Opening Narration[edit | edit source]

Part II

Verdant Wind

Harpstring Moon

The Golden Scheme[edit | edit source]

Claude leverages his victory at the Battle of Gronder to secure reinforcements from Alliance lords. Meanwhile, the Imperial army continues to tighten its defenses at Fort Merceus in anticipation of an attack on the Imperial capital.

Event:[edit | edit source]

Great Bridge of Myrddin (Outskirts)

  • Judith: Our objective is Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. But our greatest obstacle lies before that.
  • Ignatz: And what's what?
  • Judith: Fort Merceus. If we can't pass through, we won't be able to reach Enbarr.
  • Leonie: Fort Merceus... the Impregnable Fortress, or so it's called.
  • Ignatz: If I recall correctly, it's sometimes referred to as the Stubborn Old General.
  • Lysithea: It is a massive fortress that was constructed to protect the Imperial capital.
  • Shamir: The Imperial army we defeated has withdrawn to Enbarr. Fort Merceus should be short on soldiers for now.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: We should attack quickly.
    • Choice 2: We should be careful.
  • Judith:
    • Response 1: Yes, it would be good to finish up here before more enemy reinforcements arrive.
    • Response 2: It would be best to take it before enemy reinforcements arrive. Still, there's a reason it's been called impregnable.
  • Judith: The only real question is what our fearless leader intends to do...

(Claude arrives)

  • Claude: Sorry for the delay, everyone. Those mewling lords kept me from leaving for quite some time.
  • Judith: So? Were you able to secure additional reinforcements?
  • Claude: It's gonna have to wait until next month. It doesn't look like they can afford to keep supporting us at present.
  • Judith: Then what should we do about Fort Merceus? Do you plan on waiting around?
  • Claude: No. If we wait until next month, the enemy will have bolstered their defenses. That said, the prevailing theory is that you need triple your enemies' forces to take a fortress with a frontal assault.
  • Leonie: Right, that's what we were taught at the academy. And this is Fort Merceus we're talking about. It's renowned for its strong defenses.
  • Claude: Our current army isn't nearly strong enough. Hmm... What to do...
  • Judith: Whatever you do, just don't ask us to scale those huge walls. We'd end up dead when they hurl rocks down at us.
  • Hilda: Yeah, no thanks! If only someone would open up the gates for us from the inside.
  • Claude: Unfortunately we don't have any spies in there. Wait a minute... I've got it! We sneak in, stir up confusion, and open the gates ourselves to let our allies in.
  • Hilda: Right! That's what I was saying all along!
  • Ignatz: Right. Nice one, Hilda. But how do you propose we go about sneaking in?
  • Hilda: Disguises? If we dress up like Imperial soldiers, maybe they'll think we're allies and let us in!
  • Leonie: Do you really think they'd just open the gates for us? I'd be pretty dumbfounded if that worked.
  • Claude: No, no - she's on to something. It's a good idea, Hilda. We just need to refine it a bit, and we'll be in there before we know it.
  • Hilda: Really? Go me!
  • Lorenz: What is your definition of refining the idea? I know your go-to strategy is nausea-inducing poison, but...
  • Raphael: Urgh! I maybe ate too much. My stomach hurts...
  • Lorenz: Raphael... Why are you eating meat during a war council?!
  • Judith: So, fearless leader, I'm guessing you're going to keep the crucial parts of your scheme under wraps until the time comes, aren't you?
  • Claude: You know me so well, Judith. Whether we like it or not, this war puts a damper on all of our spirits. What's wrong with trying to have a little fun every now and again? Just leave the details to me.

Base of Operations[edit | edit source]

Explore[edit | edit source]

Annette[edit | edit source]

(Entrance Hall)

  • Annette: After the battle at Gronder, some people claim they saw my father. They said he walked off the battlefield clutching… His Highness's dead body… So long as Father's alive, I don't need anything else. I just… I hope to see him again one day…

Balthus[edit | edit source]

(Burrow Street)
The little strategist…

  • Balthus: I hear Hilda proposed a genius plan. That right? Heh, we've got a little strategist on our hands. Not too long ago, she was just a tiny girl who couldn't do a thing on her own. Now look at her. She's the fiercest of the fierce. I wonder what Holst would say if he saw her now. I bet he'd be proud…just like me.

Bernadetta[edit | edit source]

(in her room)

  • Bernadetta:It's always relaxing coming back here. But it's hard to relax knowing we have to go out on another expedition again so soon. And assaulting that huge keep? That sounds hard. Oh, really hard! Don't you think it'll be hard?!
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: It's going to be tough.
    • Choice 2: We'll be fine.
  • Bernadetta:
  • Choice 1: I knew you'd think so! I knew you-- Ow! Oh, ow. Can't believe I tried to hug you through the door. (relationship up)
  • Choice 2: Of course you'd say that. Why did I even bother asking?

