(Inside the Castle)

Miledy: I see... So princess Guinevere is nowhere on the western isles?

Oro: we searched all over these islands, and we sent spies in to Lycia Alliance Army, but we could not find the princess anywhere, I'm sorry.

Miledy: I understand. I suppose I will search elsewhere. Bishop Oro, I thank you for your cooperation with Bern.

Oro: I will pray that you will be able to meet Princess Guinevere soon.

Miledy: Thank you

(Miledy flies out of the castle and leaves)

Soldier: Bishop Oro, who was that?

Oro: A Dragon Knight from Bern. Her name is Miledy. She was looking for Princess Guinevere, who is her mistress.

Etrurtia Soldier: did you tell her where the princess is?

Oro: Of course not. Princess Guinevere is a valuable hostage. When Advisor Roartz heard the news that Cecilia was hiding with Guinevere in Aquleia, he was as excited as the time when he was reported the assassination of Prince Mildain had been successful.

Etrurtia Soldier: Bishop Oro! You mustn't say he was assassinated...

Oro: Oh, I must watch my tongue. Anyway, Guinevere has much value.

Etrurtia Soldier: I see...

Oro: And now, why did you come before me? Did you not have something to say?

Etrurtia Soldier: Yes, my lord. It is about the village where the resistance leader is hiding. We are now prepared to launch an attack on the village, so I came to report.

Oro: All right, well done. Then start your attack immediately, before we have any unwanted interruptions...

(Screen goes to starting position and focuses on Roy and Lalum)

Roy: So the resistance hideout is in one of these villages here?

Lalum: Yes. But it's possible the landlord's troops have attacked it already.

(Merlinus fades in)

Merlinus: I must say, that Oro is a despicable man. A bishop should be preaching the words of God to help the people. But in fact he is torturing his people! That is far from forgivable.

Roy: We should probably wait for General Cecilia's reply, but...

Lycia Solider: Master Roy! Troops from the castle are attacking the villages!

Merlinus: What! Master Roy, should we attack?

Roy: I guess we can't wait for her reply then... But I want to help the people here. Even if it means that we'll be on bad terms with Etruria.

Lalum: Roy..

Roy: Let's fight!! So we can be proud of our actions when we return to Lycia!

(Battle Starts)

There's more to this but I'll do it later cause im lazy right now.

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