. After all, what's the point in coming to another world if I can't let my hair down? Hee hee hee...
  • Noire: Oh, Mother... This is just like old times!

W/ Father[edit | edit source]

Male Robin[edit | edit source]
  • Robin: Noire! Thank heavens you're okay.
  • Noire: F-Father...? What are you...? How can you be here?
  • Robin: Ah...yes, about that. I'm...not your father. I'm another world's Robin. Naga granted us passage here temporarily in order to save you.
  • Noire: Naga sent you?! Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry! What must you think of me...?
  • Robin: You're sorry? What for?
  • Noire: I was...surrounded and disarmed... I lost faith, and...I...I surrendered... You taught me to visualize victory and to believe in it, but I just couldn't see it... I'm suppose to be taking the Gemstones home to save our world, and I gave up! How could so brilliant a tactician have so cowardly a daughter?
  • Robin: Ha! You don't think I get scared? It's only natural to be afraid. Disarmed and surrounded by the enemy? I'd have been trembling in my boots! Don't dwell on your failures. Instead, focus on reacting to the current state of battle. There's a path to victory even in the face of defeat—and I'm here to help you find it!
  • Noire: Father...
  • Robin: I can't stay long, Noire, but will you allow me to protect you while I can?
  • Noire: Of course! Thank you so much for coming to save me. And...thank you for letting me see my father's face again...
  • Robin: It's my pleasure. I'm all yours as long as I'm here!
Frederick[edit | edit source]
  • Frederick: You must be the Noire of this world.
  • Noire: What?! F-Father?! How can you possibly be...?
  • Frederick: I am not the Frederick you knew. I've traveled here from another world. Naga's powers allowed us to come here to save you. But we have precious little time.
  • Noire: Wait... You're from...another world?
  • Frederick: It's a difficult story to believe, to be sure. But I promise you I speak the truth. If I may be so bold...might I ask how the me of this world died?
  • Noire: Um... Well... H-he sacrificed himself so that the women and children of a town could flee the Risen. They say he fought against the impossible odds to save as many people as he could.
  • Frederick: ...I see.
  • Noire: When he died, Mother went completely berserk, even by her standards. She vowed to hunt down and kill every one of the Risen that had attacked him. It was an impossible task, but she persisted, her fury never wavering. And she joined him in the afterlife not long after...
  • Frederick: What a pitiful end. I would have expected better from myself. Causing my family such sorrow...Spurring my wife on to a futile quest for vengeance... And leaving my precious daughter all alone in the world.
  • Noire: No. My father was a hero who fought and died for what he believed in. There was nothing pitiful about him.
  • Frederick: ...Forgive me. He and I are not the same, after all. I had no right to speak ill of him.
  • Noire: ......
  • Frederick: And you're right—it's hardly a pitiful end. In fact, he must have died a happy man. Knowing that his memory would be honored by such a loving, faithful daughter...
  • Noire: Father...
  • Frederick: I doubt he would have regretted what he did to save those villagers. But I am sure his desire to protect his wife and daughter was strongest of all. To protect you in his stead, even for just this battle, would be the highest honor.
  • Noire: Oh, Father... *sob* To hear you say that... *Sniff* It means everything to me... Thank you.
Virion[edit | edit source]
  • Virion: Greetings, Your Grace! Oh? Forgive me. I simply assumed this elegant creature before me was royalty... What a pleasure to discover that the lady in question is in fact my very own daughter!
  • Noire: What? F-Father? Can it really be you?!
  • Virion: Indeed it can, my dear! For I am a different Virion—one hailing from the Outrealms! But fear not. Though I may not be your true father, I shall protect you as though I were!
  • Noire: I...I don't care if you're from another world... I'm just happy to see you! Oh, Father! *sob*
  • Virion: There, there, my love. Your dear daddy is here now to soothe your sorrows away... Now, am I to understand that these noxious oafs purloined your precious weapons? The insolence! Rest assured, my child, that they will pay dearly for their effrontery!
  • Noire: It's true... They took our weapons... Please, you have to get them back! They even took my bow! My most precious memento of you...
  • Virion: I am truly honored to hear that you've treasured it so, my dear. Worry not—your father shall return it to its rightful place by your side.
  • Noire: I'm sorry, Father. You came all this way to save me, and all I've done is ask for more... But when I hold that bow, nothing can break my spirit, you know? It'll help me keep on fighting. Even...after you return to your world...
  • Virion: Oh, my precious Noire... You are as perceptive as you are beautiful. You have guessed at the truth I found too painful to utter—alas, I cannot tarry long. But, my brave princess, know this... Though I may depart, no force may break the bowstring that binds my heart to yours. As painful as our parting may be, can I trust in you to stay strong?
  • Noire: ...Yes, Father! You can!
  • Virion: Then I shall dispatch these Risen with a grace and beauty worthy of my daughter! Behold now my martial majesty, that your father's valor may inspire you always!
Stahl[edit | edit source]
  • Stahl: Noire! Noire, it's you, isn't it?
  • Noire: Huh?! F-Father?! But...but you can't possibly be!
  • Stahl: I know this must sound crazy, but... I'm a different Stahl. From another world.
  • Noire: Another world...?
  • Stahl: That's right. So technically I'm not really YOUR father. But to me, you're still my daughter, and I'll do anything I can to help you. I can't stay long, so come with me, and let's fight our way out of here together!
  • Noire: Wait, do I know it's really you? Can you show me some proof?
  • Stahl: P-proof?! What am I supposed to show you? I don't have a birthmark or any special talents or anything, really. I'm just a regular guy...
  • Noire: ......
  • Stahl: Hmm... Proof of who I am... Maybe my chronic bed head? No... Boy, I'm really stuck here...
  • Noire: F-Father... It really is you, isn't it?
  • Stahl: Huh? What did I say?
  • Noire: Hee hee. It's not what you said. It's that look on your face... You always did get so flustered over things like this.
  • Stahl: I-I did? Uh, well...that's good, I think? It's not like I had any better ideas...
  • Noire: Plus, I've always had terrible bed head too. It's got a mind of it's own, just like yours! I remember how long you used to spend combing it out for me every morning... Oh, Father... I'm so glad to see you. Even if it is only for a little while...
  • Stahl: I'm glad too. And...thanks for believing me. You did great, holding out for so long without a weapon. Let me step in and look out for you now. Together we can get through this.
  • Noire: Of course. And thank you... Thank you for coming to save me.
Vaike[edit | edit source]
  • Vaike: Hey! Noire! It's me! NOIRE!
  • Noire: Eek! Get away from me, fiend!
  • Vaike: Fiend?! That's no way to talk to your old man!
  • Noire: were charging at me, bellowing at the top of your— Wait. Old man...? Father? Is that you? that really you...?
  • Vaike: Kinda... I'm a different Vaike from another world. I'm here to save your bacon! Don't you worry—the Vaike is the Vaike is the Vaike. I'm awesome anywhere! Uh, but I can't stay long.
  • Noire: Father... Oh, Father... *sob*
  • Vaike: Hey, cool it with the tears, would ya? How'd Teach's kid grow up to be such a crybaby?
  • Noire: It's not my fault! It's because Mother used to test all her hexes on me... But you would always come to my rescue... You taught me that no matter how bad a hex was, I should never let it beat me... I always thought you were so strong... But lost. The Risen beat you...
  • Vaike: Ya don't say. Musta ate somethin' weird that mornin', hah! Sorry about that. Anyway, looks like the Vaike's just gonna have to redeem himself. It's time for Teach's next lesson: how to rid the world of these rotten Risen! What happened to the other me don't matter—this Vaike'll never lose!
  • Noire: Thank you, Father... And this Noire won't ever lose again, either—not until the world is safe!
Kellam[edit | edit source]
  • Kellam: Noire...there you are. Thank goodness you're safe.
  • Noire: Huh? F-Father?! What are you doing here?! How did— Wait—is this one of mother's hexes?
  • Kellam: Not this time. I'm actually a different Kellam, from a different world. We heard your world was in trouble. It's...worse than I expected...
  • Noire: Oh...yeah. Things are pretty bad here...
  • Kellam: Well, it's all right now. We're here to save you. You've done well to make it this far, Noire. To stay alive through all...this... I can't stay for long, but...hopefully you'll let me protect you while I'm here?
  • Noire: Thank you, Father, but...I don't need you to protect me...
  • Kellam: don't? How come?
  • Noire: Well...I know I said our world was in grave danger... But you already did so much to protect everyone. You protected the soldiers in your army... You protected people from the Risen... And in the end, you died protecting me... So I...I can't let you protect me anymore! It was bad enough I got my own father killed once... I couldn't stand to see it happen again... *sob*
  • Kellam: So that's it... Sorry. I should have considered that before I asked. ...But it'll be okay this time. There's no way I'm dying here. Your father can live on through me. I'll protect you for the both of us. You're taking the Gemstones back to Ylisse, right? Well, I want to do my part to help make that happen. Believe in me, Noire. Your faith will give me all the strength I need.
  • Noire: Father... ...... O-okay... *sniff* I...I believe in you.
  • Kellam: Thank you, Noire. Now let me handle the rest.
  • Noire: I will, but...please... Be careful, okay?
Donnel[edit | edit source]
  • Donnel: Well, if it ain't my little sugar beet! How ya doin', Noire?