Catherine[edit | edit source]

Their faces have changed so much...

  • Catherine: I hardly recognize everyone... Their faces have changed so much. More experience in the eyes, and more pain. I'm glad that they're stronger, but I hate to think that they've all become hardened killers. Look after them, OK? Try to keep 'em on the straight-and-narrow.

Claude[edit | edit source]

(Cardinal's Room)
Contingencies upon contingencies…

  • Claude: Each time we take a step forward, more blood is spilled… but by spilling that blood, we're able to take yet another step forward. War is always a cruel affair, but luckily we have each other to lean on. We've steeled our hearts. We won't be broken.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I'm glad we have such reliable allies. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: I wonder if we're pushing them too hard.
  • Claude:
    • Response 1: I couldn't agree more. Without them, we could never have made it this far.
    • Response 2: If anyone's starting to feel the strain, I'm sure just hearing from you will reassure them. Please… do whatever you can to keep their morale up.
  • Claude: Oh, and about taking the fort… I'll need a tad more time to prepare our plan. It's called an impregnable fortress for a reason, after all. My contingencies need contingencies this time, or we might not pull it off.

Constance[edit | edit source]

(Burrow Street)
I blaze my own trail!

  • Constance: It's not that I don't sympathize with Lady Edelgard's goals, mind you. But perhaps not to the point of shedding blood for her ideals.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Perhaps not. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: Some ideals are worth fighting for.
  • Constance:
    • Response 1: I must keep her example in mind as I chart a new path.
    • Response 2: Of course. But I've gone down a different road.
  • Constance: Peace in Fódlan and a restored House Nuvelle shall be my guiding star as I blaze my own trail!

Cyril[edit | edit source]

(Second Floor)
I noticed something.

  • Cyril: Guess what I noticed. I can see further than most other people can see. But I can't figure the point of seeing further than an arrow can fly, since I can't shoot what I see.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: You could detect enemy movements in advance.
    • Choice 2: You could find our targets quicker than anyone. (Relationship up)
  • Cyril:
    • Response 1: I suppose I could see a whole horde of enemies coming and run away. That's kinda useful, at least.
    • Response 2: Yeah, I suppose it could be real useful for finding Lady Rhea too.
  • Cyril: Thanks, Professor. I think I get it now. I'm gonna put my eyes to real good use.

Felix[edit | edit source]

(Training Grounds)
He's… gone.

  • Felix: My relationship with the boar prince began even before I was born. He was always by my side. You might even say that, at one time, we were best friends.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: What do you mean, "best friends"?
    • Choice 2: What happened?
  • Felix: I couldn't fathom the depth of his hatred for the Empire. So much anguish. Could I have saved him? Could I have stopped him?

Ferdinand[edit | edit source]

(Entrance Hall)
A commander must be rational.

  • Ferdinand: Dimitri, the late Prince of Faerghus. He despised the Empire with all his heart. He should not have tried leading an army while his emotions were holding him captive.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Leaders are people too.
    • Choice 2: Leaders can't be emotional? (Relationship up)
  • Ferdinand: No. If a leader's emotions overcome them, others must step in to prevent poor decision-making. Why did his followers not intervene? His attendants? I used to call Edelgard my leader, and now she is running amok. I am duty-bound to stop her.

Flayn[edit | edit source]

(Dining Hall)
My heart feels broken…

  • Flayn: Standing face to face with those whom I went to school with. On the field of battle… How inhuman war is - how horrifying. My heart feels shattered. It is my hope that this war marks the end of such foolish behavior.

Hanneman[edit | edit source]

(Second Floor)
Seems Fódlans gives everything a nickname.

  • Hanneman: Fort Merceus is the Empire's single most fortified military installation. Utterly impregnable, they say. I wonder, do you happen to know the nickname given to Fort Merceus?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: The Silver Maiden.
    • Choice 2: Fódlan's Locket.
    • Choice 3: The Stubborn Old General. (Relationship up)
  • Hanneman:
    • Response 1: No, I'm afraid that name refers to the Fortress City of Arianrhod.
    • Response 2: That one is a fortress that stands at Fódlan's Throat.
    • Response 3: Indeed! A very good answer, but of course you'd know that.
  • Hanneman: Seems Fódlans give everyone and everything a nickname. Why, you were called the Ashen Demon! Myself, I have been called the Father of Crestology, which is a nickname as well as a title, I suppose...

