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“After defeating Sigune, Roy headed for Edessa, located in the southeast of Ilia. Castle Edessa, owned by Zelot, leader of the Ilian mercenary knights, once served as the headquarters of the Pegasus Knight squads as well. However, with Zealot gone, Bern saw its chance and attacked the castle, seizing it and forcing the mercenaries and Pegasus Knights into submission. Castle Edessa was Murdock's headquarters, but since Murdock had returned to Bern, Roartz was put in charge. Alarmed by the Etrurian Army's speed in advancing on to Edessa, Roartz hurriedly contacted the various Ilian knight groups asking them for aid. However, their replies were not promising.”
—Opening Narration

The Liberation of Ilia (イリア解放 Iria kaihō) is Chapter 20A of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade if you take the Ilian route (which happens if by the end of Chapter 16, the experience points gained by Shanna and Thea were more than that of Sue and Sin).


  • To unlock the Gaiden chapter, Complete this chapter within 25 turns and Juno and Zelot must be recruited and alive.
  • This chapter has an Arena.
  • Chest items include: Purge, Sleep, Nosferatu, Speedwing, Wyrmslayer, Wo Dao, Longbow, and Axereaver
  • Red Gem from Druid (steal)
  • Red Gem on Boss (steal)
  • Elysian Whip from Archer (Warp a thief to steal after all other chests are opened, or give a chest and door key to another unit)
  • If none of the civilians are killed, after you have seized the throne, they will reward you for saving them with an Angelic Robe, although this can be tricky to do due to the fact that all of the civilians' stats are 0. An easier way to save all civilians is to keep the door locked (block the door with one character). Wait until after you beat the boss, then unlock & talk to Juno.

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Turn 11: 2 Thieves from north
  • Turn 12: 3 Fighters from northeast
  • Turn 13: 3 Fighters from northeast
  • Turn 14: 3 Fighters from northeast
  • Turn 15: 3 Fighters from northeast
  • Turn 16: 2 Mercenaries from east
  • Turn 17: 2 Mercenaries from east
  • Turn 18: 2 Mercenaries from east
  • Turn 19: 2 Mercenaries from east
  • Turn 11: Cath

In the Shops

Armory: Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Silver Sword, Iron Blade, Steel Blade, Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Silver Lance, Iron Axe, Steel Axe, Silver Axe, Hammer, Iron Bow, Steel Bow, Silver Bow

Vendor: Fire, Thunder, Elfire, Aircalibur, Lightning, Divine, Flux, Vulnerary, Pure Water