  • Donnel: Whoa there! Easy, girl! I see yer just as fierce, even without yer talisman. Just like my own Noire... Anyhow, listen up—I ain't yer real pa. I'm another Donny, from the Outrealms. Seems we ain't got long here, but I'm fixin' to do whatever I can to save y'all!
  • Noire: OUTREALMS?! I CARE NOT A WHIT FOR YOUR OUTREALMS! You dare to speak with such flippancy?! Why do you not beg for forgiveness? You who forsook your wife and child for the easy peace of death! You shall pay for the sorrow and torment you brought upon us!
  • Donnel: Hey now, are those tears? Don't cry, sweetheart.
  • Noire: C-cry? Shed tears for a deserter? Never! I...I just have...s-something in my eye... I... Y-yeah... That's all it is... I, uh... *sob*
  • Donnel: Aw, shucks. Look at you, all sad. I'm awful sorry, truly I am. Now listen—the me of this world might've up and left y'all up a tree... But not this Donny! I ain't goin' no place until y'all are safe and sound, y'hear?
  • Noire: O-okay... *sniff* Th-thank you, Father... Just...don't die again, okay?
  • Donnel: Ya got my solemn word on that, little lady. Cross my heart!
Lon'qu[edit | edit source]
  • Noire: Eek! G-get away from me!
  • Lon'qu: Noire, wait. Calm down and look closely. It's me.
  • Noire: F-Father?
  • Lon'qu: I'm not the same Lon'qu you knew. I came here from another world to save you.
  • Noire: ...... Is it really you?
  • Lon'qu: I know it's hard to believe, but yes.
  • Noire: Oh yeah? Then you won't mind if I do...this!
  • Lon'qu: What are you doing? This is hardly the time to be holding hands...
  • Noire: You didn't even flinch! You ARE an impostor! I knew it!
  • Lon'qu: What?
  • Noire: My real father had an aversion to women. If you were really him, you'd have pulled your hand away immediately!
  • Lon'qu: What kind of a test is that? Surely I'd never flinch from my own daughter's hand?
  • Noire: Oh, uh... Now that you mention it...
  • Lon'qu: Is that really all I'd do if a woman touched me? Flinch and pull away?My condition must have improved quite a bit over the years... If anyone except you grabbed my hand like that now, I'd probably pass out. Marrying Tharja must have really helped me get over that whole thing...
  • Noire: My real father used to say the exact same thing... That marrying Mother really helped him overcome his aversion to women... Does that really are him?
  • Lon'qu: Yes. So come closer. I can't protect you over there. Stay beside me, Noire. No one's going to hurt you anymore.
  • Noire: Oh, Father... *sob*
Ricken[edit | edit source]
  • Ricken: Noire! I'm so glad I made it in time! You go hide somewhere safe, okay? I'll take care of things here!
  • Noire: Uh... And you are...?
  • Ricken: Huh? You don't recognize me? I'm Ricken—your father! I've come from another world to save you!
  • Noire: What? My father?! How can that be? You're just a boy!
  • Ricken: Aw, man, not you too! Uh, I mean...well, yes, I may look a little young... And maybe the me of this world was... I don't know...older looking, but...
  • Noire: ......
  • Ricken: Oh, never mind... There's no way you'll ever believe me, anyway. But that's okay. All that matters is that I'm here to protect you. Besides, even if I did convince you, I still have to go straight back to my world... So just watch and learn, okay? This is how real men do battle! (Ricken leaves)
  • Noire: W-wait! (Ricken returns)
  • Ricken: What is it?
  • Noire: I don't know... I just have this feeling. I don't want you to go... You do sort of look like my father... And he always did go on about how manly he was... So...maybe I do believe you. If so, do you think you could help me get out of here? ...Father?
  • Ricken: Oh, Noire... I mean... *ahem* ...Yes! Yes, of course I can! Just sit back and let your big, brave dad take care of all these mean ol' Risen!
  • Noire: Hee hee... Thanks!
Gaius[edit | edit source]
  • Noire: F-Father?! How is this possible?
  • Gaius: Hey, kiddo. Listen, this is probably gonna sound weird, but... I'm not your father. I'm a different Gaius from another world.
  • Noire: Y-you're right—I don't believe it! I know an enemy ruse when I see one!
  • Gaius: Not convinced? Well...would an impostor bring a bag of candy onto a battlefield?
  • Noire: Hmm... My father was very fond of candy. And cookies. And cakes... But it's not like they're hard to come by—any two-bit con man could just buy some!
  • Gaius: Okay, how aboutI pick the lock on that door? Could any two-bit con man do that?
  • Noire: No, but any two-bit thief could!
  • Gaius: Geez, Noire—you're not exactly making this easy for m— Hm? Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have eaten that tray of tarts earlier! Damn nosebleeds...
  • Noire: ...You ARE my father!
  • Gaius: Huh? A nosebleed? That's what it took to convince you?
  • Noire: My father always used to get nosebleeds from eating too much sugar!
  • Gaius: Crivens... Well, at least you're on board. Now I'm gonna help you get outta here. Okay, kiddo?
  • Noire: Thank you, Father. Even if you're not him exactly, I'm still really glad to see you. But...maybe you want to plug that nosebleed before you head back out there?
Gregor[edit | edit source]
  • Gregor: Noire! Is Noire, yes?
  • Noire: can't be... Father?
  • Gregor: Is Father, but...not from this world. This Gregor come from Outrealms! Is other world very similar to this one but taking place many years in past.
  • Noire: You're telling me you've come from another world...from the past...?
  • Gregor: Yes, is crazy story. But even more crazy is Noire surviving so long without weapon! Noire take after father—is very hard to kill! Anyway, Gregor must return home soon, but right now he is here to be saving you!
  • Noire: Y-you traveled across worlds to save me? *sniff* I... *sob*
  • Gregor: Now, now. No time for crying. Gregor is sentimental type—you make him cry too!
  • Noire: I'm sorry. It's just... Seeing you again, it...reminds me of everything that happened... But wait—how come you look so much like him? I thought you came from the past, but you look just like my father did when...
  • Gregor: You are saying older Gregor not look older? Gregor still strong and virile in future?
  • Noire: Uh, no... I'm saying the younger Gregor looks...kind of old...
  • Gregor: Oy! Is like saying goes—kids say most damnable things... Relatively speaking, is true—Gregor is still old man compared to most. But this Gregor promise you—he is much younger than Gregor of your world! Come, witness strong and virile father from somewhat-younger-old-man-era!
  • Noire: O-okay, I'm looking forward to it! ...I think.
Libra[edit | edit source]
  • Libra: Noire, is that you? Oh, gods be praised! You're alive!
  • Noire: F-Father?!
  • Libra: I've crossed the Outrealms to find you. It truly is a miracle. The gods are kind.
  • Noire: But how are you here? I thought you were...dead...
  • Libra: I'm not the Libra of this world. I am visiting you from another realm, guided by Naga.
  • Noire: N-Naga?!
  • Libra: My time here is short, Noire, so listen well—you are safe now. I have been sent to mete out divine punishment to these foul creatures. Fall back, and give thanks to the benevolent gods for your salvation.
  • Noire: ...No! I will not!
  • Libra: Wh-what...?
  • Noire: It's always gods, gods, gods with you! Why? The gods don't care about you! You devoted your life to them, and they let you die! "Give thanks"?! I curse them every day! If they're so benevolent, why would they let the world get this bad? And why would they take you away from us? You don't know what it was like for Mother and I having to fend for ourselves! And you have no idea what it was like for me when your precious gods took her too!
  • Libra: ......
  • Noire: All I ever wanted was to be with my parents... I don't need gods! I need what I always needed—you and Mother!
  • Libra: Forgive me, Noire. Your point is...well taken... Very well. No more talk of gods. I fight for the sake of my daughter. A daughter who at this moment stands weaponless and prone. Will you allow me to stay close and protect you? Not for the gods' sake, but for my own.
  • Noire: Father... Of course... That would make me very happy. And I'm sorry for that little outburst. I didn't mean to blaspheme...
  • Libra: Think nothing of it. The gods forgive all. Now, allow me to eradicate these accursed Risen. Find a safe place, and know that I will be nearby!
Henry[edit | edit source]
  • Henry: Hey-o, Noire! Good to see you're still alive!
  • Noire: Wh-what?!
  • Henry: Don't freak out on me! Just listen. I'm not your enemy—I'm your dad. Sorta... Naga sent me here from another world to protect you.
  • Noire: I...I don't think so! This is another trap, isn't it? You're some sort of illusion!
  • Henry: What? You don't believe your own flesh and blood?! Mmm, blood...
  • Noire: No, I don't believe YOU! My father is dead!
  • Henry: Hmm... I guess it is a pretty tough story to swallow. And a healthy sense of skepticism is a sign of a sharp mind, after all... That's my girl!
  • Noire: It's is Naga supposed to help us if we don't even have the Fire Emblem yet? That's not how it works! You must be an illusion or a shape-shifter or...under some kind of resurrection hex!
  • Henry: A hex? Nya ha! You really are your mother's daughter! Fine—resurrection curse it is! I'm Henry the Risen—rawwr! Nya ha ha!
  • Noire: Huh...?
  • Henry: If believing that helps move things along, then so be it. You go right ahead and think I've been all Risened up by some curse! I just wanna get past this so I can start saving you from peril!
  • Noire: ......
  • Henry: If it helps me protect my daughter, I'll be anything she wants me to be!
  • Noire: F-Father... *sob* I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I doubted you... I believe you—really I do! I'm sorry I thought you were cursed!
  • Henry: Huh? So now you believe me? You're a strange kid...
  • Noire: It's impostor could ever talk the way you do, Father... So...about that offer to protect me... Will you help me get out of here alive?
  • Henry: Of course I will! Hexed or not, I've got your back, come hell or high water! Nya ha!