Hapi[edit | edit source]

(Ashen Wolf Classroom)
I get it now.

  • Hapi: People have always fought, I guess. Bandits and nobles clashing over territory. Things like that. So before the war, when folks talked about how peaceful everything was, I thought, "What continent are you living on?" I get it now. A few isolated skirmishes here and there are nothing compared to a full-blown war. The one truly peaceful place I've known was the village where I grew up.

Hilda[edit | edit source]

(Cardinal's Room)
One more twist.

  • Hilda: I wonder how far we can get with this plan. Dressing up like Imperial soldiers to sneak in. Claude said it could use some refinement. Any ideas?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: We could dress you as the emperor. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: We could dress Claude as a woman.
  • Hilda:
    • Response 1: Dress me as Edelgard?! But we look nothing alike!
    • Response 2: Claude, dressed as a woman? I don't understand what the point of that would be.
  • Hilda: On second thought, let's just stick to the plan as originally conceived. That seems safer.

Ignatz[edit | edit source]

That was gruesome.

  • Ignatz: The battle at Gronder Field was gruesome, wasn't it? But perhaps it's irresponsible to look away - to close our eyes to the horrors of war.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I agree.
    • Choice 2: You don't have to force yourself. (Relationship up)
  • Ignatz:
    • Response 1: As survivors, we must ensure that all these lives were not lost in vain. We must see the tragic foundations upon which we'll build our future.
    • Response 2: Thank you. But I think I do actually. As survivors, we must ensure that all these lives were not lost in vain. We must see the tragic foundations upon which we'll build our future.
  • Ignatz: May an age of peace rise from the ashes, so that all this sacrifice means something.

Ingrid[edit | edit source]

We must carry his torch!

  • Ingrid: Among our prisoners of war, there were quite a few people who served His Highness. One of them stated that the Empire was involved with the Tragedy of Duscur. If this is true, His Highness's motives seem clear. I can't help but feel that perhaps I should have fought by his side…
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Why is that?
    • Choice 2: Are you having regrets? (Relationship up)
  • Ingrid:
    • Response 1: Because…I, too, lost someone to that tragedy—the most important person in my world.
    • Response 2: No. Not anymore. I am where I belong.
  • Ingrid: Those of us still on this plane of existence will carry the torch. The inhumane actions of the Empire must not be repeated.

Judith[edit | edit source]

(Reception Hall)
Have you heard of the Death Knight?

  • Judith: Ah, Professor. I have a question for you… Have you heard of the Death Knight? I'm referring to that Imperial general who has been operating under that moniker.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I've heard of him.
    • Choice 2: I haven't heard of him.
  • Judith:
    • Response 1: Nothing is certain yet, but I get the feeling we'll have to face him soon enough.
    • Response 2: Well now… I don't know very much myself. Only that he's caused a great deal of havoc in the west. Nothing is certain yet, but I get the feeling we'll have to face him soon enough.

Leonie[edit | edit source]

(Entrance Hall)
Hope you can keep up…

  • Leonie: Claude takes care of the strategy, you direct the troops, and the rest of us focus on the fighting. As long as the system keeps working, we can win any battle, no matter the odds. That's what everyone's saying anyway. Hope you can keep up with our expectations, Professor.

Lorenz[edit | edit source]

(Training Grounds)
I have doubts about the next battle…

  • Lorenz: Fort Merceus is old and strong. Its reputation for durability is equal to that of Arianrhod. Are we really going to leave this to Claude? With a plan concocted by Hilda, of all people?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I'm uneasy too. (Relationship up)
    • Choice 2: Have a little faith.
  • Lorenz:
    • Response 1: I thought you might be, with how secretly that man devises his schemes.
    • Response 2: I would like to, but I am always troubled by how secretly that man devises his schemes.
  • Lorenz: Let us hope the end result is not too outlandish.

Lysithea[edit | edit source]

We should not let our guard down…

  • Lysithea: As I suspected, they seem to be supporting the Imperial army now. Thought I don't quite know who "they" are yet… Nor do I know what tricks they'll use against us next. We can't afford to let our guard down…

Manuela[edit | edit source]

(Second Floor)
Enbarr holds a lot of memories for me...

  • Manuela: Each step closer to Enbarr, I'm reminded of another part of my past. Riches and poverty, glory and failure, that city has it all! And if I'm honest... sometimes I miss it. That's how the past works though, isn't it? It's always a different story than what you really lived.

Marianne[edit | edit source]

I never used to care…

  • Marianne: I never used to care whether I lived or died… But after seeing so much death firsthand, I now realize how precious life truly is. I'm ashamed of how arrogant I was to think that death could mean so little…

Raphael[edit | edit source]

(Dining Hall)
You gotta be nice to 'em!

