“After Elincia's meeting with Valtome, the Crimean Royal Knights return to the capital of Melior, leaving the border villages between Crimea and Gallia completely undefended. The Begnion Central Army crosses the border once more, but Crimea makes no move to march against it. Valtome sees this inaction as a sign of Crimea's capitulation to Begnion's demands. The Begnion forces occupy the Crimean castles and forts on the border with Gallia and prepare to launch their attack. The Laguz Alliance finally makes its way back to Gallia, but word of Begnion's approach allows them no time for rest. The news that Gallia's ally, Crimea, has allowed Begnion to travel through its lands comes as a great blow to the Laguz Alliance.”
—Opening Narration

The Heart of Crimea is Chapter 3-10 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The chapter takes place in a relatively large map with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries starting southwest, the Crimean Royal Knights northwest, Begnion's troops mainly in northeast and an unarmed Queen Elincia in the center of the map.

This is considered a slightly difficult chapter because of the Royal Knights being controlled by the computer and the fact that Elincia is unarmed, and is therefore unable to perform basic actions such as attacking and healing as well as her tendency to fly right towards to the bow-wielders near the boss. While Lucia fights in the chapter after Part 2, she cannot be legitimately controlled.

  • JP Name: クリミアの心 Kurimia no Kokoro
  • Map Affinity: Water

Defeat[edit | edit source]

  • Ike or Ranulf dies
  • Elincia dies

Story[edit | edit source]

Before the chapter, the Laguz Alliance arrives in Gallia after a long march through the Kauku Caves and Goldoa. Meanwhile, Valtome of the Begnion Senate takes command of the Begnion Central Army and asks for supplies and troops from Crimea. When Queen Elincia refuses, Valtome orders his troops to take whatever they need anyway. The Crimean Royal Knights move and defeat Begnion's troops in a countryside town. At the helm of the forces attacking Elincia is Sergei, one of Valtome's officers.

Before battle, Queen Elincia says Crimea will still remain neutral and leaves her sword Amiti on the ground. General Zelgius sees this as an act of nobility and orders most of the troops to retreat. However, Valtome stays with mainly cavalry units.

Shop Bargains[edit | edit source]

Base Conversations[edit | edit source]

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Giffca *** - Satori Sign

Items Obtained[edit | edit source]

  • Silver Bow (Boss drop)
  • Purge/Ellight (steal)
  • Ellight/Mend x3 (steal)
  • Vulnerary (steal, Axe Gen)
  • Ellight/Physic (steal, Bishop)

Hidden Items[edit | edit source]

  • Coin

Bonus Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Clear: (Easy/Normal: 6500), (Hard: 3250)
  • Clearing before 10 Turns: (Easy/Normal: 3250), (Hard: 1625)
  • Per surviving Crimean Knight: (Easy/Normal: 200), (Hard: 100)
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