“Despite their victory at the Battle of Gronder, the Kingdom army turns around and marches for Fhirdiad instead of heading south. To hail the arrival of the Kingdom army, the people of Fhirdiad begin to rebel. No move is made to suppress them. Instead, Cornelia directs her borrowed Imperial troops to prevent Dimitri from reaching the Kingdom capital.”
—Opening narration

Story[edit | edit source]

Dimitri and his army go to reclaim Fhirdiad from Cornelia, who doesn't give it up without a fight. After defeating Cornelia in combat, she tells Dimitri about how his stepmother never really loved him and that she was the one who orchestrated the Tragedy of Duscur in order to see her daughter again. After her death, Gilbert and Byleth get Dimitri to meet his people, and to his surprise, they cheer for his return. After much celebration from the people of Fhirdiad for their liberation, Dimitri and Byleth go take a break where Dimitri reflects on how Byleth helped him return to sanity. Amidst their discussion, a Kingdom soldier alerts them that Claude sent an express messenger to request for aid, as the Imperial Army is headed towards Derdriu and he sorely needs the help. Dimitri wonders what Claude could be after and decides to help him.

Initial enemies[edit | edit source]

Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

Enemy Reinforcement Placements

  • 1x Thief, appears from the southwest corner

Items[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Because of the enemy layout, a flier can easily get to the boss in a handful of turns and bypass the snipers. You can speed this up if you use Stride so you can advance the boss-killer and a Dancer to Cornelia.

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