  • Raphael: You know when you work your muscles and they start screaming? That means you gotta be nice to them. If your muscles are hungry, you gotta feed them, and let them rest when they're tired.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I don't see how you'd do that.
    • Choice 2: You can tell how your muscles are feeling? (Relationship up)
  • Raphael:
    • Response 1: Whaddya mean, "how"? You just gotta eat and sleep! It's pretty obvious...
    • Response 2: Of course! If my muscles hurt, then I hurt. If they're hungry, well then I'm hungry too!
  • Raphael: What's with the confused face, Professor? You look like you don't get a word I'm saying!

Seteth[edit | edit source]

(Second Floor)
Once we take Fort Merceus...

  • Seteth: Fort Merceus is a keep that was constructed to defend the Imperial Capital, Enbarr. We cannot enter the capital without first capturing that fort. But once we have it, the city should be almost entirely at our mercy. Whatever strategy you have in mind, I have faith that it will lead to victory.

Shamir[edit | edit source]

(Cardinal's Room)

  • Shamir: Please tell Claude not to give us any more ridiculous orders. I've reached out through all of my channels, but there are limits to these things. I'll have to recruit an entire town's worth of people if I ever plan on making enough Imperial uniforms.

Yuri[edit | edit source]

(Ashen Wolf Classroom)
While I have the chance…

  • Yuri: If the Empire rallies its forces and attacks Garreg Mach, I'm not so sure Abyss will be OK… If we're not careful, it'll end up buried in rubble.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: You really think so?
    • Choice 2: I won't let that happen. (Relationship up)
  • Yuri:
    • Response 1: Like I said, only if we're not careful. If it comes down to it, I'll protect this place till my dying breath.
    • Response 2: Heh heh… Ever the valiant one. But nobody ever knows how a war will turn out. That's part of the deal, you know?
  • Yuri: Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I want to ensure there is still a refuge for people to escape to.

Gatekeeper[edit | edit source]

Don't do it!

  • Gatekeeper: Greetings, Professor! Nothing to report! Is it true that we'll be assaulting Fort Merceus next? That doesn't sound like the brightest idea... I've heard that it's built to withstand an attack from even the largest of armies! Not to tell you how to do your job, but don't do it! I'm not ready to say my final good-byes to everyone...

Knight of Seiros[edit | edit source]

(Reception Hall)
The balance has shifted...

  • Knight of Seiros: After that great battle earlier, the balance of power in Fódlan has shifted greatly... To get revenge for all our fallen friends, we'll have to stake our lives on the fight that lies before us.

Knight of Seiros[edit | edit source]

(Second Floor)
I wish I could have fought by his side...

  • Knight of Seiros: Some say they saw Gilbert, who used to serve in the Knights of Seiros, at Gronder. Apparently, he was originally a knight of the Kingdom who served Prince Dimitri. He was an exceptional knight. I wish I could have fought by his side...

Soldier[edit | edit source]

(Dormitory - 1F)
If I was the emperor...

  • Soldier: Doesn't matter how sturdy the keep, if the commander defending it is incompetent, it can fall as easy as anything. That's what they say, at least. I wonder if that applies to Fort Merceus... All I know is if I was the emperor, I'd never in a million years assign an incompetent commander to a fort as important as that one!

Soldier[edit | edit source]

(Fishing Pond)
Poor fish... little do they know...

  • Soldier: The fish in this pond get fed every day, so they're swimming all lazy and serene... But the only reason they're kept here is so that they can one day be used for food. But the fish don't know that, so they just swim around happily... It's a bit of a miserable thought, but aren't soldiers much the same?

Soldier[edit | edit source]

(Officer's Academy)
All the old house leaders...

  • Soldier: Edelgard, Dimitri, and our own Claude... All the house leaders from way back when assembled again at Gronder. I wonder what their thoughts were as they headed out to the battlefield...

Churchgoer[edit | edit source]

(Dining Hall)
My veggies and I will be back!

  • Churchgoer: I've come to deliver vegetables we harvested in the village to the monastery's dining hall. Because of the season, I couldn't really pick that much, but I wanted to help you guys out, even just a little bit. We're busily planting seeds, so when things start to grow, I'll be back.

Merchant[edit | edit source]

(Entrance Hall)
Us merchants have your back!

  • Merchant: Hey, there! We merchants of the Alliance territories were excited to hear of your victory in the last battle. We don't much like the prospect of doing business under the heel of the Empire. The Alliance is what we know and love, but more than that, it's low on regulations, which is great for business. Please keep up the good work, Professor! The merchants of the world are on your side!