Nah[edit | edit source]

W/ Nah[edit | edit source]

  • Nah: So that's the me of this world... Looks like she's in pretty rough shape. She's struggling just to hold it together. Back in my own time, we stopped here when we were recovering our world's Gemstones. But we didn't stay in this place for long... If we had to stay for longer, I wonder if we'd ended up trapped like this... This world's a lot like the future I'm from. But there's something different about it. Everything just seems to be headed in the worst possible direction. But I'm not going to sit idly by as it slides into ruin! So don't you worry, other me— I'll protect you, no matter what! Just stay strong for a little while longer...

W/ Nowi[edit | edit source]

  • Nowi: Heeeey, Nah!
  • Nah: Huh? Is mother?! How can this be?
  • Nowi: I don't really get it myself! All I know is that we're here from another world to save you! But we can't stay here for long, so we have to move quickly...
  • Nah: This is all a little hard to swallow...But when I saw you, I guessed it had to be something like that.
  • Nowi: That's my Nah—smart as ever!
  • Nah: Mother...I don't want you to save me.
  • Nowi: What?! C'mon, don't be a spoilsport! I'm all fired up for a rumble!
  • Nah: The Risen here are extremely powerful. I can't let you put yourself in danger.
  • Nowi: What? Why not?! You think I can't handle myself? Or what, was the Nowi of this world some sort of superhuman megadragon?!
  • Nah: I wouldn't know. My mother died when I was too young to remember. I only know how she looked from pictures. Did she look strong...? Maybe...
  • Nowi: O-oh...I'm sorry, Nah. I...I didn't know...
  • Nah: That's why I don't want you to fight them—how could I go on if I lost you twice? So please...just leave, okay?
  • Nowi: ...Hmm, nope! Sorry. Nuh-uh. I'm not going anywhere.
  • Nah: Huh?
  • Nowi: I came here to save you, Nah. I love you! I have to protect you! And your real mother—the Nowi of this world—she wants me to save you too. I can hear her telling me so!
  • Nah: can hear her...?
  • Nowi: Yup! And with double the Nowi power, there's no way we're gonna lose! So have some faith in your mothers, okay?
  • Nah: ...... Are you sure...?
  • Nowi: Sure, I'm sure! Now relax and leave everything to us!
  • Nah: ...Okay. I will. Thank you. Both of you. I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I'm really happy I got to see you...And that you...*sniff*...came to save me...

W/ Father[edit | edit source]

