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The Long Goodbye is the Epilogue of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. As such, it is the final chapter of the game.


A few days after Medeus's defeat, the Enter-Kingdom event is coming to an end. After enjoying the festivities one last time, Itsuki heads to the Bloom Palace. When he arrives, he finds Tiki and the party's Mirage partners, who have regained their memories after the Shadow Dragon's defeat. Chrom and Tiki explain that they have decided to return to their own world in order to restore its Performa, using the experience they gained from Itsuki and his friends should Medeus return once more. As such, Itsuki bids them all farewell, and Tiki uses a spell to send them all off, ending the game.

However, if the player completed all the game's side stories and talked to all the party members and support characters before entering the Bloom Palace, a post-credits scene is unlocked. Calling everyone to Fortuna Entertainment, Maiko announces that she will be stepping down as President in favor of returning to her old job as a model. As such, she has decided to make Itsuki the new President, due to his role as a supporter for everyone else, and he accepts. Doning a new suit, he tells everyone that, while it may take some getting used to, he will strive to help them all.


  • During the credits, the song Smile for Me by Itsuki is played.

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