Monk[edit | edit source]

I had to flee the Empire...

  • Monk: I've come here after getting chased out of the Empire. There's no place for our kind there anymore. But there are still many inside Empire territory who haven't abandoned their faith in the Church of Seiros. I pray that one day we'll get the chance to rebuild the church within the Empire...

Quests[edit | edit source]

Supply Run

Bulletin Board
  • Hilda: We need more resources around here. Please help!
View Quest
  • Hilda:
Quest Complete
  • Hilda:

Mission[edit | edit source]

Taking Fort Merceus

Fort Merceus, said to be impregnable, lies between you and Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Seizing the sturdy fortress will require a carefully devised strategy.
  • Suggested Level: 35
  • Victory Conditions: Defeat the enemy commander.
  • Defeat Conditions:
    • (Casual Mode) All of your units fall in battle.
    • (Classic Mode) Byleth or Claude falls in battle.

Before Battle[edit | edit source]

Event:[edit | edit source]

  • Ignatz: I delivered our letter to Fort Merceus. I don't think they suspected anything.
  • Claude: I knew I was right to entrust that task to you. You've got that honest kind of face that makes it easy to fool people.
  • Ignatz: Is that meant to be a compliment?
  • Lysithea: What did you write in the letter?
  • Claude: I informed them that reinforcements were on the way. It would have been suspicious for troops to show up unannounced.
  • Hilda: So, the plan is...
  • Claude: We'll disguise ourselves as reinforcements from the Imperial capital and sneak in to Fort Merceus.
  • Hilda: Oh! You used my disguise plan after all!
  • Claude: We've also procured Imperial army uniforms.
  • Hilda: Ooh, good work. I knew this was the only way!
  • Claude: However... That alone wouldn't be enough.
  • Hilda: You did say the plan needed a little more refinement. Are you going to dress up like Edelgard, Claude?
  • Claude: I'm not sure that would accomplish much. In the letter, I included the name of the Imperial general leading the reinforcements. While we're heading to the fort, a separate army is going to attack us.
  • Marianne: We're going to be attacked?!
  • Claude: That's all just for show, though. It'll be our allies who are attacking us.
  • Hilda: Oh, I get it! We're going to make it look like the Alliance is attacking Imperial reinforcements!
  • Claude: Right. When the troops in the fortress panic and open up the gates... We're in.
  • Judith: I'd love nothing more than for this plan to work, but I've got some bad news for you. Apparently the notorious Death Knight has been placed in charge of defending Fort Merceus.

(Marianne looks towards Flayn)

  • Marianne: The one who kidnapped Flayn...

(Flayn trembles)

  • Flayn: The Death Knight... I did not wish to ever think of him again.
  • Judith: He got some acclaim in the battle to subjugate western Faerghus. They say he holds the most military prowess in the Empire.
  • Claude: Even so, we've got Teach here to command us. All will be well. You have to trust us.
  • Judith: So your big plan is to just trust your professor? Really, boy?
  • Leonie: Under the professor's guidance, I'm sure we'll manage somehow. We're counting on the tactics you learned from Captain Jeralt!
  • Claude: Prepare yourselves, everyone. It's time.

(Everyone except Claude and Byleth leave)

  • Claude: Teach... This is for your ears only, but there's actually one more part to my plan. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but I have no choice.
  • Byleth: No choice?
  • Claude: Absolutely. We can't afford to hold anything back. Thanks to Edelgard's strength, the Imperial army is more unified than I would have expected. It was a painful realization, but after our battle at Gronder Field, it's clear that we can't win if we don't pull out all the stops. I also realized something else during that battle. There really is something special about you, Teach. The reason we were all able to keep our cool in the midst of the chaos was because we all trust in you. In your command and in your strength. Everyone here believes that we will win as long as we have you on our side. Our faith in you is borderline religious. You and I... We have what it takes to free Fódlan from the Empire's rule. I know in my heart that we'll make it through to witness the world after all the fighting has ceased.

(Byleth smiles)

Fort Merceus (Empire Territory)

  • Death Knight: That man/woman approaches...

(If Caspar was not recruited)

  • Caspar: Who are you talking about? You don't mean that professor, do you?! Doesn't matter. No one could take this fortress.

(If Lindhardt was not recruited)

  • Linhardt: Ugh, sounds like a bother... I'll be taking a nap about now.
  • Death Knight: Will death's scythe claim you... Or will I fall to that sword of yours...

On the World Map[edit | edit source]

While waiting for reinforcements, the Alliance predicts the Empire will continue to fortify its defenses at Fort Merceus. Knowing this risk, Claude an a select few advance, hoping to gain entry to the fort through deception.