Male Robin[edit | edit source]
  • Robin: Wait, is that...? You're Nah, aren't you? The Nah of this world, I mean.
  • Nah: You're... Huh? But it can't be... Are you my...father?!
  • Robin: Poor Nah... I can't imagine how hard it's been for you, I'm so sorry...
  • Nah: Father! Is it really you? *sob*
  • Robin: How could I have left such a vulnerable child all alone...?
  • Nah: Father... All this time, I thought you were dead! I'm so happy you're still alive!!
  • Robin: Oh...oh, no! It's...not what you think, Nah. Gods, I'm such a fool. Listen, I'm from another world. Your father and I... We're not the same person. And once this battle is over, I'll have to go back to the world I came from.
  • Nah: So my father is...dead after all...
  • Robin: I'm so sorry, Nah. I came all this way to save you, and all I've done is make you sad. I can't believe I made a mess of our one chance to be together...
  • Nah: It's okay. I accepted the loss of my father a long time ago. I'm fine now. And even if you aren't exactly him, I'm still very happy to have met you.
  • Robin: You have a very forgiving heart, Nah. But how many tears have you had to shed to earn it? I'm going to make up for those tears. I'm going to get you out of here. And I'm not going to say or do anything to make you cry anymore. Okay?
  • Nah: Thank you, Father. But...I'm welling up again already. Heh. *sniff* And it looks like I'm not the only one...
  • Robin: I guess it...*sniff*...runs in the family!
Frederick[edit | edit source]
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait—are you my father?
  • Frederick: You must be the Nah of this world. I've come through the Outrealms from another world. I am here to save you.
  • Nah: Another world? So you're not my real father?
  • Frederick: Alas, no. But I shall protect you ferociously as if I were!
  • Nah: Then where is he? Where's my real father?
  • Frederick: Oh, I... I'm afraid I, uh...
  • Nah: It's okay. I know he's dead. I know he's It's just that seeing what he looked like in the flesh got me thinking. "Is this what my real father looked like?" "Is this how he sounded?"
  • Frederick: I see. Why would it matter to you how he sounded?
  • Nah: Well...I was raised by strangers from a very young age. I always thought they would like me more if I spoke the way my father used to. So I asked people who knew him how he talked, and I tried to talk the same way. Oh, Father... *sob* Will I ever meet him...? Will I ever learn if we really do sound alike?
  • Frederick: Forgive me, Nah. It seems my presence has forced you to recall painful memories.
  • Nah: No. I'm sorry for bursting into tears over something so trivial. Even if you aren't my real father, I'm still glad you came. It's proof that miracles really can happen. That we should never give up the fight.
  • Frederick: Your courage is admirable, Nah. I cannot undo the pain I have caused, but please allow me to ensure your safety. It's the least I can do for my would-be daughter.
  • Nah: Oh, Father...Thank you.
Virion[edit | edit source]
  • Virion: Oh? Could it be? Can this comely young noblewoman truly be my flesh and blood?
  • Nah: I'm sorry—what...? Wait. Are father?!
  • Virion: Alas, my dear, that is not quite the case. I am, in fact, a Virion from another world, summoned here to— Oof!
  • Nah: Father! Father, it's really you! I... *sniff* I just can't... *sob*
  • Virion: Barely have I introduced myself, and the child throws herself into my arms... It seems I've been blessed with a powerful aura of paternal reassurance. A gift indeed!
  • Nah: I don't care if you're from another world! You're still my father! All I ever knew of you was from pictures. I'm so happy to finally get to see you in the flesh—walking and talking and—
  • Virion: My dear Nah, please. One mustn't speak of people as if they were exhibits at a zoo. And while I find great comfort in your embrace, perhaps this is a tad...excessive.
  • Nah: Huh? Why?
  • Virion: Well, my dear, your true father is watching this whole spectacle from the heavens. I shudder to think how envious he must be of the kindnesses you heap upon me...
  • Nah: O-oh... Yes... Of course, you're right. *sniff* *ahem* I'm okay now. I'm sorry I burst into tears like that.
  • Virion: Nah, you are a magnificent young woman—as graceful as you are beautiful. I am truly proud to call you my daughter.
  • Nah: Heh. Come now... You tell me you're not my real father, then you start talking as if you were! Which is it going to be?
  • Virion: I... Well, you see... Hmph. Very well. You have the better of me there, my dear. Now, if you're finished mocking me, shall we turn our attention to your rescue? Parent or not, it is my sworn duty to come to the aid of any damsel in distress!
  • Nah: Fair enough. Thank you...Father.
Stahl[edit | edit source]
  • Stahl: Nah! Thank goodness you're safe...
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait...are you my father? Can it really be...? Father! Oh, Father!
  • Stahl: Heh, I was worried you might be hurt, but that hug could choke out a bear!
  • Nah: But how come you're here? Are you a spirit sent to take me up to heaven?
  • Stahl: No, no. Nothing like that. This is going to be hard to believe, but hear me out... I'm not your father. I'm another Stahl. From across the Outrealms.
  • Nah: Huh? Like, another world...?
  • Stahl: Yes. And I have to go back there soon. But not before I've seen you safely through this battle.
  • Nah: So we can't be together long... O-okay. I understand. But...while you're here...
  • Stahl: Of course, sweetheart. Come rest in my arms all you like. I have to say it's quite a relief that you believed me so readily. I'd been worrying this whole time about how I could possibly explain who I was...
  • Nah: I don't know. I just...felt it. All I know of you, I learned from pictures. I don't remember being held in your arms... I never knew the sound of your voice... But this...this warmth... I somehow just knew it had to be you. I may have never met you...and you may not be from here...but you're still my father. I'd know you anywhere...
  • Stahl: Nah...
  • Nah: Okay, that...that's enough.
  • Stahl: Nah? Where are you going? What's wrong? I can't protect you if you don't stay close!
  • Nah: I...I can't be around you anymore.
  • Stahl: What? Why?
  • Nah: I'm not strong enough... If I spend any more time with you. I won't be able to cope with you leaving.
  • Stahl: ...... I understand. Then just try to think of me as...a helper from another world. Do you think you can do that? Would you let me protect you then?
  • Nah: I...I'll try... Thank you, Outrealm Father. I'm glad I got to meet you. I'll cherish this moment for the rest of my life.
Vaike[edit | edit source]
  • Vaike: Hey! You must be the Nah of this world!
  • Nah: Hm? Hey, I've seen pictures of you... But...but this is impossible! You' father?!
