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Great flood

CG artwork of The Great Flood.

“But we do make mistakes... Sometimes we make terrible mistakes. Sometimes all it takes is one emotional outburst and the entire world is drowning underwater!”
Yune talking to Sanaki about The Great Flood

The Great Flood is historical event in the Tellius Series first mentioned in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


The lore of Tellius speaks of a benevolent goddess who was lonely as there were no creatures of similar sentience to her. As if to respond to her sorrows, various creatures evolved to keep her company resulting in the Zunanma. The Zunanma loved the gentle, kind goddess, naming her Ashunera and calling her the Dawn Goddess due to her brilliant hair that resembled the color of the rising dawn.

Overtime, the Zunanma continued to evolve, settling the land and developed desires. Such desires lead to clashes between tribes, much to Ashunera's growing despair from witnessing the conflict. These wars would endure for centuries, long enough to for the Zunanma to separate into two distinct species, the Beorc and Laguz, which she named in hopes of ending the conflicts. However, the species, further divided by these distinctions escalated in their conflicts. Overcome with despair, Ashunera unleashed a torrent that flooded the land, killing many of its inhabitants.


The Great Flood, as it was dubbed, caused a vast majority of the land to vanish, leaving behind only the continent of Tellius. Despite the massive loss of life, large groups of Beorc and Laguz survived. Out of regret for her actions, Ashunera discarded her emotions, causing her being to split into two deities. Ashera embodied order and Ashunera's intelligence while Yune embodied chaos and Ashunera's emotions. This split ironically caused further war and strife in Tellius between the ideals of Yune and Ashera. Ultimately, this culminated in several wars and proved to be a primary influence in Ashera's Judgement, which eventually lead to the reunification of Ashunera into her original being.