During Battle[edit | edit source]

(Your party except Claude enters map from Southeast)

  • Imperial Soldier: General, reinforcements have arrived from the capital. They clashed with Alliance forces in the outskirts of the city, but should enter the fortress soon.
  • Death Knight: You let them in? Make haste and slaughter them all.
  • Imperial Soldier: Huh? Why?
  • Death Knight: They are enemies. Slaughter them all. I will not say it again.

(Claude enters map from Northeast)

  • Claude: We made it in. Professor, take control from the south. I have my own task to do from here. There are preparations to be made for our secret plan.

Movie: Citizens of the East[edit | edit source]

(Alliance Infantry Soldiers march towards the fort, with Claude leading the troops. Suddenly, they hear noise behind them and turn to see. An unidentified army consisting of mounted and flying units are marching towards them. Claude sternly walks towards the rear of the Alliance Soldier troops, to meet the unidentified army head on. Chaos ensures amongst the Alliance Soldiers, in fear and confusion. A closer look at the oncoming army shows Nader, Claude's retainer, leading the force. Nader gestures the unknown army behind him to stop, and he aims his bow at Claude, firing an arrow. Claude reaches the rear of the Alliance army, swiftly takes out his own bow, and shoots an arrow to intercept the arrow Nader shot. Claude's arrow hits point-on and causes Nader's arrow to clash and fall to the ground. Upon diverting Nader's arrow's path, Claude puts his bow back, promptly unsheathes his sword, and charges towards Nader. Seeing this, Nader also puts his bow away, and takes out his own sword. Mid charge, Claude pounces at Nader and both their swords meet, creating a strong impact and forcing them both back. Claude stabilizes himself, and Nader dismounts his horse. Both face each other with swords in hand, gazes unwavering.)

  • Nader: I see your skills haven't dulled yet, kiddo.

(Claude lets out a short laugh)

  • Claude: What did you expect?

(Visible confusion spreads amongst the Alliance forces. The unknown army facing them stand still calmly. Claude smiles and laughs. He turns around to face the Alliance Soldiers.)

  • Claude: Everyone, listen up! From now on, the Almyran forces will be fighting by our side!

(Alliance Soldiers show shock as they digest this information)

  • Claude: We'll work as one! And we will bring down that fort together!

(Nader raises his sword and cheers. Both armies continue the cheer and display excitement in anticipation for the upcoming battle.)

(Almyran forces enter map alongside Claude)

(Battle starts)

  • Claude: An impregnable fortress is a wide-open prairie once you get inside. From here, we'll attack from the north and south at once!
  • Nader: No different than a prairie, you say? Heh! You've got a strange head on your shoulders, kiddo
  • Claude: For Nader the Undefeated, this should be as easy as a walk in a meadow, right?
  • Nader: Heh. Well, goddess or death god or whoever they may be, let's crush them to dust.

(Four entrances are shown on the map)

Enemy reinforcements will appear from all sides of the fortress.

If you move one of your units to the space where enemy reinforcements enter the battlefield, you can stop them from appearing there.

If Death Knight Escapes[edit | edit source]

  • Death Knight: The time of ruin draws near... But their slaughter must wait until next we meet...
  • Alliance Soldier: Report! The Death Knight has escaped the fortress!
  • Claude: He gave up too easily. Does he have some other plan? Let's deal with the remaining enemies and go after him, quickly!

Linhardt[edit | edit source]

Battle Quote[edit | edit source]

“I'd rather not fight, yet avoiding it is more frustrating and fruitless than engaging in the battle itself.”
—Linhardt's pre-battle quote

Vs. Byleth[edit | edit source]

“Ever since returning to the Empire, I knew this day would arrive. I just hoped it might take a bit longer. Ugh...”
—Linhardt's pre-battle quote against Byleth

Vs. Caspar[edit | edit source]

  • Caspar: Looks like we ended up on opposing sides, Linhardt!
  • Linhardt: Certainly seems that way. I could almost weep over how things turned out. Do you realize, Caspar, that this is the first time we've ever fought?
  • Caspar: Yeah, I think you're right. The first and probably the last!

Death Quote[edit | edit source]

“I hope someday there will be no fighting and we can all just... nap the afternoon away...”
—Linhardt's death quote

Caspar[edit | edit source]

Battle Quote[edit | edit source]

“Did you have to kill a lot of your friends to get here? Cause I'm gonna give this fight everything I've got!”
—Caspar's pre-battle quote

Vs. Byleth[edit | edit source]

“It's way over my head, and I don't really get what's going on between you and Edelgard. I thought for sure you two would come to an understanding, but I guess I was wrong.”
—Caspar's pre-battle quote against Byleth

Vs. Linhardt[edit | edit source]

  • Caspar: Looks like we ended up on opposing sides, Linhardt!
  • Linhardt: Certainly seems that way. I could almost weep over how things turned out. Do you realize, Caspar, that this is the first time we've ever fought?
  • Caspar: Yeah, I think you're right. The first and probably the last!