  • Vaike: Er...not exactly. This might be kinda hard to swallow, kiddo, but...this Vaike's here from another world. I dunno if that makes me your old man or not, but it sure is somethin'!
  • Nah: You're from another world...?
  • Vaike: But ya know, you got a Vaike-like vibe about ya. Hard and steely, I like it!
  • Nah: If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that I don't resemble my father at all!
  • Vaike: What?!
  • Nah: Or my Mother, either—outside of being a manakete, of course. I don't understand how I can possibly be your child.
  • Vaike: What?! You're questionin' whether you're the Vaike's kid?! Why would ya do that?
  • Nah: Well, it's just... I quit! I completely gave up! I gave up on any hope of rescue... I gave up on getting the Gemstones to Ylisse... From everything I heard, my parents never gave up! They never accepted defeat...
  • Vaike: Hmm. Guess ya got a point there. Me and Nowi don't ever stand for losin'. We're both kinda idiots like that.
  • Nah: Urgh...
  • Vaike: But us bein' idiots like that is the reason you're all alone now. So if you're a tad bit less gung ho than us, that's no bad thing. Anyway, ya didn't really quit, and you know it. Ya knew deep down that things'd work out. Ya knew you'd get those Gemstones back. C'mon, is Teach right or is Teach right? Ya even lost your dragonstone, but did ya roll over and give up? Of course not!
  • Nah: Father...
  • Vaike: That fire you got deep in your heart—consider that your inheritance, kiddo. Like it or not, you're every bit the daughter of Nowi and ol' Teach!
  • Nah: Father.. *sniff* Oh, Father! *sob* You're right, I...I don't want to lose! I don't want to let them beat me!
  • Vaike: There, there. It's all right. You go ahead and cry if you gotta. The Vaike's here to win back your pride. Ain't no way I'm lettin' my little girl lose!
Kellam[edit | edit source]
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait...are you my father?
  • Kellam: Uh, hello, Nah. It's good to see you.
  • Nah: B-but how is this possible...? You died years ago!
  • Kellam: Well, uh...I'm not actually the Kellam of this world, you see. I'm from another world in the Outrealms. And I can't stay here for long...
  • Nah: You're from another world? Please, you have to take me back with you! I...I don't want you to leave me again!
  • Kellam: Oh, Nah... I wish I could. But I can't take you to my world. I don't have that kind of power. I'm sorry. I'm as useless to you as ever...
  • Nah: B-but! It's okay. I know I can't really leave here... I'll be fine. This is where I belong.
  • Kellam: Um, do you always stifle your true feelings like that, Nah? I guess that was the only way you could survive without me or Nowi around, huh? But I bet the Nowi and I of this world wouldn't have wanted it to be that way. It's okay. You don't need to act tough. Not while I'm here...
  • Nah: Oh, Father... *sniff* *sob*
  • Kellam: Nah... Even after I'm sent back to my world, I hope you know that I'll never forget you. Live on, Nah. Live and be strong.
Donnel[edit | edit source]
  • Nah: I can't believe it's gone... Damned Risen! Now what am I supposed to do?!
  • Donnel: This here stone what yer lookin' for?
  • Nah: Oh, uh...yes. Yes, it is.
  • Donnel: One of them critters dropped it a bit ago. I had me a notion it might be yours, Nah
  • Nah: ...Thanks. It was a gift from my father, so it means a lot to me. It isn't as powerful as a dragonstone or anything, but... Hey, wait a minute—who are you? And how do you know my name?
  • Donnel: Whoops! I plumb forgot to explain! Here, take a look—see at this...
  • Nah: It's another stone... Hey, it's exactly like mine!
  • Donnel: Sure is. And one day, I'll give it to ya. I'm your pa, see—here from the Outrealms.
  • Nah: What are you talking about?
  • Donnel: Naga used her power to send us here for two shakes so we could save y'all.
  • Nah: Naga sent you?! But...why are you so young?! I didn't even recognize you!
  • Donnel: My world's just a smidge farther back in time than this one, is all. But I'm still the man who becomes yer pa.
  • Nah: Father... It really is you, isn't it? I never imagined... It's a miracle! Oh, father, I'm so happy to see you! *sob*
  • Donnel: Ya done good, survivin' against the Risen like this. I can't stay long, but I'll protect ya while I can. I swear it on this here stone.
  • Nah: *sob* Th-thank you... *sniff* And I swear on the stone too—that I'll never give up hope again!
Lon'qu[edit | edit source]
  • Lon'qu: Nah...?
  • Nah: Huh? Are you...? I know you... You' father! Oh, Father!
  • Lon'qu: Actually, I'm a different Lon'qu, come here from the Out— Oof!
  • Nah: Father! Father, I've missed you SO much! *sob* Oh, Father... I could hug you forever! I'm so happy to see you!
  • Lon'qu: Did you...not hear anything I just said?
  • Nah: Even if you're a different version of him, you're still my father! I never thought I'd get to see you alive! You don't know what this means to me! Huh... In the pictures I saw, your eyes seemed much more gentle... You're kind of scary looking.
  • Lon'qu: I'm scarier looking than the me of the future? Then I suppose that your being born may change me.
  • Nah: I suppose so! But even if you are a little scary now, you still look magnificent to me! Not that I'd expect anything less from my own bloodline... Heh.
  • Lon'qu: It's strange... When I'm with my own daughter, I don't feel any aversion to women at all. All I feel is...happiness.
  • Nah: Well, I'm happy to see you too, Father.
  • Lon'qu: So...the me of this world died and left you all alone? I can't replace your father, but I can fight for you every bit as fiercely.
  • Nah: I know you can. And I know you will. Thank you for coming to save me.
Ricken[edit | edit source]
  • Ricken: You're Nah, right? The Nah of this world?
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow...Wait...Father...? Is this a dream?
  • Ricken: No, not a dream exactly. I'm a Ricken from another world. From a place called the Outrealms. So...I'm not really your father.
  • Nah: Well, thank goodness for that! I'd have been a little worried if my father turned out to be some little kid!
  • Ricken: Great... Even my own daughter gives me the little-kid treatment...
  • Nah: If it makes you feel any better, Mother always said that Father was a great man.
  • Ricken: Really? Well, that's good to hear, I guess.
  • Nah: He was a great man, so I'm sure you'll grow to become one too.
  • Ricken: Heh...Thanks! When I came here to rescue you, I never thought it'd be YOU cheering ME up!
  • Nah: Ha! Well, I never imagined I'd meet a young version of my father in need of cheering up! But...I'm glad I did. It felt good to talk to you. Better than I've felt in a long time...
