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“An ancient temple stood on the outskirts of Arcadia. One of the Divine Weapons was said to be hidden in its depths. In an attempt to recover the Divine Weapon before Bern got their hands on it, Roy carefully set foot in the temple...”
—Opening Narration

The Infernal Element (業火の理 Gōka no Kotowari lit. The Reason of Hellfire) is Chapter 14x of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.


  • To go to this chapter you must seize the throne in Chapter 14: Arcadia within 25 turns while keeping Sophia alive.
  • You obtain Forblaze at the end of this chapter.
  • The bridges between platforms rise and fall, which could result in your units getting trapped in the water. Therefore, Shanna, Thea, Geese, Melady, and Gonzalez (if he's already been promoted to Berserker) are all recommended if you have been training them enough to be useful.
  • Close to half of the enemy units are axe fighters, so using your mercenaries and myrmidons is highly recommended.
  • The enemies near your starting position (axe fighters north west of the throne and directly south) rush toward you on the very first turn, so it is a good idea to defend at first. Since there is no time limit, unlike the previous map, you can take the time to pick them off. This is important, because, although there aren't too many enemy units, the sages with Bolting are tough and will attack you if you come in their range.
  • If you have a magic users with high Magic and an A/S rank in staves, using the Warp staff given to you in the last chapter, it is possible to one turn this map by warping one unit and Roy into the throne room and have the other unit (or if you warped Larum or Elffin, use Roy) to kill the boss, then have Roy seize the throne. If you are using one magic user, use Larum/Elffin to dance for the magic user.