Death Quote[edit | edit source]

“Don't worry about me... I always knew...losing meant death...”
—Caspar's death quote

Death Knight[edit | edit source]

When your unit nears[edit | edit source]

  • Death Knight: The time is ripe.

(Exit shown on far west of map)

  • Alliance Soldier: Report! The Death Knight is moving! It looks like they're abandoning the fortress and making an escape!
  • Claude: We need to put an end to this here and now. Come on, let's circle around and cut off his retreat.

Battle Quote[edit | edit source]

“I have no need of you.”
—Death Knight's pre-battle quote

Vs. Byleth[edit | edit source]

“You're stronger now. Whether I kill you or you kill me, I'm looking forward to this!”
—Death Knight's pre-battle quote

Vs. Seteth[edit | edit source]

  • Seteth: You will not escape, Death Knight. Today you will be unmasked!
  • Death Knight: My true identity has no value.
  • Seteth: I will be the judge of that, once I've seen your face.

Vs. Flayn[edit | edit source]

  • Flayn: So it's you, Death Knight! Remember me?!
  • Death Knight: You again. Here to lose more blood?
  • Flayn: Never! You will not lay a hand on me ever again!

Vs. Claude[edit | edit source]

  • Claude: Hey, how long's it been? Five years? Who'd have thought you'd end up an Imperial general...
  • Death Knight: So, you wish to die.
  • Claude: Heh. As antisocial and unhinged as ever, I see.

Defeat[edit | edit source]

  • Death Knight: If you desire to slay me, follow. The appointed hour is at hand...

After Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Claude: He's hiding something... It's annoying to do what he's telling us to, but we don't really have a choice. After him!

Movie: Javelins of Light[edit | edit source]

(A small army led by Byleth face off against the Death Knight, both parties standing opposing to each other on a bridge, coldly eyeing each other.)

  • Death Knight: It is coming... Leave now or all of you will die.

(After speaking these words, the Death Knight promptly turns around, and on his mounted horse, he turns to the ledge to leave. Byleth tries to chase after him, but fails to stop the Death Knight from escaping. The Death Knight jumps off the ledge of the bridge to land on the ground beneath, but instead of rushing to escape, the Death Knight stops his horse and calmly looks back at Byleth. He points towards a point in the distant far off sky. Alarmed, Byleth turns to the direction the Death Knight pointed. A strange path of glowing blue rings appear from the heavens, aiming downwards like a targeting ray. Then, a missile-like object parts through the clouds and follows the path of blue glowing rings, heading towards the Earth. The missile lands on the fort, and a huge explosion takes place, sending a wave of heat, debris, and death radiating outwards. Byleth steels themselves to bear the force of the ground shaking from the impact. Alarm and panic quickly spread through both sides of the army, and screams could be heard from the distance.)

  • Alliance Soldier in Imperial gear: Run! We have to evacuate immediately!

(To the horror of onlookers, another targeting ray appears in the sky. The second missile launches towards the town surrounding the fort. Byleth and their small army watch helplessly as the bomb explodes yet again. A soldier unable to process the catastrophic situation chuckles nervously. Another soldier behind him speaks in a whisper.)

  • Alliance Infantry Soldier: What just happened here?
  • Alliance Armored Soldier: The fort, it's... It's just... gone.

(Through the smoke gradually clearing up the site of the bombings, the remains of Fort Merceus could be seen. Two giant craters litter the surface, the buildings and fort around it in shambles. Byleth's expression hardens as they look at the scale of the disaster which took place in just a few seconds.)

Event:[edit | edit source]

  • Nader: Hey, kiddo! What was with that... javelin of... light?
  • Claude: Javelin of light... That describes it pretty well. The fortress was supposedly impregnable, but look at it now.It's hard to imagine that the Empire would do something like that. But if not them, then who? And for what purpose? If they wanted to kill us, then why wait until now to use it?
  • Judith: We almost died just now... and without an answer to any of that. Speaking of unanswered questions, why is Nardel here? Care to explain? I get the feeling there's something you two are keeping from us.
  • Nader: I'll go ahead and see my subordinates off to Almyra, kiddo.
  • Claude: Wait, Nader! Are really going to just leave me here and run away?
  • Nader: I hope to see you again, Judith. And you too, Professor. I'll be praying for your safety!