  • Ricken: Well, allow me to repay you for the pep talk by taking care of these Risen. Finding out I grow up to be such a great man has got me all fired up! I'm so glad we decided to heed Naga's call to save you!
  • Nah: Naga's call?! So that's how...Then miracles really do happen...I guess the faith I abandoned has found me again. Thank you, Father. And thank you, Naga...
Gaius[edit | edit source]
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait...are you my father?
  • Gaius: So you're the Nah of this world, huh? Nice to meet you, kid.
  • Nah: You're a ghost, aren't you? Not that I mind. I'm just happy to have you back. I...I've missed you so much! *Sob*
  • Gaius: Sorry to break it to you, but I'm not the ghost of your old man. I'm not even from this world. I'm another Gaius, come here from the Outrealms. So in a way, I guess I am your dad. But also...not. If that makes sense?
  • Nah: You're my father from another world?
  • Gaius: Yeah, that's about the size of it. And I'm here to rescue you. I'm sure I'm no substitute for the real thing, but...I'll do what I can. I should be able to get you out of this mess, at least. Hey, you ever eat one of these candies? They're the best. Why don't you get yourself someplace safe and try one?
  • Nah: Sure, I know these. They're the ones they say you used to carry everywhere with you...
  • Gaius: Oh yeah?
  • Nah: I don't remember anything about my real father at all... But when I used to get lonely, I'd buy some of these and try to imagine him... The taste of these candies is the only real connection I have with him...
  • Gaius: Nah...
  • Nah: They taste like... *sniff* They taste like...home... *sob*
  • Gaius: There, there, kiddo. It's okay to cry. You cry all you want. And when the tears stop flowing, I'll still be right here by your side.
Gregor[edit | edit source]
  • Gregor: You! You are Nah of this world, yes?
  • Nah: Huh? Who are y— Wait a sec... I know you from somewhere. Are you...are you my father?!
  • Gregor: Ah, how Gregor wishes to be saying yes... But alas, no. This is different Gregor. This Gregor travel here from other world. From Outrealms!
  • Nah: Another world? If that's true, it would have to be some kind of miracle...
  • Gregor: *Sigh* Gregor was hoping daughter of this world look at least little bit like him... But no, same as in other world. Little Nah looks just like Mother...
  • Nah: You really don't think I resemble you at all?
  • Gregor: Gregor sees no resemblance! This is probably for best, of course...
  • Nah: Well, so what if we don't look alike! I heard my father fought unflinchingly for justice and always took care of his friends. I at least resemble him in that way, if nothing else.
  • Gregor: ...... Uh, yes, something like that...
  • Nah: Hm? Hey, don't turn away! Why are you staring at the ceiling like that?
  • Gregor: *Sniff* nothing! Please be paying Gregor no mind. Most important thing right now is for Nah to get to safe place. Your job is to take Gemstones back to Ylisse, yes? So you worry about that, and let Gregor handle the squashing of monsters! And remember, Nah—even when things look bad, never give up the hoping! Keep believing until end, and maybe you see true miracle after all.
  • Nah: Father, you're... You're absolutely right. I'll uh... I'll never give up the hoping again!
Libra[edit | edit source]
  • Libra: So you're the Nah of this world? Thank the gods that you're safe!
  • Nah: You seem familiar somehow... Are you my...father? Oh Father! Father! *sob*
  • Libra: My dear child. It pains me to have to tell you this, but... I am not your true father. I am a visitor from another world...
  • Nah: Another world...? So you're alternate version of my father?
  • Libra: Right. And though my time here is short, I will do everything in my power to save you.
  • Nah: I see... Then...thank you. I gladly accept your offer of help. You may not be my father, but I'm still happy I got the chance to meet you. And to learn how I ended up speaking so...softly compared to Mother... Hee hee. I clearly got that part from you...
  • Libra: Heh. Perhaps you did. Our manner of speech is similar indeed. Nah, I owe you an apology. On behalf of myself and your father of this world...
  • Nah: You do? What for?
  • Libra: I spent my own formative years starved of parental love. The last thing I ever wanted was to put my own child through the same hardship. Forgive me, my child.
  • Nah: There's no need to apologize. I may only know my parents through the pictures my father drew... but people tell me one thing about them, time and time again. They gave their lives for my sake, and for the sake of our world. I could never hold that against them.
  • Libra: Nah... Even denied the love of a mother and father, still you grew good and gracious. Truly, the gods are great!
  • Nah: The gods... Yes, I suppose this is proof that miracles really can happen. My own father was a priest, but I couldn't find it within myself to have faith. Forgive me, Naga. My change of heart may be late in coming, but I'm ready to believe now. Thank you for letting me meet my father just once. Thank you for that most of all...
Henry[edit | edit source]
  • Nah: You look familiar somehow... Wait—are you my father?
  • Henry: Oh! You're this world's Nah! That's pretty wild.
  • Nah: But...aren't you supposed to be dead? Is this some sort of curse?
  • Henry: Nope! Not a curse! Good guess, though. I actually came from a whole other world just to rescue you! So I'm exactly like your father...except I'm completely different. Nya ha! Crazy, huh?
  • Nah: So you're my father...from another world?
  • Henry: Uh-huh!
  • Nah: Then there's something I want to say to you, since I can't say it to my real father.
  • Henry: Ooh! What's that?
  • Nah: Long ago, when you proposed to Mother, what was it you promised her? You said you'd make manakete children so she'd never have to be alone again, right?
  • Henry: Well, it wasn't all that long ago for me, but yup, that was pretty much it.
  • Nah: But in the end, Mother died...
  • Henry: And now you're the one who's all alone? Is that what you're saying?
  • Nah: No. Completely the opposite, in fact. Mother is gone, but I have lots of friends. Loyal friends who fight by my side. So you don't need to worry about me. I'm doing well. I'm not lonely. I just wanted you to know that.
  • Henry: Well, well. I see you've grown up to be a strong girl after all. I think the me of this world would be relieved to know that. In fact, since we're basically the same person, I'm sure of it! Ha!
  • Nah: I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for listening to what I had to say.
  • Henry: Sure. Now, unless there's anything else you need, you'd best go somewhere safe. I'm gonna mop up the rest of these Risen, and things are about to get gooey!
  • Nah: Thank you, Father. It meant a lot to me that you came to my rescue like this. I guess Naga really does perform miracles...

