“The secret message that was in Lord Lonato's possession. It contained a deplorable plot to target the archbishop on the day of the Goddess's Rite of Rebirth. The plan seems unrealistic at best... But a threat is a threat. We must maintain constant vigilance.”


Byleth receives a new mission from Rhea and Seteth to help with security on the day of the ritual for the Goddess's Rite of Rebirth. Byleth and their students tackle the areas lacking in security one by one and discover the enemy in the Holy Mausoleum.

Recruitment Edit

Monastery QuestsEdit

Optional Quests Edit

Month Only Quests Edit



Armory Edit

Item Cost Stock
Iron Sword 520
Steel Sword 910 3
Training Sword 260
Iron Lance 560
Steel Lance 910 3
Training Lance 280
Javelin 700 3
Iron Axe 600
Steel Axe 980 3
Training Axe 300
Hand Axe 750 3
Mace 720
Iron Bow 560
Steel Bow 910 3
Training Bow 350
Mini Bow 680
Iron Gauntlets 480
Steel Gauntlets 640 3
Training Gauntlets 240

Item Shop Edit

Item Cost Stock
Leather Shield 500
Iron Shield 1000 3
Vulnerary 300
Beginner Seal 500
Intermediate Seal 1000 3
Torch 600
Pure Water 600 5
Door Key 300
Chest Key 300

Battalion Guild Edit

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1000
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1200
Seiros Magic Corps Group Flames D 1200
Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D 1200
Knights of Seiros Blaze C 1500
Kingdom Infantry Lure E 1000
Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E 1200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1200
Kingdom Magic Corps Group Ice D 1200
Kingdom Knights Assault Troop C 1500


This chapter is the first to feature the Death Knight, who is the most powerful enemy unit so far. He can severely wound any of your units or outright kill them at this point of the game so it is ill advised to attempt to attack him unless you have significantly leveled your allies. The Death Knight has the skill Counterattack, allowing him to counter any attempt to attack him regardless of range. Thankfully, he can be safely ignored, as he will not move from his starting spot in the center as long as he isn't attacked, or an ally ending their turn next to him (or inside his attack radius on Maddening). Defeating him, however, yields a Dark Seal, and is one of the few that can obtain in a single playthrough to promote a unit into a Dark Mage/Dark Bishop. It is possible to Steal the seal without fighting him, then having another ally with Draw Back, Reposition, or Shove can move the thief character out of his attack range, removing the need to defeat him for it. On NG+, if renown is used to train Lysithea's Reason to B, she can access the powerful Dark Spikes T spell and she can eliminate the Death Knight with ease.

The rest of the enemies on this map are mix of magic and physical units so minding who you send out is important when entering enemy attack ranges. The player has 25 turns to complete the mission. Enemy reinforcements show up as the battle progresses, but they only appear from the south. On Hard, the reinforcements spawn and attack/move on the same turn, making it imperative to not have units near the starting area. On Maddening, most mages have Seal Strength, making it best to counter them with units that aren't likely to see combat the following turn.

There are two chests on the map, so bringing Ashe and/or chest keys is useful. The chest located in the northwest contains a Spirit Dust, while the north east chest contains an Intermediate Seal. Completing this map awards the player the Sword of the Creator. It is a powerful sword that they can use to attack at 1-2 range and allows Byleth only to use Ruptured Heaven. The sword has 20 uses and Ruptured Heaven, which calculates Byleth's bonus damage based on their Magic stat, it consumes 3 durability. While it can break, the sword regenerates 5 uses if the player decides to rest for the day, rather than battle or visit the monastery or require Umbral Steel to repair. While 20 uses may not seem like a lot, there is still worth using the sword as in Chapter 8, the sword receives an upgrade and restores its uses.


FE16 Map The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth Reinforcements

Enemy Reinforcement Placements

At the start of Turn Seven:

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