(Nader runs off)

  • Judith: Nader? Are you saying that Nardel is actually Nader the Unstoppable?!
  • Byleth: Unstoppable?
  • Claude: It's actually "Nader the Undefeated." Almyrans love grand titles.
  • Judith: I knew he was no ordinary person, but to think he was the great hero of Almyra...
  • Hilda: Hey, um, can we really afford to be chatting right now? If another one of those javelins of light falls, we're all dead!
  • Lorenz: Claude. There are things I wish to ask you, but first we must hurry and withdraw.
  • Claude: Right you are. Come on, everyone! Let's hurry up and get out of here.

The Great Bridge of Myrddin

  • Lorenz: Claude. It is time for you to explain. Why are you so close with an Almyran general?
  • Claude: Well, he did quite a bit for me when I was younger.
  • Lorenz: When you were younger... So, before you joined House Riegan. How and where did you meet him? There aren't many opportunities to meet a general from Almyra in Fódlan...
  • Claude: If that's what you believe, it's only because that's what you've been led to believe. After all, we have Cyril here among our allies, and he was born in Almyra.
  • Cyril: Hey, now. Don't drag me into this.
  • Claude: There's a big, wide world outside of Fódlan, and it's overflowing with different places and cultures. You think interacting with outsiders is odd, but isn't avoiding contact with the outside world far more unnatural?
  • Lorenz: Don't change the subject, Claude. To the people of the Alliance, the Almyrans are-
  • Claude: It's true that there's a history of hostility, but why should that mean we're doomed to remain hostile forever? The Almyrans aren't monsters. Just look at Cyril! Does he look like a monster to you?
  • Cyril: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?
  • Claude: Right, Teach? What did you think when you met Nader?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: He's... interesting.
    • Choice 2: He's a reliable general.
  • Claude: Ha! I'll tell him you said that. And I'm sure that if all of you got to know him, all of your preconceived notions would change too. I know you guys, and you aren't the type of people to reject someone without trying to get to know them.
  • Hilda: But... how did those Almyrans even get past Fódlan's Throat? I doubt my brother would just let them pass without saying anything...
  • Claude: About that... I actually made sure your brother met Nader in advance.
  • Lorenz: What?! Lord Holst met with an Almyran general?
  • Hilda: Oh, so that's why you were so interested in my brother. But wait, they're supposed to be bitter enemies! They've fought each other several times before!
  • Claude: I know. It was a big gamble. But rather than having me try to convince them myself, I knew it would be easier to just have them meet. They were taken aback at first, but sure enough, they hit it off. They were even drinking to their newfound brotherhood before parting.
  • Judith: It makes sense. If you take the greatest heroes away from the battlefield, of course they'll get along.
  • Hilda: Fighting one minute and drinking together the next... Men are so weird!
  • Claude: Ultimately, someone's bloodline has nothing to do with the friendships they forge. Relations between the Alliance and Almyra is a matter we'll tackle in the future. Still, I want to take this opportunity to make one thing clear to all of you. After we defeat the Empire, I intend to tear down the walls that separate Fódlan from the outside world. I want to let people and goods come and go freely, and in doing so, eradicate prejudices about the outside world.
  • Cyril: Huh?!
  • Lorenz: Would it even be possible to achieve such a thing? It directly contradicts the Seiros tenets.
  • Claude: Does it? I'm not so sure. I'm any case, I'm prepared for the inevitable protests and criticism. New ways of doing things are always met with resistance. During our time at the Officer's Academy, all of you overcame the barriers of birthplace, status, and ideology. Having gone through so much with all of you, I have no doubt that, in time, you'll understand.
  • Hilda: I guess there were a lot of different people there. People we wouldn't have met through the normal course of our lives.
  • Claude: Duscur once opposed the Kingdom, but there was someone from Duscur there. Brigid once invaded the Empire, but the Brigid princess was there. We ate at the same table as those people. Sure, sometimes we didn't get along. But other times, we helped each other out. Can we really draw a definitive line in the sand and say one group of people is all good, and another all bad? If I can realize my dream, Fódlan will be reborn. The old age will end and we'll welcome a new dawn.
  • Lorenz: But, if-
  • Judith: Save your objections for another day, Gloucester boy.
  • Lorenz: Ugh...
  • Judith: That said, there are more pressing matters to discuss. Our next step is to invade the Imperial capital, right?
  • Claude: That's right. I'm sure Edelgard is eagerly awaiting our arrival in Enbarr. Reinforcements from the Alliance lords should arrive soon. Let's make sure we're ready to greet them.
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