NPC Quotes[edit | edit source]

(Note: The post-battle quotes will only appear if all children survive, and if each child triggers at least one conversation with a parent.)

Kjelle[edit | edit source]

“Our enemy seems to be defeated. The day is won. Though...not by us. This victory was given to us by those brave warriors from afar. Perhaps Mother and Father saw our pitiful plight from up in heaven... They must have gone to Naga to appeal for her help. Mother, Father...thank you. I know you've always protected me. But you can rest your vigil now. I will never be weak like that again. Now it's my turn to protect this world you fought and died for. I'll repay this salvation by saving the world you loved so dearly. I swear it! Never again will I yield to my enemy! Never again will I let myself be cornered! So be at peace as you watch me from heaven. Heaven and...the other world.”
—Kjelle's post-battle quote.
“No... It can't...end here... We needed the world...”
—Kjelle's death quote.

Cynthia[edit | edit source]

“The Risen are all dead...? We're...saved?! And it looks like everyone made it! Oh, thank the gods! I hope the warriors from another world fared as well... Another world, huh...? I never thought I'd see either of my parents again, but...there you were. It was odd that you looked so young, but it still brought back a flood of memories... Thank you. For coming to save us. And for talking with me one last time. I know it's not the same... You came from a different world, but still... Your coming here filled me with courage. Enough to sustain me from here on out. We can handle things from here—I promise. Together, we're going to save this world!”
—Cynthia's post-battle quote.
“No! I...I won't give...up... I still believe...this world...can...”
—Cynthia's death quote.

Noire[edit | edit source]

“'s over?! And I'm not dead? I'm still alive?! This is so strange... It's like my brain is wrapped in a fog. It feels like a dream... Oh, gods, wait—is that what this is? Is this all just a dream?! Hmm... Let me just give myself a little pinch and... YOW! Okay...definitely not a dream! Whew... Dear Mother and Father... I know you won't believe this, but...I actually saw you today! I mean, I know it wasn't the real you, but still. It was like you came down from heaven to save me. I was so happy! I guess this means I won't be reunited with you guys as soon as I'd thought. Not that I'm complaining. I've got a long life ahead of me now, so I'd better make the most of it. I'm pretty sure you'd want it that way, after all. Isn't that right?”
—Noire's post-battle quote.
“Mother... Father... Come for me... I d-don't want to die...alone...”
—Noire's death quote.

Nah[edit | edit source]

“It's over... I...I get to go home after all... I still can't believe it. Separated, trapped, disarmed... And still we walk away? After everything I said... Naga sent a miracle after all. And I got to meet my family... I never thought I'd know my mother or father. We only exchanged a few words... We touched for just a few moments... But those moments filled me with such warmth. For a moment I...had a family... Oh, gosh. My eyes are welling up again! But this is no time to cry. I need to reclaim my dragonstone and find the others. Being alive never felt better... This is a gift I mustn't waste! We can't afford to tarry. We need to get these Gemstones back to Ylisse!”
—Nah's post-battle quote.
“I thought...I was ready for this, I wish I...could've gone...home...”
—Nah's death quote.

Enemy Quotes[edit | edit source]

Morgan[edit | edit source]

“Who are you? How did you get here? I won't parley with you. My heart belongs to Grima now. You will not sway me from my master! If you insist on interfering, I swear I will destroy you!”
—Enemy Morgan's pre-battle quote.
“Master Grima... I...I'm sorry... My life grows short...but...I promise...never...forget you...”
—Enemy Morgan's death quote.
“Is that...Master Grima? No, it can't be. It has been ages since my master took that form... Could he be some emissary of Naga's sent from another world? That damned dragon has no right meddling with my heart... But it is too late. I cannot knowingly fight him. Forgive me, Master Grima. I must withdraw...”
—Enemy Morgan's retreat quote if the Male Robin stands beside him.

Conversation W/ Female Robin[edit | edit source]

(Note: To trigger this conversation, Morgan must be recruited in the army and the Female Robin must end her turn next to him.)

  • Morgan: Ahh! Master Grima!
  • Robin: Huh?
  • Morgan: What are you doing out here? Please, return to the Table! It's too dangerous!
  • Robin: What are you talking about?
  • Morgan: Huh? Wait... You're not Master Grima?
  • Robin: I think you have the wrong person. I'm not even from this world. I only just arrived to lend the Ylisseans what help I can.
  • Morgan: You're from another world? Then that makes you... No. This is dreadful news. I must alert my master that reinforcements have arrived... But...
  • Robin: You seem troubled.
  • Morgan: That's not your concern! Why did you tell me you're in league with the Ylisseans? Not a sound strategy, is it? What if I'm with the enemy? I could report your arrival and summon more Risen.
  • Robin: I suppose. The hood does make you look a bit shady. But something in my gut tells me you're no enemy of mine.
  • Morgan: A tactician ought to base her judgments on more than a gut feeling.
  • Robin: Oh? And how did you know I was a tactician?
  • Morgan: I have my ways.
  • Robin: You know me. Or at least you know me in this world. And based on your concern before, I can only surmise I'm someone you care about. ...Isn't that right?
  • Morgan: So what if you are? You won't get me to talk, no matter how you torture me. I know where my allegiance lies. I trust that your...that her path is the correct one.
  • Robin: I don't know what the other me in this world is up to, but I'll tell you one thing. She's lucky to have you.
  • Morgan: I...I said that's none of your concern!
  • Robin: You're right. I overstepped my boundaries. Here. Let me give you this as my way of apologizing.
  • Morgan: What is it?
  • Robin: One of my favorite books. It details my basic battle strategies. Perhaps it might benefit one so obviously fond of tacticians.
  • Morgan: But isn't this special to you? And more importantly, aren't you worried we'll use this against you? I could end your little crusade right here and now!
  • Robin: You could. But you won't.
  • Morgan: What makes you so sure?!
  • Robin: You remind me of someone too. Someone very special to me. Again, it's a gut feeling, but I do not believe you wish me harm.
  • Morgan: ......
  • Robin: Time is running short, and I need to go. But I'm glad we got this chance to talk. (Robin leaves)
  • Morgan: Huh? Wait, where are you... ...... I already have this book. You gave it to me long ago. The notes and dog-ears are all exactly the same. ...I can't do it. I can't keep fighting. Up until now, my faith was unshakable. I was ready to kill my own friends... But I cannot strike down the kind and gentle mother I once knew... Forgive me, Master Grima. I must withdraw... I remain your servant and am ready to accept any punishment you see fit. (Morgan leaves)

Closing Dialogue[edit | edit source]

All Children Survive[edit | edit source]

Outside of Building[edit | edit source]

