The Hero Awakens is Touma Akagi's third and final side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Story[edit | edit source]

At Fortuna Entertainment, Touma tells Itsuki that he has signed up for an audition for Masqueraider Ouga, a new Masqueraider show to celebrate the franchise'a 35th anniversary. However, Maiko suddenly shows them a news report about a boy going missing. Recognising him as the same boy from the Toubo Rooftop, Touma goes off to find him.

Thanks to Maiko's informants in the police force, they determine that the boy (whose name is revealed to be Riku Suzumoto) was taken into Illusory 106. Despite the risk of missing his audition, Touma goes after Riku, wanting to keep his promise. At the top of the 106, the enemy Mirage is found, who Cain recognizes as his rival Abel, having been corrupted. The party defeats Abel, freeing him from the corruption, and Touma finally comes to understand what being a hero really means, causing his Performa to awaken. With help from Cain, Touma is able to make the audition on time. Later, after performing a Radiant Unity, Cain compliments Touma on his growth, and they both note that Itsuki was a major help in this regard. Touma is ultimately cast as the titular Masqueraider Ouga, and even sings the show's theme song. Back at the office, Riku arrives, having become Abel's Mirage Master, and asks Touma to teach him how to be a hero, which he accepts. Touma tells Itsuki that this is only the beginning, and that he will strive to continue being a hero for all.

Completing this side story unlocks Touma's Ad-lib Performance Ouga Flame Thrust, based on his role as Masqueraider Ouga.

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