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“Bern surrendered with King Zephiel's death. The great war that shook the lands of Elibe was over. However, Roy's battle was not. Roy continued to search for the Dark Priestess, suspecting that she was the Dark Dragon. Following the beam of light emitted by the Divine Weapons, Roy headed for the Dragon Temple. However, waiting for Roy in front of the temple was General Brunnya, the one remaining Dragon Lord of Bern. She had rounded up Bern's remaining troops and was waiting to attack Roy. Their pride was at stake. A battle with the now dead Kingdom of Bern... Roy had a heavy heart at having to battle these "ghosts".”
—Opening Narration

The Ghost of Bern (ベルンの亡霊 Berun no bōrei) is Chapter 23 of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. This chapter can only be accessed if the player had all the legendary weapons at the end of The Neverending Dream.


This chapter can be difficult, since there is a large number of enemies, including some Druids with Sleep staff near Brunnya, the boss of this chapter. Be sure to bring strong, fast units with high HP and defense, so that they can kill the enemies here.

At first some wyverns will storm you from the north, while the archers in the little isle in the middle of the lake will attack you with the ballistae. Then, you will face the druids near Brunnya, which all have sleep staves, so kill them as fast as possible (it is recommended to bring at least 2 or more staff users with restore staves). Brunnya is guarding the entrance to the Dragon Temple, where Idunn is located.

  • If you visit the village with Fir or Bartre, you will recruit Karel; a Level 19 Swordmaster with all his growths over 100% (except for Resistance). He is very useful in this chapter, if you didn't bring a good sword-wielding unit.
  • It is highly recommended to stock up on resources, but not more than you need, as you will not be able to buy ANY more stock after this chapter (although there are only 2 chapters remaining in the game, 3 if you are stocking up while there are still enemy forces).
  • This is also the final chapter with any human opponents as all the opponents remaining are Manaketes (with Idunn having her own personal variant of the Manakete class).

Shop 1

Heal, Mend, Recover, Physic, Restore, Vulnerary, Pure Water, Elixir

Shop 2

Fire, Thunder, Elfire, Aircalibur, Lighting, Divine, Flux, Nosferatu

Armory 1

Killing Edge, Light Brand, Armorslayer, Killer Lance, Horseslayer, Killer Axe, Hammer, Halberd, Killer Bow, Short Bow, Longbow

Armory 2

Slim Sword, Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Silver Sword, Iron Blade, Steel Blade, Silver Blade, Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Silver Lance, Javelin, Iron Axe, Steel Axe, Silver Axe, Hand Axe, Iron Bow, Steel Bow, Silver Bow.