  • Cynthia: Guys! Thank the gods you're okay!
  • Kjelle: I had made my peace with death, but...those warriors saved us. ...Hm? Where did they go? They were just here a moment ago...
  • Cynthia: Huh? They're right over— Wait, what? You're right! They're gone! Every last one of them... Wow, disappeared without saying a word. Talk about your heroic departures...
  • Noire: I never even got a chance to thank them... If they hadn't shown up, I'm sure we'd...we'd all be dead by now...
  • Cynthia: Yeah, no kidding...
  • Nah: Cynthia...I owe you an apology.
  • Cynthia: Huh? What for?
  • Nah: For insisting there was no such thing as miracles. I'd never truly believed in that sort of thing before, but... Well, how else can you describe it? That was an honest-to-gods miracle. Naga must have been touched by your unyielding faith, Cynthia.
  • Cynthia: Nah...
  • Nah: I even heard Naga's voice this time. "Don't give up," she said. Just a faint whisper from far, far away, but...enough to make me believe again. The gods do exist. Miracles CAN happen. And even this world can be saved.
  • Cynthia: Yes! It definitely can! Man, we're gonna do such a number on Grima! And then we can finally see what it's like to lead normal, happy lives for a change! That's what you said you wanted, right, Noire?
  • Noire: I...I guess it was! To think that day might actually come... Even I can't help but be a little optimistic after what we just witnessed.
  • Kjelle: Hey, slow down, everyone. Don't go getting spoiled by what happened. The gods aren't going to bail us out every time we run into trouble. So no more counting on miracles, all right? We need to get back to relying on our combat potential. And by "we," I mean "all of you."
  • Noire: But, Kjelle, weren't you the one just saluting our unexpected strength and bravery...?
  • Kjelle: What, that? That was just me blowing smoke to make you all feel better. Come on, I thought we were gonna die! You're supposed to say stuff like that.
  • Noire: Ha! Well...I guess I'll just forget that ever happened, then.
  • Kjelle: ...Good.
  • Cynthia: Back in drill-sergeant mode already, Kjelle? Guess that means the party's over. Onward to Ylisse! Lucina's probably scowling at her pocket watch as we speak...
  • Nah: Indeed. The sooner we get back, the sooner we can perform the Awakening.
  • Noire: I hope everyone else is okay... Do you think they all made it back safely?
  • Kjelle: I'm sure they're all fine. Although they're probably getting tired of waiting on us!
  • Noire: You think we're the last ones? Eek! We'd better get moving! (Noire leaves)
  • Kjelle: Huh? Noire, hang on—don't run ahead! It isn't safe! Being saved by a miracle doesn't mean you can't get your fool self killed, you know!
  • Nah: *Sigh* Running off half-cocked again... So much for life-changing lessons. I'll switch into dragon form and go catch her.
  • Cynthia: Yeah, that's probably for the best... Thanks, Nah.
  • Nah: I'll see you in a bit! (Nah leaves)
  • Cynthia: ...... Well, that was one heck of a day... But we're safe now, and hopefully the rest of the crew is too. ...Thanks, brave warriors of the Outrealms. You've taught us to never give up hope!

Outrealm Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Naga: Well done, Outrealm Warriors. Those children have eluded a terrible end because of your efforts. I am certain now they will make it safely home to Ylisse with Gemstones in hand.
  • Chrom: That's encouraging to hear.
  • Naga: Know this, Chrom of Ylisse: hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Gules and Azure count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
  • Chrom: Just tell me what to do.
  • Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. When I must again call upon you to protect that world from the encroaching darkness...I know you will not fail.

Ylisstol[edit | edit source]

  • Lucina: ...... We've lost a lot of soldiers... Every day gets a little worse for us, while the Risen grow only stronger. Are we simply postponing our demise? The castle defenses are weakening... Please, my friends, I need you here. Find the stones... ......
  • Tiki: Does something ail you, Lucina? You look troubled.
  • Lucina: Lady Tiki? I am sorry—I was lost in thought. What are you doing here? I thought you had taken refuge on Mount Prism.
  • Tiki: The mount fell to Risen less than a week ago.
  • Lucina: What?! But it was heavily defended!
  • Tiki: Yes, and for that I thank you. Had you not dispatched some of your finest soldiers... I and the Ylisseans in my company might have never made it this far. Not that we did not suffer our share of casualties...
  • Lucina: I'm so sorry... I thought for certain Mount Prism, at least, would keep you safe...
  • Tiki: ...... Lucina, where are the other children—the ones who were fighting with you?
  • Lucina: ...Plegia.
  • Tiki: What?! But there's no place more dangerous. Why would you—? ...Wait. You're going to perform the Awakening?
  • Lucina: Yes. To defeat the fell dragon, we must return the five Gemstones to the Fire Emblem. But both Emblem and Gemstones have fallen into Plegia's hands. ...So I sent the others to find them.
  • Tiki: I can see it grieves you that you could not join them. But you were wise to remain in Ylisse. Only one of exalted blood can perform the Awakening. If any harm befell you, their efforts would be for naught. You belong someplace safe. ...Or at least someplace less perilous, if safe is too strong a word.
  • Lucina: I know, but it has been too long. What if the Risen have already gotten them? I must be prepared for the worst.
  • Tiki: Lucina... They will make it back. Of course they will. I heard the Plegians keep the Gemstones and Emblem in separate, secret places. Your friends will need time to complete their mission. And you need to have faith.
  • Lucina: I know... All right, milady. I shall try to banish these ill thoughts.
  • Tiki: Good. That's the strong Lucina I know. I can help you defend Ylisse until the others return with— Ah! Lucina, look out! ...Nnrgh!
  • Lucina: Lady Tiki!
  • Grima: ......
  • Tiki: It's you... How did you...get inside Ylisstol...? As fast as you...ahhh... (Tiki collapses)
  • Lucina: Lady Tiki? Oh no, please... LADY TIKI!

At Least One Survives[edit | edit source]

Outrealm Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Naga: Welcome home, warriors.
  • Chrom: I'm sorry. We fought our hardest, but some of the children...
  • Naga: Do not blame yourself. They were all fated to die that day. You must solace yourself with every life you save, even if it is only one.
  • Chrom: It should have been all of them...
  • Naga: Put it behind you, Chrom of Ylisse, and realize the great deed you have done. You have prevented the Gemstones from falling back into enemy hands. With luck, the surviving children will deliver them to their princess. You have done extremely well.
  • Chrom: ......
  • Naga: However, hopes for their future still hang by a thread. Gules and Azure count for but two of the Gemstones. The others, and the Fire Emblem itself, must also reach the princess. Otherwise, the children's struggles will be for naught.
  • Chrom: I know... I'll do what I can.
  • Naga: Thank you. I knew I could rely on you. And the departed can rest easy knowing their sacrifice was not in vain...

All Children Die[edit | edit source]

Outrealm Gate[edit | edit source]

  • Chrom: Damn it...
  • Naga: ...Welcome home, warriors. You fought valiantly. However, the children have all died, and the Gemstones have returned to the enemy. Without the stones, their world is doomed to fall.
  • Chrom: But...there must be something we can do! Oh, gods, forgive me...
  • Naga: Do not punish yourself. Their world simply met with the end destiny prescribed.
  • Chrom: I don't care what destiny prescribed!
  • Naga: I understand. But you must not linger on what is already done. Be glad that you gave the children one last glimmer of hope. It was more than they had. And you can still save your own world. The departed would want you to fight with every bone in your I trust you will.
  • Chrom: ......
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